Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Blessing Box

Last weekend my mom whisked me and my sister away for my birthday to the Women of Faith conference in CT.

This was my first official time leaving Adalyn!
I had left her one other time before in February, but that's when Mr. B and I had the stomach bug and my mom came to rescue her so I feel like that time didn't really count seeing as how my time away was spent with the toilet.

Mr. B happened to be away this weekend too so I was leaving Adalyn with my dad and my brothers. 
Cue slight panic attack.
But here's the thing...my dad is a...dad.
Of four.
So I'm pretty sure he can handle a couple days with a toddler. 

My eyes only watered when saying goodbye and the rest of the time I did great!
Oh yeah, and so did she.
And my dad. 

It definitely helped that I was busy with awesome worship by Gateway Worship

great speakers
Angie Smith- blogger celebrity. 
She's our good friend... she just doesn't know it yet. 

Cece Winans brought down the house.

Junk food was consumed.

Unfortunately extra sleep wasn't had. 
That's a definite complaint I have about these conferences.
Hello WOMEN of faith.
MOMS of Faith.
TIRED moms of faith who would love nothing more than to sleep in in a nice dark hotel room. 
C'mon now. 
Can I get an amen?!

Anyways, the next day consisted of more speakers, more awesome worship and a little Third Day concert. 

We finished off our time away with a yummy steak dinner at Texas Roadhouse. 

It was a fun and refreshing time away! 
There's a first time for everything and now I think I can handle a full weekend away sans Adalyn. 

My dad also did a fantastic job at keeping me updated which helped a lot!
He was always texting me pictures, videos or sharing little stories.  
He was in heaven and it was the sweetest thing.
Through this time away I realized how much of a blessing it is for me to give this time to others to be with Adalyn without me- it's nice for everyone. 
It was a special time for them and they all loved it! 

We ended up getting home a little earlier than expected so with that and daylight savings I was able to soak up time with my girl before bed. 

We spent the night at the farm and then I got to wake up to her excited for church and singing her favorite worship song.
{She stopped singing when I recorded, but started back up :) }

Talk about blessed, right?!

Blessed to have an awesome dad who was so very willing to watch Adalyn and soak that one on one time with her. 
Blessed by that time away with my mom and sister.
Blessed to be surrounded my so many women of faith {no pun intended...}
Blessed by a time of worship with so many believers.
Blessed by the words the Lord put on the heart of the speakers.
Blessed by these opportunities! 

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