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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

5 Month Recap

Every month flies by, but this month went especially fast! 
Your 4th month went by at the perfect pace.
I think because it was filled with so many milestones. 

This month was rainy for the most part so we spent lots of time inside playing. 
And the milestones that you reached were small, but of course still important!
It was more improving a lot of the milestones you've already reached. 

You bring us so much joy and we love watching you grow!

I weighed you about halfway through the month and you were 17 pounds. 
You wear 6-9 and 9 month clothing. Most of the clothes that are just 6 months are pretty snug. 
We switch between cloth and disposable. You are wearing size 2 disposable, I bought size 3 in the nighttime ones because that's all that was available- they fit you, but they're a little big. 

You still have beautiful blue eyes and light brown hair that is very fine, but getting longer.

You entered your 5th month with a high fever followed by a bad cough. It was the saddest thing. I ended up catching what you had, but thankfully you healed a lot faster than I did! 
We spent lots of time cuddling and  some time in the steamy bathroom. 

You love your sleep and you make it very obvious when you are tired and you typically go right to sleep when we put you in your crib. 

You sleep on your side and usually end up on your back in the middle of the night. 
You wake for your paci a few times throughout the night and then fall right back to sleep.
Occasionally you sleep on your belly, but your right side is the side of choice.
You wake between 6:30-7 have your bottle in bed with me and sometimes sleep until 8-8:30, but unfortunately this is becoming more rare. You take 2-3 naps a day that last anywhere from an hour to 3 hours. You're not too consistent with the length of your naps, but you are with the time of day. A morning, after lunchtime, and sometimes, late afternoon nap. I struggle with that last nap because if you don't get it you're so tired by 6:00 and daddy isn't home for another 30 minutes, then you eat too early and wake up too early because you're hungry. But if you do get a late nap in and nap until 5:45/6ish you wake up grumpy and still tired! So we are still trying to figure that out!

We still maintain your bedtime routine regardless of when we put you to bed though. 
You have a vegetable for dinner and then it's tubby time- which daddy usually does.
You still love your tubby time!
We had to switch tubs this month because you started to try and roll over in your other one, so we brought out the duck tub and you're loving the "freedom".

After tubby, I lotion you up and put on your PJs. 
I usually clean your ears a little and put some lotion behind your ears and you love it.
It's the funniest thing- you are so squirmy and the second I start doing your ears you just zone and relax.
Then I give you your bottle- depending on your mood, which is usually a wiggly worm distracted by everything, we watch Mickey Mouse so you can finish your bottle. 
You have a few long strands of hair on each side of your head and your newest thing is playing with that hair on your right side while drinking your bottle. 
You are capable of holding the bottle yourself, but you tend to play with it more, put it over your head, drop it, etc.

The beginning of this month you started sitting up. You've been able to sit, but would usually lean forward and it wouldn't last very long. Now you can sit up, but like to throw yourself back. I knew you were strong enough to hold yourself up, but you just liked flailing backwards so sometimes I put the boppy behind you. 
One day I took you outside for some pictures and you sat great! It clicked! And you've been sitting great since then- although for some reason you sit better in the grass.

You are also starting to roll or scoot to reach what you want. You grab anything and everything in sight. But I have noticed you being more specific with what you want and trying your hardest to get it.
It's been fun seeing you pay attention to the details of things. You are obsessed with tags- now I know why they invented "taggies"! I'm pretty sure the tag is your favorite part on your exersaucer. I've also noticed you now have {use?}peripheral vision- you will be zoning and reaching for something at the same time. 

You sat in the front of the grocery cart for the first time. You did a good job, but you seemed to lean a lot so I'm not 100% sure you were ready. The next week we went to Target and their carts were so much better- you did awesome!
That look you're giving in the grocery store is your new look when we are out. You used to smile at every one, but the "stranger danger" has set in. You are so different when we are out in public than when we are in the house. 

You've really started to notice and love Roxie. You always get a big smile anytime she enters the room.
Even though she tries to lick your face off, you still love to watch and touch her. 

You are a happy smiley baby, but I've come to the realization that you aren't a laugher. Some babies are and some babies aren't- you smile all the time, but you've only laughed a handful of times. You have little grunts as giggles and then get very serious. And your newest thing is holding in your breathe and laugh then letting out a squeal. 
You've become a lot more vocal and you like to screech and scream while you play.

You're ticklish now, too! It's hard to tell if you love it or hate it, but I think it's a mix of both!

You have a new scrunched nose smile that I love

You've really discovered your tongue and you've started twirling it in your mouth

In the morning, if you watch Mickey Mouse you always smile big when he says "Hot dog!"

You love to eat. There isn't too much that you've had that you haven't liked! 
Last month we were surprised how much you liked peas....this month it was a different story!
Could you be any more disgusted??

   Your favorites are still bananas, pears and sweet potatoes. I've also given you a few of the Earth's Best chicken dinners and you loved those. You love finger foods like Mum Mums, crackers, puffs and cheese puffs. 
You are constantly eyeing anything anyone else is eating. 
I enjoy sharing little pieces of my food with you through out our day.

This past week you've enjoyed a little taste of sweets too- some whipped cream at Friendly's and a bite of Papa G's banana ice cream!
And it looks like they were the best things that have ever happened to you.

You also started using a straw sippy cup and you do so well with it. I think it's due to the medicine dropper with your gripe water!

You had two little "pig tails" and we couldn't decide if it was weird or cute.
But you made it pretty clear- it was very cute and made you look like a big girl!

We celebrated our first official Mother's Day.
I wouldn't be a mommy without you!
God is good!

We have lots of fun when we visit the farm- not only do you get spoiled by your awesome aunties and uncle {Uncle CJ is currently your favorite- you always smile for him!}, but
Papa G and Mimi spoiled you with some fun toys.

A couple weeks this month you were not like your normal self- it was like you went back to being a newborn...minus the sleep! You were taking short naps, not sleeping through the night and eating all the time- including a few times at 2 in the morning! I was convinced {and praying!} it was the 6 month growth spurt and not the "new you". And then it happened. Overnight you turned from baby baby to older baby and were back to being you...but bigger. You can definitely tell when you compare pictures from the beginning of this month to the end! 
Everything happens so fast.
Seriously, don't blink.
Thanks for being so sweet.
We love you to pieces!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Half a Year

It happened. 

She's half a year. 

The fastest and most wonderful six months of our lives. 

I am still in disbelief, but I suppose it's time to start facing the reality. 

But I am already planning her birthday, so I suppose I'm not too in denial. 

We thank the Lord, are beyond blessed and filled with joy every day by this sweet little lady.

Of course, as always, this is a bittersweet time.

But we focus on the sweet and it's been lots of fun watching her grow and reach new milestones.

Every day is filled with more personality and bigger smiles. 

Speaking of sweets....
We finished the night with a special little treat.

She wasn't as into her mini cupcake as we expected, she preferred squishing it around in her fingers. And go figure she always has her hands in her mouth and she does great eating other finger foods, but when they were covered in cupcake they maybe made it into her mouth two times! Silly girl! The little bites she did have she enjoyed though!  

We love you, Adalyn Faith! 
Thanks for an amazing first 6 months! 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

4 Month Recap

You continue to amaze us with how quickly you are growing and learning new things.
This month was filled with new milestones!
It seemed as if every week there was something new you were doing!
I know there are many more to come and I savor and keep note of each one that happens along the way.
Our love for you grows deeper as each day passes.
It is always so bittersweet to watch you grow.

At your 4 month check up you were:
15.3 lbs {75th Percentile}
25 1/8th" {75th Percentile}
And your head circumference was in the 70th Percentile.
You are a healthy growing girl!
I was so proud of you when you got your shots this time around you barely even cried.
It was such a relief to me because it was the saddest thing watching you get your first set of shots.

You are wearing size 2 diapers in disposables and we have started up with cloth again as we start to get situated into our new home.

You are still a happy baby, but you are no longer the super laid back baby that you use to be. 
You are a complete wiggle worm.
Picture taking is no longer an easy task.
Your newest feat.
You will not sit still, you're always arching your back and trying to stand up.

It's technically still winter and we were able to go to the beach for the first time!
The weather was in the 90s for a few days and it's been so fun to see you in your adorable little summer clothes showing off your chunky legs and spending lots of time outside.
We went to Ogunquit Beach with Mimi we had lunch and took a walk on the Marginal Way.
I am planning on taking a few more trips there this summer- it's always so pretty! 

You've been doing so well with solid food. I had a feeling you were ready and you totally were. You are loving it! We've been making our own baby food and giving you a variety of different fruits and veggies and I can always tell when you love something because you cry when I'm not fast enough or when it's all gone.

Can you say Drama Queen??
This is the reaction to Bananas, Pears and Avocado with Bananas.
So far Bananas have been your number one favorite.

We waited for Daddy to try some peas for dinner.
We thought for sure we would get a reaction out of you since most babies don't like peas.
We certainly did get a reaction...
Just not the one we thought! You loved them!
These were a little thicker too and you did great.

So far the only food you haven't really cared for is carrots.

You still have 6-7 oz of Similac Sensitive every 3-4 hours in addition to fruit or oatmeal fro breakfast and a veggie for dinner.

You are still a pretty good sleeper. You do sleep through the night still, but you continue to wake up a few times for your paci. I just give it back to you and you go right to sleep. This is typically after 5-7 hours of you sleeping though...usually only 3 hours of mommy sleeping!

After coming home from the beach you slept on your belly for the first time.

You couldn't seem to get comfy so I rolled you over and you went right to sleep.
It only lasted about an hour though, and then you woke up and freaked because you thought it was tummy time. Eventually I think you'll like to sleep like this though.

Currently, you prefer sleeping on your right side still.

This month we stopped using the swing.
You weren't enjoying it like you used to- you were always trying to sit up and you were just too big for it.

I really really miss those swing naps. On accident I usually call naps in your cribs "crap nibs" and that's just what they are! Crappy and too short! Thankfully they are slowly starting to get longer. You usually take a morning nap and an afternoon nap. Sometimes a nap on mommy or sometimes a third cat nap depending on how long they lasted.

Currently, you prefer sleeping on your right side still.
You love sleeping with your love, Ellie. But this month I decided to start using the giraffe I bought when I  was pregnant. It has lavender beads in the belly, we microwave it and you love to cuddle up with it and it always puts you right to sleep at night time. It's the best and you seem to really enjoy it. It's so cute how you always wrap your arm around it.

You laughed for the first time!! I have been waiting for this moment as I had been seeing other mom's with babies just a little bit older than you post about their little ones laughing.

I was bouncing you in your Jumperoo and you thought it was so funny. I was so thankful Auntie Ali and Mimi were there to see it and catch it on video!

Uncle Ryan came to visit for his Spring Break
He hasn't seen you since Christmas time and you have changed so much!

We also had Angie and Emma visiting. You got too meet your second cousin and her little girl
I remember meeting Emma when she was just a baby and it is so crazy how quickly she has grown up!
You both need to slow down!
In a couple years I think you two will have a lot of fun together.

I originally knew you were ready for solid food because you were always eyeing everything we ate and you looked like you pretending to be eating it as well. Now that you have started solids you have become even more aware of everything we are eating...and you are not. One night you were staring at us eating Jax and I decided to let you lick it and you thought it was the greatest thing ever!
Then I let you hold it, and you were so fascinated by it.

Such a big girl!

Later this night you started pooping in the tub for the first time!
We knew it was bound to happen one day and today was the day!
Daddy quickly transferred you to the potty and you finished your business- I have the cutest picture, but I'll spare the online visual this time for your own sake!

You are the happiest girl in the mornings.
You usually wake around 6/6:30 and I bring you into bed with me.
You have your bottle and we go back to sleep until about 8:30.
It keeps getting earlier and earlier and I'm not exactly a fan of that, but I do love your smile when we wake up.
You also have the sweetest smile when I give you your good morning kisses.

You and Roxie love looking out the windows.

You discovered your feet
And you quickly realized they're like built in toys
And you'd rather play with your toes than sleep.

You are always smiling and we can get you to giggle every once in a while

With all the drooling and constant hands in your mouth I've been checking your gums to see if any teeth were coming and today I saw them ready to pop!

Just two days later they made it through!
I can not believe you're old enough to have teeth!
Not only did your teeth pop through- you also rolled back to belly for the first time.
I was changing your diaper and you started going to go to the side and I said to daddy that I think it will happen soon and sure enough- you did it!
I have a video of you doing it, but no pictures yet so instead here's a random favorite of mine. 

Was your first Easter.

Nana & Papa were visiting

You had your first Mum-Mum and drank water out of your first sippy.

You went to your first wedding.
It was my friend from High School- you looked adorable and you did such a good job!

You went in the church nursery for the first time!! I was freaking out, but you did great! It was more of a practice run, we still have a few more weeks before you really start going {tears for momma!} but I think you're going to love it. 

And that's the best shot we got as your "first nursery picture" because you are the wiggliest worm of them all. 

We went to the Boston Aquarium for Auntie A's birthday and we got to visit Daddy at work and have lunch with him.

Unfortunately this exciting month ended with another first-your first sickness. 
That night you came home with a high fever that last a little over 24 hours, that then turned into a bad cold. 
You took lots of tubbies {which always make you happy} and lots of snuggles {which made me happy}. 

Even through your cold you still loved your new swing at The Farm!

We love you so much and we are sorry this month had to end with your first sickness!
I know it's the first of many to come for you, but I know it will always break our hearts- especially when there is only so much we can do to help you!

Feel free to slow down the growing and you're more than welcome to stick to one milestone a month.