Monday, November 15, 2010

Misc. Monday: Birthday Edition

{one} Today at 3:30PM I officially turn the big 2-3.
I know it's not really that big of a number, but I have the power to make it big on my blog :)
This is my tired young {just 17!} little mama and I on November 15, 1987

{two} We had a nice little celebration on Saturday night which included a chick flick with the girls- Morning Glory- dinner at Long Horns with the family and then we all went and saw the movie Unstoppable {so good btw!!}. And sadly, there was not one single picture taken. So we can just put it in the books that my 23rd birthday will most likely be forgotten....

{three} I am in a weird phase of my life right now. In Florida we were part of a little newlywed group through Mr. B's college and we were able to connect and make some friends there. Then we moved back to NH and now my family = friends. We belong to a small church with no young married couples, we don't have any children yet so there is really not much extra activities in which we could meet new people, and the people at the dog park...we won't even go there because they are just on an entirely different weirdo level. And trust me, I know I am weird. So you can only imagine what they are like. Now don't get me wrong, I love my family to death. I am so thankful to live close again and be actively involved in each others' lives. I am so thankful that we were able to go out and celebrate, but as I looked around the table, and saw that I was celebrating with my parents, my 11 year old brother, 13 year old sister, my grandparents, my pastor and his wife, my husband and my childhood bf with no other "friend party" to go to next, it brought {a brighter} light to this transitioning phase that Mr. B and I are in. Friends are important and I hope we will be able to connect with some new ones in the near future.

{four} Speaking of friends, I would like to thank Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of facebook, for allowing me to find 20 notifications awaiting me at just 10 AM. Thank you for creating a place where people that I haven't talked to in many years and even people that I have never talked, can wish me a happy birthday and make me feel so loved. Ha, it's great! 

{five} I am about to hit some stores and see if I can find anything! I got some lovely charms for my bracelet, beautiful christmas decorations, flowers, a movie, candy, pjs and a bunch of gift cards and cash... so off to the stores I go!  This is technically my second time going, the first time was pretty unsuccessful. Don't you hate it when you can't buy anything and you see so many things you want to buy and then when you actually have the opportunity you can't find a thing...but then of course, you buy something that you don't even love just because you can. Such is life :)

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Need a laugh?

Roxie's glamorous photo shoot:

Monday, November 8, 2010

Misc. Monday

{one} Winter is near. I checked the weather for the week and there it was...

{two} I have been enjoying these cold rainy days relaxing with my pup and watching TV and movies.  I am soaking in my last few days before my new job which will require me to wake up "early". Boo. But the extra income will be very helpful!

{three} Speaking of TV, I am a sucker for reality shows and I pretty much find a new one that I love every day.  My new fav is Giuliana and Bill and my most recent find is Mario Lopez: Saved by the baby. Ha! Super creative, right? 

{four} I need to start the Shred again. Shocker, I know. I have 6 days to shred some before I go jean shopping! Ugh. Jean shopping is the worst. I am torn if i want to just buy a bigger size and have them fit or shred some then buy a new pair then go back to my normal self within a few weeks and not have them fit again. I know, I know I should probably tone down the optimism.
But seriously, let's be real...

{five} This is totally random, but I can't even believe this is real...I just saw a commercial for this
 cha cha cha chia obama style....really?!? I mean really?? This could be an SNL skit.

I might be reconsidering my birthday wish list...
just sayin'.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Gift Ideas- Help!

Although it would probably be much sweeter if I was asking for gift ideas for loved ones...
I'm not.

My birthday and Christmas are just around the corner!!!

I need some advice....
what's your favorite item...

What should I ask for or purchase with birthday money? 
Should I save for something big that you love and would suggest buying??
Are there any cheap little things you can't live without?

I wanted to buy a nice pair of jeans- what's your fav?

Mr. B also wanted to look into saving for a nice camera- what would you suggest?

Help a sista out! :D

Thanks and happy Friday!!! 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Columbus Day Weekend.

Apparently I like to post about holiday weekends a month after they happen...

Once upon a time....

There was a family that took an annual trip to the White Mountains for Columbus Day weekend.
This trip was different for them because almost half of the family was missing, but they still had a great time. 

They started off their journey with breakfast at the ever-so-classy IHOP.

They were a little disappointed that a majority of the fall foliage had passed, but they still were able to catch a glimpse of some bright beautiful trees.

They stopped at one of their most memorable places, Clark's Trading Post.

Even though they have seen the "Bear Show" many times, they still get a kick out of the tricks and think it's amazing what they can do. They play basketball, swing on a giant swing, eat ice cream, ride in a stroller , recycle, sit in the chair and many more fun things!

There was a new member to the family vacation this year, his name was Mr. B. Mr. B is far too cool for such childish adventures and he did not find the same amusement and love for Clark's Trading Post.

This year at Clark's there was a new little Segway trail which was a shaky, unstable, nerve-wracking load of fun.  

By early evening they made it to their new "home" for the weekend.
Where they played games...
Sat nice and close during dinner...
Relaxed and watched TV..

And took turns playing with each others' hair..
Let's be clear not everyone played with each others' hair, because that would be just a little weird.
 Two sisters played with each other's hair

They woke up early the next morning in the freezing cold to attend the annual Columbus Day Sermon on the Mount. They took a ride on the gondolas to get to the top of the mountain.

And reached the top where the temperatures were even colder.

They returned back to their place and had a mini photo shoot to capture some memories of Columbus Day Weekend 2010.

Then they went home and played with their little puppy who they missed dearly.

The End.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Misc. Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{one} Happy NOVEMBER {how crazy??}! It's my birthday month!! 15 more days! :) 

{two}Thanks again for all the encouragement and advice! For those of you who suggested the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility...that was by birth-control bible for the past year! It was super helpful and great for me during the "birth control phase", but as far as the "trying to conceive phase" it was making me obsessive. I would have perfect charts and thought for sure I was pregnant, but then I wasn't.  I would over analyze my temperature every day, etc etc. So I had to stop taking my temp and charting for my own sanity {and Mr. B's too!}. I still follow the basic guidelines from that book, but all the little details have gone down the drain. I would also definitely suggest that book to anyone who is doing it as birth control or even trying to conceive {unless of course you become obsessed like me :)}

{three} I got another job that I am excited about! He is 10 months old and I'll have him 3 days a week. Some days will be with the other baby and some days it will just be me and him so that will be fun. He is so adorable and it will be nice to have a little extra income too. 

{four} I found the deal of the day on craigslist last week. I got all these toys for just $10!
Roxie was pretty impressed too and inspected them all

{five} Roxie is still super cute and continues to grow every hour.

 {six} Roxie is forced to keep finding a new favorite spot in the car due to her giant growth spurts...
Started off in a ball on my lap or on my shoulder...
Then it became the middle console...
One time it was even in a tote bag...
Then it became under the dashboard with the air blowing on her face...
She outgrew that little floor space and now her new spot is across the front seat with the middle console as her  pillow
{seven} We always have "family fun" night on Halloween instead of trick or treating. Last night my little brother had the best halloween of his entire life {a whole 11 years!}.  On his first try he won 1,000 tickets! 

{eight}Is this not the most gorgeous tree? It's right down the street from us in a cemetery. We came to the conclusion that dead people must make for good fertilizer because there are so many colorful trees in the cemeteries.  A lot of the leaves are on the ground now though which means...frigid winter is on it's way!! Boo.

{nine} Although I am not ready for the freezing cold and loads of snow...I think I am ready for Christmas music already?! I don't think I have ever wanted to listen to it so early before. I am not sure I can wait until Thanksgiving...

{ten} Just to make the list complete 1-10....I'm not gonna lie- I was pretty upset on Friday when Oprah and Gayle's camping trip was interrupted by the President.