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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Adalyn's Pantry

Adalyn doesn't really have her own pantry, 
but her food does take up a good amount of space. 

I always like to see what other babies eat so I thought it would be fun to do a post on Adalyn's staples. 

So fun, right?

Okay, so maybe that wasn't the right word to use...

Yesterday I went grocery shopping so it was the perfect time since the last couple days I've been too lazy to go shopping and she's been eating corn pops, ritz bits and peanut butter and crackers because everything she loves was "in stock".

She starts off with some dry cereal and then usually has a yogurt and a fruit. I buy a mix of Yobaby and Gerber yogurt. I like how the the Gerber yogurt doesn't have to be refrigerated {which is a little weird too}, but it's great for on-the-go too.

Easy on-the-go snacks that she loves:
These are all clean and mess free so they're perfect!
 Sometimes the little strawberries can get stuck on her clothes, but other than that these are our go-to snacks. 

 is usually a variety of some sorts. 
She's not a huge veggie fan so I like to get the fruit and veggie mixes and she loves those. 
I also love the GoGo Squeez apple sauce. I prefer to buy the jumbo pack at Target though. 
Some nuggets with a little ranch and ketchup.
Peanut butter and crackers. 
Sometimes a hot dog, rotisserie chicken or grilled cheese.

Side "dishes" with lunch
She loves any kind of cheese, raisins, pirates booty {she really loves Jax (cheese doodles) but these are yummy, cleaner and a healthier option,} and mini rice quakes. 
I tried to be healthier and reduce the consumption of cheese puffs, but surprisingly she wasn't a fan of Veggie Sticks.
Can't say I blame her...

 is usually whatever we are having
I prefer the Gerber graduates pasta dinners, but our grocery store doesn't have those so if I go there I usually get these Steamies and they are good enough. 
She loves the pasta stars and chicken and also the mac and cheese. {She also loved the Annie's mac and cheese, but I've only made that a few times}. 
The ravioli's are great and easy too- she loves those!

And dinner is usually finished off with a few animal crackers. 
Of course, all this food is mismatched throughout the day, but for the most part it's pretty consistent. 
This girl loves to eat just like her mama.

We haven't started juice yet, because she is still loving her water. 
And of course it never fails that she chokes on it because she drinks it too fast....

What do you're kids eat?
Anything they love we should know about??