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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where in the World is Suzie Orman

You have an idea. You write out the logistics. You make a decision. You plan to succeed.
Sometimes you fail.
I failed.

This may or may not be my debt story.
I don't exactly know the correct etiquette when it comes to talking numbers and accrued debt, but hey we are all pretty much best friends now so it's about time a take you inside the Ms. J's did-you-really-think-that-was-possible-you-might-want-to-consider-being-a-realist-world.

These words may have come out of my mouth at one point in my life:
"It's perfect, I will have little to no debt before we get married!"

Silly, Ms. J.

Although there is no regret in my decision, I may be a little off track.

My story might go something like this....

9 months of community college: $5,000.

$555 paid monthly.

9 months of putting up with jokes about community college.

9 months of defending community college.

Remaining balance: $0.

9 months of Out-of-state college: $18,300.

Achieved in 9 months:

3 loans.

1 indecisive student.

3 different majors.

12 classes.

6 amazing girlfriends.

1 bridesmaid.

Aka: Paid $18,300 for friends.

They are worth every almost every penny.

I love them, but that's a lot of pennies.

A decision was made:

No more school.

No more debt.

Follow passion:

Become a nanny.

Pay off debt.


1 amazing nanny job.

2 awful nanny jobs.

15 months of payments.

1989756765 more to go.

Underpaid nanny.

Monthly minimum payment.

Total Paid: $5,042

Hopeful loan balance: $13,258

Actual loan balance: $17, 100

$1,200 towards loan.

$3,842 towards interest.

1 frustrated girl.

Mr. B proposed towards the end of my Sophomore year of college. In just two years I had not only changed schools 3 times, I had also changed my major 3 times. It sort of made sense, a new major for each school. Wasn't exactly my intentions, but it worked out that way. By the end of my Sophomore year I had done Liberal Arts, Communication Disorders and Elementary Education. Believe it or not, I knew what I wanted to do with my life. Seriously. It just so happened that school or these majors wasn't part of that. I wanted to be a nanny, then a stay at home mom, then have a small in home daycare. What I really needed/wanted was a homemaking degree. Not only did I change my majors, I took core classes in each of those majors and no gen. eds.

Silly, Ms. J.

NOTHING transferred.

It appears as though I wasn't thinking properly. I may have been lacking in the intelligence department. I agree, but I promise I was a smart girl. I graduated High School with High Honors and I even got all A's in college (even at the out-of-state college in case you were thinking well duh it was community college and if you weren't I apologize for my assumption, like I mentioned I learned to defend). Anyways, while in school and hating my classes, I would see ads for nanny positions offering $700-$1000 a week, the whole sha-bang: the car, the health insurance, the traveling, the paid time off etc.

Um...hey genius, why are you in school when you can be making MORE than a teacher and not have the crazy amount of debt from school??

Little guy on my shoulder was right.

With much prayer and consideration, Mr. B and I decided that it would be best for us to stop putting ourselves more in debt with my college loans. I would pursue my dream job, pay off the loans in just one year before we got married, become a stay at home mom and eventually have my daycare.

Oh, hello reality. What's that? I will actually be the family's servant? I will be underpaid and hate it? My planned weekly income is actually my monthly income? I won't make enough for us to live, let alone pay off my loans?? I will keep paying for my loans and they keep growing?? It will be like digging a hole in the sand by the water??

Um...Suzie Orman, I think I could use some help over here.