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Friday, April 9, 2010

Free-Write Friday

Sometimes I think coming up with a title is the hardest part of a post. No lie. Is that pathetic? I must type and untype at least 5 times until a come up whatever one I think it best, although I know they are all cheesy. There's a lot of pressure on picking the right title. It needs to be short, but a little informative. It needs to be eye catching and suspenseful making the reader want to continue reading the post. I like it to sometime coordinate with the letter of whatever day it is{Mighty Monday Whatever Wednesday}. It needs to relate to your topic, but you don't always want to give it away....
or maybe I just overanalyze too much.

Today's post is themeless.

Completely random.

Free to write whatever I want.

I know I am free to write what I want everyday, but just roll with me. please.

I like to participate in the themed post, but then I miss out on informing you on the extremely important things like.....

Today is my ONE MONTH anniversary of being a housewife. It has been ah-mazing. I love it so much. I keep feeling like I need to go back to work soon, like my vacation is over's not! It would be a lot more enjoyable if I had a car and money though, but for now, I waste my days away on the computer and watching tv with an occasional basking in the sun by the pool and that is fine with me. It's amazing how fast the days go by though. Somehow they went by soooo slow at work and now before I know it, hours have gone by just by sitting on the couch reading blogs and checking craigslist. I feel ashamed when Mr. B surprises me and comes home early and I am still in my PJs with nothing accomplished. I like when he comes home at 6, and at 5 I shower, get ready, clean and make dinner, giving the appearance of a productive day.

We move in 23 days!!!

We should be getting a new picture of Roxie soon! I am really hoping in the next picture her nose will be filled in a little more. Right now her nose is pinkish with black speckles. I have read that as she gets older it fills in and I hope she is no exception. She is still a cutie and we can't wait to pick her up.

30 Day Shred has been going good. Level 3 is my favorite- who would've thought?! I actually think it's easier, but still pushing me to my limit. I have definitely noticed a difference, my rolls are minimizing (thank you Jesus- that was super uncomfortable) and my arm muscles are getting big. Personally, not a huge fan of the muscular arms, but it's better than jiggly hello-goodbye arms. I would just prefer the toning to be in my abs, but this will do for now.

I tweeted Ashton Kutcher today.

I am stuck at home all day. Why not? I asked him if a new season of "True Beauty" is coming soon. I will admit I felt a little junior highish, but makes me that much cooler if he tweets me back right? Wrong? I won't admit that I keep checking my twitter every 10 minutes.

Does any one watch Jessica Simpson's Price of Beauty?? I am really lovin' this show. First off, I think she is really funny and her and I could totally be friends. Not sure if I should admit that either or what that says about me, but it's true- I have plenty of blonde moments that would allow us to have that special connect. I also love the whole premise of this show. It is so interesting to see how every country as their own view of beauty and at what lengths they will go to achieve this beauty.

This scene from the episode in Thailand was so funny. You know those moments when it's silent and not the right moment to laugh, and you do nothing but laugh. The kind of laugh where you try to keep it in and shoot little boogs everywhere. My friend, Liz, and I were notorious for this and I'm pretty sure everyone hated us for's so contagious and once you start you can not stop. Anyways, if you don't watch this show- check it out!
The girl on 16 & Pregnant this week had twins. Jealous. I want to have twins so bad. My odds are very slim, but I am still hoping. One baby was kicking her bladder, they were out in public looking at new cars and she totally peed her pants. It was hilarious.

Does anyone watch Life Unexpected?? I just started getting into that show (thanks to Mama Grace) and I'm really liking it.

Pioneer Woman is on the The View today. I'm expecting to follow in her footsteps. Ha. I think I am a little off track.

Mr. B and I are going to Naples for the weekend to visit my grandparents.

Mr. B proposed to me there almost two years ago (April 19), we are eating at that restaurant tonight. We have come so far since then-ahh life is gooooooood.

I'll leave you with an example of Successful Marriage 101- The importance of when to play your cards and how to play them right:

{Last night we had already eaten dinner and we were out doing some errands. Mr. B was hungry again and wanted to buy a sub. Sidenote: we are on a tight budget until May}

Me: That sub is too much money, you should get something else instead.

Mr. B: Ugh, but this sub looks so good.

{leaving the line on the search for something cheaper}

Me: Ok fine, you can get the sub if you let me buy a sundress tomorrow.

Mr. B: Ok, deal.

Me {walk away with a big smile}

Compromise. Perfection. Extra tight budget.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday: Magazines

It's Tuesdayyyyy! Today at the Undomestic Momma is Top 2 Magazines.
I love magazines. Mr. B and I love to go to the bookstore across the street, plant ourselves in some comfy chairs and read magazines. Are we cool or what? But hey it's a free date! Although I am not sure if that counts as a date since we don't talk to each other for an hour or two, but hey it works for us.

While he reads the boring stuff like Money, Time and ESPN.
I read the important stuff like....

1. Real Simple. Love this magazine. This is filled with great, useful ideas using your every day items that using them in creative/effective new ways. It gives tips on organization, different recipes, good products etc. Great Mag.

2. Any Celeb gossip. I will admit it. Don't judge.Who doesn't like seeing that the celebs are just like US?! They get their own mail, they cut their own food, they fill up their own gas tank, they lick their ice cream cone- wow. No, but really...I enjoy seeing that. That may or may not be why I originally joined Twitter. I follow celebs, pretend they're my friends and I am enlightened on how normal they are in real life.
To top it off I also enjoy watching the celeb gossip shows: TMZ, Extra, ET, Access Hollywood etc. Mr. B so doesn't get it. He is one of the most annoying people to watch any of those shows with. He makes fun of it and shouts out a million "who cares" ummm ME! I want to know their fears about breast feeding with implants. I want to watch the clip of grown up Michelle aka Mary-Kate or Ashley walk across the street. I want to see Carrie Underwoods massive beautiful engagement ring. I want to see Kim Kardashians cellulite. I care.
I also always read Parents and any other pregnant/baby magazines (gotta get ahead of the game) and I enjoy the occasional Shop Smart ;), Glamour and Cosmo-although I am not a huge fan of when they have 19875865 ads and like thismuch good stuff.

What are your favorite mags??

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday: Random Things About Yourself

Today's Top 2 over the Undomestic Momma is: Random things about yourself. I hope you will still be my friend....

1. I am SO afraid of caterpillars. Honestly, I don't even want to talk about them. They give me the heebie jeebies...big time. I hate how they are furry, have a million little legs and stick to you. Yuck. Ok I am done, I can't write anymore I already feel them crawling on me. Which could lead to a number 2. I am a hypercondriac, but we will save that for another post and bring you to my real random number two.

2. I had one giant tooth for a good year and a half to two years of my life. Unfortunately it didn't look any better when the second one came in. Maybe even worse, if you can believe that. They were big. They were separated. The other teeth decided to grow behind them instead of next to them. THANK THE LORD FOR MY PARENTS AND BRACES. Can I get an Amen?!

Since the theme is random, I am going to throw in some other random points as well....

1. Did anyone watch DWTS last night? Was Jake not hilarious?!? He was extremely funny looking, but the tux, bow tie and high waters totally fit his personality. I thought he was surprisingly good, but so funny. It makes me laugh when I replay it in my head, they showed Vienna laughing too- how could you not, really?

2. Still on the topic of DWTS, Kate needs to go. She is really just making herself look worse. She was also hilarious last night, but for different reason. She was so bad. She looked like she just wanted to stop the show, run out the back door with tears streaming down her face and curl up in a corner and hide. I don't blame her. Also, if you're arguing with your dance partner and he quits on you too, I think that says a little something about your personality. She really needs to learn how to communicate her feelings more effectively, clearly her current way of dealing with situations doesn't exactly fly with most people. I know she has an unusual/messed up life, but she is starting to bother me because she takes everything so seriously and personal. She needs to have fun, let loose and stop overemphasizing that she's doing everything for her kids.

3. Another DWTS note, because obviously I think I am a professional critique. Nicole from the is this even fair?? She is a dancer! She choreographs. She has workout/dance DVDs. She got two 9s the first week and two 10s the second week- c'mon. I would be so mad if I was another contestant. Last night she said "we even added some PCD moves into this routine"...umm..if you have your own moves I think you're a dancer. Chest pumps and booty dips../you're still a dancer. I think it's funny how a few seasons ago the judges were so mean to Mario Lopez when he was so good and now Nicole is the same way and a dancer and they are treating her so much better. I still love you Mario.

4. Pamela Anderson drives me crazy! Why must everything be so sexual? She can't even stand like a normal person for .1 second, she's all over her partner, she's got her head tilted back, her body constantly moving, she's winking, licking her lips..seriously?! Ew.

5. Thanks for putting up with that vent session. I guess writing it out is just like when I tell Mr. B - I get no response but I continue to talk anyways. Except this time I am hoping for a little response or agreement from you. Please?

6. All of a sudden my name has become so popular. So popular as in I have seen it in 3 shows in the past two weeks. For me, this is a big deal. There is a girl Jordan on Amazing Race, Jordynn on 16 and Pregnant and a woman named Jordan on Castle. I will let the Castle woman pass this time, but I don't know if she really counts because she was a little too old to be named Jordan and that makes it little unbelievable to me. She is just a character, while the others are real girls. I will appreciate the fact that they even made it a girl's name on Castle though. Jordan is making it's way to the girl side - woot. woot.

7. Today is our dating anniversary, after 8 months of us dating in denial, Mr. B asked me to be his girlfriend {at Target-I know, so romantic} and it became "official" 51 months ago.

8. We are flying home to NH this afternoon!! Mr. B has a bunch of interviews over the next 3 days and we are looking at a potential place to live when we move in May. Please pray that the Lord would lead us and open up doors where needed. We are trusting and walking by faith through this whole process, it's not easy, but it will be rewarding. It's a humbling experience- that's for sure! It's also refreshing knowing that God has a plan and a purpose and He will work everything out- even when we don't know anything about what the future holds.

9. Here is a hint to my project. I will post about it tomorrow. You know this is almost as exciting as when MckMama posts a picture and leaves you hanging, don't deny it.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Pretty Nails

Can you guess what my favorite color nail polish is??
I love my nails painted, I paint them about once or twice a week. There is something about it that makes me feel much more feminine and put together. Mr. B is a fan of the natural look, so every once in a while I give my nails a chance to breathe don't paint them, for no other reason of course other than to make him happy. I don't see what it matters to him anyways so when I say every once in a while, I really mean maybe every two months or so. Dark colors are my fav, in case you didn't catch that from the photo above (shout out to Courtney- miss you and the special nail bond we have!) I think this has been the longest I have been without painting them- it's been about 3 weeks! The nail polish and I have a little date tonight, while watching Dancing with the Stars, to beautify these nails of mine that have been begging for some paint. I'm pretty excited. Anyone watching DWTS? Should be a decent season, I am hoping it is anyways. I wasn't sure Jake could be any cheesier, but I feel pretty confident he won't let us down with this show either. At least I'm a fan of his partner Chelsea, she was on So You Think You Can Dance a few seasons ago, so that should make the dancing a little more bearable. I also think Kate should be an interesting one to watch.

Anyways....What's your favorite color? Do you go for the expensive like O.P.I? I wish I could, but I just can't get myself to spend $9 on a bottle...of course then I pay for it when my 99 cent one is chipping the next day so it's probably worth the extra money.

P.S. Had to show off the perfect shape of my meatloaf tonight. It usually comes out looking like a very messed up brain. I was proud-this is an improvement.

P.P.S I realize the title to this post is SO lame, I apologize.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Checking off the important things...

It's all about priorities.

We may be doing things out of order, but at least the major things are getting done. We are in the homestretch now and little pieces are s . l . o . w . l . y coming together. It is exciting, but also testing our faith and patience at the same time.

Shred Update: Completed Day 4!!! The soreness in every.single.part of my body is finally starting to go away. When I woke up this morning I couldn't believe it-- Oh my goodness I can almost walk like a normal person. I am already seeing a difference and I'm feeling good. Proud of Mama Grace for sticking with it and finishing Day 4 too!!

Random 1: So sad for Sandra. Seriously, Jesse??
It's so amazing/disgusting/heartbreaking that even men who have such famous, amazing, talented and beautiful wives are still looking for something more. I do not think it's right to cheat on anyone, but how in the world can you cheat on Sandra Bullock?! For that nasty tattoo girl, no less. I would assume his tears during her kind speeches where she called him "my rock" must've been tears of guilt. I hope none of these rumors are true, but it's not looking that way. Seriously????

Random 2: It's a nicer day in NH than in FL!! Is this a joke?! Today's high is 68 and in NH it's sunny and 70. It's 10 degrees below normal today. Where, oh where is the hot sunny Florida weather??

Random 3: Thanks for all your puppy names! We finally agreed on a name and have decided to name her Roxie- cute?? =)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Meet The Grace Family...

Forgot today was Top 2 Tuesday over at The Undomestic Momma and I wanted to join in on that fun too! Today's topic is celeb styles and my top 2 (there are so many it's hard to choose!) are Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Aniston. Of course this is more than just choosing their styles, it's their whole package-- hair + body included.

1. Carrie Underwood. If I could look like any celebrity it would be her. Love her personality, she is so sweet (like I have talked to her and know her in person), she is gorgeous, love her hair, love her voice, love her.

2. Jennifer Aniston. She is a natural beauty. Her dress up look or casual look, she looks amazing and pulls it off either way. If only it was that easy in real life. Also love her personality (Now her personality I actually know-unlike Carries'- because she hung out with my friends Regis and Kelly yesterday and I was pretty much in the room with them).

Original Post:

The Grace Family....

The Grace Family isn't complete without mentioning the wonderful addition to our family. These lovely ladies moved in with us 6 years ago:

The most awesome family any girl could ask for. I miss this crew so much.

Two weeks from today we will be reunited for Easter. Can't. Wait.

P.S - Day 2 of 30 Day Shred- Complete!! Tomorrow will be my official graduation to Day 3.

I am confident that our love is deep enough that the initial shock and hatred towards me for posting these pics is quickly forgiven. Mom and Sarah, please know this was out of pure love and because you are missed that much ;)