Monday, August 30, 2010

Misc. Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
one. I just came back from a walk with Roxie. I walked out with a smile and a positive-it's-a-beautiful-day-look-at-me-walking-my-adorable-puppy attitude {this was my second walk for the day, I was feeling good} and I walked in with poop on my thumb, poop on my leg, poop on my shirt and throw up in my my throat. Roxie decided to take the biggest dump of her life on our walk. on the sidewalk. three mounds. in three different spots. I only had one tiny poop bag. Hence the poop on my thumb, my shirt and my leg. Oh yeah and the throw up in my throat from both the smell and the fact that it was all over me. At least they were logs...

two. Mistake of Summer 2010- blow drying hair with the AC on in the living room= blown fuse. The past few times I have done this I just left the house and went over to my parents for the day until Mr. B got home to fix it. {Lazy?? Me? No way!} Today, I didn't have that option. So I was going to face my fears, go into the basement {which I have never been in btw} and fix the fuse. Well, my courage only got me so far because I couldn't find the key to the basement anywhere. Turns out Mr. B put it on the keychain with the all our other know, in case we need the key to our basement while we are out for dinner, or out of town, or at work- like today. These keys are currently residing in Boston, in his pocket in his office. Let me inform you...this fuse not only controls the AC, but it also controls the TV. This was a big deal. Thankfully my the landlord's wife was home so after knocking on her door about 15 times she finally opened the basement for me. I didn't realize she was going to stay with me the whole time so her presence alone pressured me and left me with no choice, but to find my inner man. I took a deep breath, walked down and felt at least 109 spiderwebs attack me and quickly flipped the switch. It worked. It wasn't that bad. kind of was.
Reason number 108974 why I need my husband. I don't like finding/bringing out my inner man- it's hard to find and it's not very big.

three. Today is just one of those Mondays. I have experienced enough to understand that, hopefully I won't be reminded anymore through out the day.

four. We survived the crazy weekend. I am going to start making a video of the weekend, it will probably be ready in approximately...5 months. Maybe a year, who knows.

five. Sometimes when Roxie is sleeping, she is dreaming and twitching/running/jumping and I swear she is having a seizure. Not sure I would be able to tell the difference. She is doing that right now, so I thought why not add it to the list of silly information I am pulling out of my butt to make a post.

six. This weekend totally wiped me out, we got very little sleep and now I feel like my eyes are permanent puffy slits with big bags under them. So attractive, I know.

seven. I started the 30 Day Shred for the sixth time today! Anyone else re-starting/still doing it?? It really is so good, and I always see results when I do it and it's only 20 minutes- I just can't stick with it! Now I am off to have pizza for lunch because that's obviously the best way to see results. Well, at least they cancel each other least a few bites anyways :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

2 in 1

So on Monday when I said I will post my anniversary weekend "tomorrow", tomorrow actually meant Friday. Apparently in my world Friday comes right after Monday. Except that isn't the world I live in, although that would be a nice world, wouldn't it?

So today's post is 2 in 1 because there's something else important I needed to share today!

So anyways, over a month ago...
Mr. B sent me an email telling me to pack a bag for two nights and he would be sending me other hints through out the day.
I was actually super surprised which is really unusual because I like to be ::ahem:: in control of most situations.
We had decided that funds were tight this year and we weren't going to do anything too expensive.
Aka- a card and take-out will be just fine. Seriously.
But just like my tomorrow meant Friday, having no money meant we have money.
I'd like to point out that our fridge has pretty much looks like this ever since this anniversary weekend
but that is...irrelevant.

So our stuff is packed, we drop Roxie off at my parents' and we drive about an hour away to a beautiful little town called Portsmouth.
We got take-out at the Ninety-Nines and made our way to our final destination
{yes, I know it is primarily an old people restaurant, but I love their cheese and crackers!}.

We stayed at the Sheraton Harborside hotel for two lovely nights.
In the morning, Mr. B made me an appointment at a hair salon to get some blondies back!
I was so excited!
I told the stylist to make me as blonde as possible with x amount of money...
The whole time the stylist was calling me "blondie" making me think it was super blonde. about "light brownie".
It's still lighter than it was and I like it a lot, but it drives me nuts when they don't make it as light as you want and when they give you the impression it's super light... only to look in the mirror and be disappointed, put a fake smile on and say that you love it.
{Which I am really bad at by the way}
But she did a really good job of making it look natural, which I love.
And I forgot to bring a straightener so it was perfect to have my hair styled for the night!
We had breakfast and walked around the shops.
I wasn't in the blogging mindset at the time, so most of these pictures are from google images,
but we did take few of our own.
This was our first night away from Roxie, I was tempted to buy these awesome socks I found.
Mr. B refused to pay for such things.
They also had homemade dog treats that looked like whoopie pies and they were called "woofie pies"- so creative, right? And if I would've had my blogging brain on I so would've taken a picture. Sorry.
The magnet I really did want to buy because, you know, I am now one of those people. It seemed fitting.
We had lunch by the water, walked around a little more, went over to the outlets, and then headed back to get ready for the night.
Here we are waiting for.....

Brian Regan!!!
My parents' bought us tickets for our anniversary.
This part of the weekend had been planned for a few months and
we were so looking forward to it.
Brian is one of our favorite comedians. He is so hilarious and totally clean, which is great.
I tried to post a video, but youtube was being weird. If you want some good laughs go check out some of his clips. It's hard to pick a favorite, but the pop tart one, ironing board, eye dr, and UPS ones are really funny. And well, pretty much all of the other ones too!
We had such a great time, I have never laughed so long and hard - we were seriously laughing for at least 30 minutes straight {which is painful btw}. We would catch a quick break and then he would start another hilarious joke. He has funny facial expressions too, which totally make his act that much more funny. Straight up smiling for 2 hours = so cheeks!
Anyways, he's funny and we loved it- can you tell? I am not sure I said it enough...

We finished the night with Blink's Fried Doe which is the best.
This is the only picture I could find on google, but I prefer mine with cinnamon and powdered sugar. Just in case you were wondering.

Sunday morning we slept in {aren't hotel shades the best ever??}, went out for lunch, went to the outlets one more time and came back to our sweet little puppy and a relaxing evening. Even though we really didn't have the money for this, we made some great memories and it was the perfect way to celebrate our first year of marriage. Even if we won't have groceries for the next few months....

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Mr. B, Mama Grace & I are headed on a crazy adventure tonight.

Mama Grace is big into current events and politics and I'm...not.
Sometimes I feel bad because I literally have nothing to contribute to any conversation relating to such things.
Unless of course, it was covered on The View. That's where I get my current events. A little embarrassing, I know.
Mama Grace has been talking for months about a big rally that is going on in DC that she really wants to be a part of.
Unfortunately, no one in Mama Grace's life is as passionate about such things as she is.
So no one else wanted to go.
Last weekend, she decided she was going to go by herself.
She would hop on a bus that is supporting this rally, it leaves at 10 at night gets in at 7 in the morning and then leaves that night at 8 and gets in at 4 the next morning.

Oh, that would be Mama Grace.....
Mr. B...
and me- that's who!
Yup, please pass me the Daughter of the Year award.
I am going.
My exact words when she told me she was doing this was "Wow, that sounds like helllllllll." And although I still stay true to those words, I couldn't let her embark on this journey by herself.
So I made a deal, if they pay for my ticket, we will pay for Mr. B's and go.
Done deal.
We are going.
And they paid for both our tickets.
No complaints.
Except for the fact that we are dreading the whole try-your-best-to-sleep-on-a-bus-for-8-hours-for-two-nights-and-waste-away-your-relaxing-weekend-while-changing-your-underwear-in-a-tiny-bus-bathroom-with-thousands-of-tea-party-political- junky-weirdos thing, but other than that it should be fun interesting.
It is for a good cause, it is what America needs, it is standing up for what we believe in and honoring our country and those who give up their life for our freedom so... I think we can handle it.
The blogging brain is back in action and I am planning on documenting this extravaganza.
Please pray for safety {no bombing- my biggest fear at the moment!} and that the Lord would heal our land!

This is the longest post ever. If you made it this far, congrats and thank you!!
Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Misc. Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
one. I only have 14 minutes left of battery on my laptop and I am too lazy to get the charger so I hope I can finish this in time.

two. This is my 102 post. I missed my 100th post so we will celebrate one.oh.two.

three. It's a lovely cold rainy Monday. It's only lovely when you have nothing to do and you get to stay at home in your sweats all day. Which I do. So it's lovely. Although I do have to watch the baby this afternoon that puts a slight damper on the loveliness, but he is good and he comes to my house and I pretty much get paid to watch tv and do my laundry and clean my house so there's really no complaint.

four. The effects of a busy Saturday and a rainy lazy Sunday....
the forecast for the next few days is also rainy so who knows if I'll ever get to these.

five. My parents have chickens and they have recently starting laying eggs. I don't like eggs, but Mr. B does. Apparently there is a big difference in taste between fresh and store bought. Looking at the difference in color, I can imagine there would be.

six. Puppy squirts are gone! We are back to the logs! Wohoo! Chicken and rice finally worked and now I mix a little yogurt with her food to help her digest more easily and we will gradually increase the amount we give her this time. {Oh and thanks for the tips! She is on the good food- Buffalo Blue, so it had nothing to do with any crap or fillers :)}

seven. I'm at 9 minutes left. Not sure if I can make it.

eight. Roxie's new favorite toy.

nine. What she is doing while I blog. Completely normal to have a blind cord hanging out of your mouth while people watching...
What else are you supposed to do for fun on a rainy day?

ten. I signed Mr. B and I up for something crazy to do with my mom because I love her so much and felt bad for her to go alone.

eleven. Tomorrow I am posting about our anniversary weekend. For realz.

twelve. 4 minutes left. I just need to edit real quick. I think I can make it.

thirteen. Not going to make it. Roxie needs to go out.

fourteen. I had to get the charger it was dying faster than expected. oh and turns out the charger was right next to me the whole time.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Poop Slug.

We like to refer to this nasty surprise found on our floor as the poop slug.
It's actually not poop.
Or a slug.
But if there was such a thing as a poop slug- this would totally be it.
While writing this and seeing the picture again, I may or may not have thrown up in my mouth a little.
Are you ready for your lunch now?
I am sure your mind is going crazy thinking if it isn't a true poop slug then what on earth could it be??

Let me ease your mind...
A banana.
Abby and Dani were correct!
I loved reading everyone's guesses and disgust- funny stuff.

Roxie loves bananas.
Recently with her teething, I have been freezing them for her.
Apparently when you freeze them, don't eat them right away and leave them out for a few hours they turn into shiny, mushy, brown, poop slugs.
Who knew.

Speaking of Roxie and eating and poop.
We recently won "Dog Parent of the Year" award.
I can't believe I even used the word "dog parent"...I really am one of those dog weirdos now. Lord, help me.
We have been feeding her as if she was a little rat chihuahua.
Basically enough nutrients to provide for her little nub.
Here's a visual.
On the left is the amount of food I was giving her, you know, apparently assuming she was to shrink as she got older and morph into a tiny taco bell dog or something and on the right is well..what she should be.
Can you tell the difference? I know it's not that drastic, so clearly you can see how the mistake was made.
Well after figuring out that we have been feeding her 1/3 of what she should be eating since day 1. We quickly began feeding her the correct amount.
Please pause for "Dog Parent Award" number 2.
It seems as though it wasn't the best idea to jump from giving her 1/2 cup of her food per serving to a little over 1 cup per serving.
Roxie's got the squirts.
And she's got them bad.
Thankfully they are controlled and she always makes it outside, but this is nasty and zero fun.
And SO hard to pick up.
Especially when it's in your landlord's part of the grass.
And it seems to freak her out so she squirts in 4-5 different places around the yard.
And she steps in it.
Poor little puppy's belly doesn't quite know how to digest all that food yet.
It probably would've been a good idea to increase her food s.l.o.w.l.y. Duh.
So now I am feeding her a little dog food and trying the whole chicken and rice route.
I will probably buy some canned pumpkin tonight, too.
And try my best to get little miss squirt butt back to producing some logs.

And hopefully when she is better and we can get back on track she will stop eating leaves, wild berries, dirt, trash, toilet paper and goat and chicken poop....maybe?? We can hope!

I'm also nervous to see how much faster she is going to grow. If she is already growing fast on chihuahua sized nutrients how will she be when she is on the big girl stuff?!

Happy Friday!
Thanks for playing the guessing game and for being faithful followers and always so encouraging :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Guessing Game

We found this when we came home from church on Sunday...
Whoever guesses what this is correctly gets a big ol' shout out on this very blog!!!
Talk about incentive, right??


Monday, August 16, 2010

Misc. Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

one. Our fridge has been replenished. Praise the Lord!
Although, my grandpa did slip me a twenty after hearing about how badly we need to go grocery shopping so maybe I should let it get that low more often...or keep it that way alittle longer and see who else would donate out of pity...

two. This is Roxie's new fav. spot, in the window watching the kids at the park and wagging her little nub of a tail and I think it is so cute.

three. We keep Roxie's food in a big storage container, we were running low so we bought some more this weekend. We looked at the bag to double check how much we should be feeding her now that she is bigger- turns out we have been feeding her 1/3 of what she should be having. Oops. In little letters it says "matured weight". I've been feeding her as if she was a little lap dog. Since Day 1. My bad. This could explain why she enjoys toilet paper so much.
{Please note: I don't let her eat toilet paper for fun, she snatched it out of the bathroom while I was cleaning and well...I am trying to blog again so of course I just had to take a picture before she got in trouble because I need to take a picture of everything in case it can be a possible post one day.}

four. We went for a nice little family walk on Saturday at a nearby trail. We loved it and decided we were going to do it every Saturday morning. But you know how that goes. It's a nice idea anyway.

It wore her out. Amen.

five. I was driving home yesterday and saw a kid tying another kid to a tree. I was a little freaked and felt like I was on "What Would You Do?". They were both smiling though, so I hoped for the best.

six. I'm back to like the beginner blog world again. which is zero fun. I already lost followers from not posting anymore. I'm back to very few comments. and I have insomnia because my mind keeps thinking about things to post. This blogging life and I = love/hate relationship.

seven. I took the word verification off my comments because I know a lot of followers don't like to do that when leaving a comment. Sure enough, after just one day I got a spam comment. So... it's back. Sorry. I really am.

eight. It's a great feeling when you no longer hear the crying baby, he wore himself out and he is now sound asleep. I was giving him until I finished the dishes and this post, I got to the very last sentence and now there is silence- hallelujah. {darn I had to use spell check this time for that word, one time I did it all on my own though. I guess a sleeping baby will have to be my one success for the day!}

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Mighty {Friday}

**We now have fast-working-all-the-time-thank-you-Jesus-internet!!**

You might be embarrassed when the Comcast guy unexpectedly needs to go in the "nursery", fearing that you look like a creepy baby obsessed hoarder who does not have a baby nor is expecting a baby. And quickly feel the need to explain that you are a nanny. As if he even cared.

You might have a puppy if your toilet paper looks like this.

You might need to go food shopping if your fridge looks like this.
{{Although, it made for a very easy and practical time to clean it.}}

You might be pathetic enough to call your mom and ask if she is running any errands today and if there was any way she could pick you up a burger king kids meal for lunch or if you need to walk to the store to buy a can of tuna because your fridge looks like the above picture.

You might then be disappointed and too lazy to walk around the block to the store so you dig for something in your freezer instead and end up with a frozen burrito. D.lish. {please not the sarcasm}

So you might be extra thankful that today is PAY DAY!!

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Today is Mama Grace & Papa G's 22nd anniversary!
I am so proud.
So thankful to have such wonderful role models in my life.
A wonderful example of what the Lord will do in your relationship when you put Him first.
I was 8 months when they got married.
The officiant said I now pronounce you not only husband and wife, but as a family.
And the three of us walked down the aisle together.
Twenty two years later, that family has increased in number and love.
And we are so thankful for the memories that have been made and the memories to come in their next twenty two years marriage.

We celebrated with dinner at Longhorns.
It was SO delicious.
I wayyyy overate.
They came out with this yummy dessert and an anniversary jingle {that was a first}.
It looks nasty in this picture, but trust me- it was tasty.
I unbuttoned my pants the second we got in the car.
No, I'm not ashamed to admit that.
Just a friendly reminder that I may want to consider restarting the 30 Day Shred..... for the 5th time.
Here's to next year when we can hopefully pay for ourselves and/or my parents' dinner on their anniversary.
It's a good thing they love us so much or that could be an awkward situation...

** Yay for posting two days in a row! Woot Woot!**

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fail. Yerrrr.

I totally win the blog failure award.
My poor little smelly life diary has gone way down the drain.
I don't know what it is, but I have negative 1028786 interest in blogging.
Part of me wants to get back into it.
I still have moments where I think like a blogger {if you're a blogger-you know what I mean}
{{As I make my box of Scooby-Doo mac and cheese for the 3rd day in a row- possible blog entry??}}
And then...
Part of me doesn't.
Because who blogs about eating mac and cheese for the 3rd day because they need to wait to go grocery shopping until Pay Day Friday.....
It's not that I don't have time.
I have plenty of time.
I am just living on E with my creative juices.
I'm not going to say I will be back full force.
But I will try.
Our internet has been working horribly lately.
It loads like 2 pages and then times out.
That is one of the most annoying things, especially when you are paying a lot of money for fast internet.
Not cool.
I also can't upload any pictures to my computer at the moment so that has also been hindering the documentary of our oh so exciting life.
Hence why I haven't posted any pictures of my surprise getaway.
{I will do my best to write about that soon, because it was perfect!!}

In the meantime, check out these pics from my phone of our adorable puppy that is growing like.a.weed. that I am still super obsessed with =)
Uncle Ryan is home ! This picture was just a week and a half ago and you can already see from the pictures today how much she's grown!