Monday, April 22, 2013


 I wrote a post on this subject about two years ago.
I'm pretty sure I titled it the same.
How's that for creative?

I love steam mops.
I don't love the one we have.
I like having hardwood floors.
I hate seeing the streaks. 

I like the idea of cleaning with steam.
I wish it was a little easier.
I chose the eureka because of the great reviews, cheap price and it got hot enough to kill the germs...
But I feel like my mom's shark is easier to use, less streaky and not as bulky. 

Our floors catch the light in a lot of places and you can see prints and/or streaks.
It drives me crazy.
Lately I've been using swiffer wet wipes because it's easier, but with both the mop and the swiffer I can see streaks. 
The problem with the steam mop we have is it's nearly impossible to clean the cloth all the way so it's always leaving streaks and making it look even worse. you love your steam mop?
Hate it?
Have streaking problems?
{I suppose I could have titled this one "streaking"...}
Tips to avoid streaking?

Monday, April 15, 2013

Little Kid.

Just when I start to come to terms with the fact that Adalyn is no longer a baby.
 Just when I officially start referring to her as a toddler. 
Just when I start to realize her independence. 
Just when I start to feel like I'm really ready for #2.
 Just when I realize it's realllly time to change the header to my blog.
Just when I start breezing by the newborn clothes and going directly for the toddler section. 
Some little girl at a restaurant decides to throw the "LK" word around in reference to Adalyn. 
This is not okay. 
Toddler... I can handle.
Little Kid....unacceptable. 
She's my baby toddler. 
End of discussion.