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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Calorie Counting

At the beginning of the year I joined the bandwagon and started to do "myfitnesspal".
It's been really great for both me and my family.
I've lost 10.5 lbs just by watching my calories.
I was pretty naive and eating a ton of calories.
I am still shocked at the amount of calories some of my favorite meals are.

I haven't gotten to the whole exercising thing, yet. 
It will come.
And should be soon.
But currently, I am just too lazy.
I am determined to start though.
Some day.

The fact that I am losing with just counting my calories, 
I often wonder how much more I would be losing if I was working out too..

And that's about as far as it gets...
a wonder.

But here's the thing with calorie counting- they give you the option to have self control, to make the wrong choice or the right choice.

They allow you to choose just how good you want to be.

If the serving size is 12 chips, do the two folded ones count as one regular one?

Do the broken ones not really count?

As I was getting some fries ready for dinner {I'm still in the counting calories phase- eating strictly nutritious food comes after the daily exercises phase} I checked the serving size. 

15 fries for 150 calories or whatever it was.

But here's the kicker...
There are all different sized fries.

15 of what size?

It's the test.

How disciplined do you really want to be?

Is the serving size 15 baby fries or do two of those count as one?

I think I could have 30 of the little ones...but that might be pushing it.

So you better believe that this calorie counting momma emptied out the bag and picked out the longest fries.

It's a matter of making the most of your calories. 

But if you want a more drastic change on the scale I would suggest going with the smaller option.

Just sayin'. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Funny and Fitness

While I continue to play catch up here's a funny video of Mr. B trying to keep Adalyn awake. 

Which is nearly impossible by the way. 

When girlfriend is tired she is going to sleep and there's nothing you can do about it.

For a while she was sleeping most of the day and then decide to be all awake and smiley from like 9:45-1ish. 

This mama is tired at that point. Let me remind you that my bedtime pre-baby was around 9:30/10 so all this partying til 1 in the morning was a problem.

As much as I loved seeing these bright eyes and smiles, I'd prefer to see them in the day time!

So I decided we have to try and keep her up at least from 7-9:30. 

So we strip her down, we bounce her, play with her, talk to her etc etc and this is what we get. 

Operation "Stay awake it's not bedtime yet" didn't quite go as planned. 

Since then we have a new bedtime routine that seems to be working well. 
She even slept through the night for the first time on Saturday night!
And now I see this face at reasonable hours during the day

Now, onto the fitness...
I have joined the bandwagon and joined my fitness pal. 
So if you're on it send me a request: jpsmelser is my username.
I always go over my calories and I haven't worked out yet- but I'm a great encourager :) 
I've also lost 4 pounds so far! 
So if you're on there- friend me, if not check it out and join! 
It's free, they have apps for the iPad and iPhone and probably the other smart phones too
the coolest feature ever: it has a barcode scan so you just scan the food you're going to eat and it plugs it all in for you! 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Skinny Cow

This whole "new mom bod" thing is really weird.

I'm skinny, but I'm fat.

I'm not quite sure how to handle it. 

I feel like I am Biggest Loser finale material.

The drastic change accompanied by the loose skin.

But it happened in two weeks  and I hardly worked.

Yet, I worked the hardest and experienced the most pain I ever have in my life.

And still trying to forget about it.

A couple days before I had Adalyn I really didn't think I was that big. 

 Strangers made it clear they thought otherwise though.

Now looking back at pictures I see that I was that big. 

And now I feel small.

But I don't.

I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight and I fit into all my clothes.

But there's a little big something extra sagging in the front. 

It's weird.

And squishy.

And jiggly.

It does look tan though so that helps a teeny tiny bit. 

And when I say "tan" I mean it's darker skin from stretching out and coming back into droopy land.

We won't even talk about what my belly button looks like.

Of course Adalyn is worth every bit of it. 

And I realize it could be a lot worse. 

But it's just a weird phase to feel so skinny, but also so fat. 

And when I say "so skinny"- it's in comparison to this.
And this

So right now, I am enjoying my little girl and all the snuggles.

The quick and easy weight loss {and I'm not even breastfeeding}

And speaking of my boobs....those took on a whole new look of their own as well,
but we won't go there either. 

So maybe in about 4 weeks Jillian Michaels and I will reunite to try and conquer this whole pouch situation.

But until then I think the term Skinny Cow is a fair assessment :)