Monday, January 9, 2012

Funny and Fitness

While I continue to play catch up here's a funny video of Mr. B trying to keep Adalyn awake. 

Which is nearly impossible by the way. 

When girlfriend is tired she is going to sleep and there's nothing you can do about it.

For a while she was sleeping most of the day and then decide to be all awake and smiley from like 9:45-1ish. 

This mama is tired at that point. Let me remind you that my bedtime pre-baby was around 9:30/10 so all this partying til 1 in the morning was a problem.

As much as I loved seeing these bright eyes and smiles, I'd prefer to see them in the day time!

So I decided we have to try and keep her up at least from 7-9:30. 

So we strip her down, we bounce her, play with her, talk to her etc etc and this is what we get. 

Operation "Stay awake it's not bedtime yet" didn't quite go as planned. 

Since then we have a new bedtime routine that seems to be working well. 
She even slept through the night for the first time on Saturday night!
And now I see this face at reasonable hours during the day

Now, onto the fitness...
I have joined the bandwagon and joined my fitness pal. 
So if you're on it send me a request: jpsmelser is my username.
I always go over my calories and I haven't worked out yet- but I'm a great encourager :) 
I've also lost 4 pounds so far! 
So if you're on there- friend me, if not check it out and join! 
It's free, they have apps for the iPad and iPhone and probably the other smart phones too
the coolest feature ever: it has a barcode scan so you just scan the food you're going to eat and it plugs it all in for you! 


Mrs. Mama said...

1. she is the sweetest.
2. those videos made my afternoon, i was cracking up... but at the same time, it made me go... awww.
3. your husband's voice is so LOW! he reminds me of... american idols winner... and i've already forgotten his name! ha

Kerry said...

aww she is the cutest haha! well done on losing 4 pounds! you can do it! :) xx

Natalie said...

i can't wait to watch the videos when i'm not in a room w/ a sleeping baby :) we had to do that for awhile with Callyn too and the outcome was about the same-we just could.not keep her awake after a certain point haha :)
I just started tracking on my fitness pal too! I didn't know you could add people haha-totally out of the loop so of course i don't know how to do it but my username is nataliec8
I dont have a calorie goal right now so i just have it set at 2000 and i love it when it tells me i am under my calories haha :)

Cherry Berry said...

I have been meaning to stop by and tell you how pretty she is! As if you don't already know! :-) She is just adorable! Looks just like your baby pictures too! These videos are so funny!

Lil' Woman said...

Oh goodness, those dimples, I die :)

The Wallace Family said...

That little smile is too cute!! Just wanna squeeze those little cheeks too:) I am also using My Fitness Pal and it's how I lost all of my baby weight! I love it. It's so easy to use and I love that I can log my exercise to get some calories back!! I will have to try to find you on there. I am not sure if I know how to. I am not even sure of my username haha I think it is christywallace!