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Friday, April 16, 2010

Exciting? You be the Judge...

The Girl Creative

It's New Friend Friday over at The Creative Girl and today's topic is
"The highlight of your week"

The highlight of my week was...
When Mr. B surprised me and took me to Pizza Hut,
even though we had a little guest that was not invited on our date,
I loved that we actually went there and I also enjoyed my lunch.
Not sure what this tells you about my life if this is my highlight.
Actually, I know exactly what it tells you....plain and simple: I have one heck of an exciting life if Pizza Hut is the highlight. No need to deny that I read your mind and that is just what you were thinking.

My other highlight was going grocery shopping for the first time at Super Target. I know, I know, this is a lot of excitement in just one week. This one probably really knocked you off your feet and you're most likely wishing your highlight could've been as amazing as mine.
Target is my by far one of my favorite stores. ever. I had never experienced grocery shopping at a Target and I loved it. The prices were very reasonable and there is something about Target that just makes me happy. Even if I only got to touch the cute little dresses and instead walked out with nothing fun but milk, eggs and other misc food items, I had a smile on my face. I really wish they would out a Super Target in NH!

I'm feeling a little adventurous today {again, note how very exciting my life is if joining two Mcklinkys in one day qualifies for adventurous} so I also decided to participate in
Favorite Fridays: Guilty Pleasure Snacks
I decided to focus on sweets, but for the record:
diet dr.pepper + fries= happy girl
Favorite Fridays
I couldn't resist when I saw this one because this morning for breakfast
I was eating a few of these while reading her post....
Mr. B and I love these giant Chocolate Nonpareils. {We bought them last night at Target, it would also be a highlight of my week, but I thought this might push it over the top and become too overwhelming to handle} These are addicting and delicious. I like to suck on them and then chew them when they get smaller. I assumed you were dying to know how I ate them, so... you're welcome.

In the summer, I love eating chocolate jimmies {I don't know what they call them in your town, aka sprinkles}. I buy a container and eat it with a spoon. I like the soft kind, not the hard crunchy ones.

Apparently I have more than one guilty pleasure snack....I'm a big fan of Reese's PB cups. I prefer the mini cups, but either will do. I usually only get the minis during Easter.
In case you were wondering how I eat those:
1. I like them cold so they go straight to the fridge.
2. I unwrap them
3. I bite it sideways so my teeth divide the mini cup in such a way that the peanut butter filled part goes onto my tongue and the ridged chocolate top goes on the other side of my teeth, next to the inside of my cheek.

This is serious business.
Last week, I may or may not have told Mr. B how I eat them just in case that question ever occurs if we are playing one of those newlywed games.

What was YOUR highlight of the week and/or YOUR guilty pleasure snack???

** Happy Birthday to my beautiful little sister who becomes a TEENAGER today!! Birthday post with lots of pictures coming tomorrow {wanted to keep you in the loop in case you were all very concerned I wouldn't have a special post for her- no worries you can relax and feel free to make note in your calendar that tomorrow will be the a post especially for her}**