Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cheese Pizza Hold the Bug

Mr. B and I are opposite in many ways.
One of these areas being food.
Specifically fast food and cheap restaurants.
Judge if you will- I like fast food and cheap restaurants.
This has resulted in many petty arguments in our ever so blissful marriage.
I think a lot of it has to do with our two different families.
I grew up in a busy household of 10 where it was easier and cheaper to go through the drive thru. With everyone's different schedules, it just worked out the best for us and as a bonus - no dishes.
Somehow we never managed to be obese. What a blessing.
Mr. B's grew up in a household of 4 and his mom enjoyed cooking or they could easily afford a nice meal out. They were less than 1/2 the size of my family!

So fast forward and bring us to our wonderful-we-come-from-two-different-lifestyles-let's-mesh-our-lives-and-see-how-it-works-because-love-is-greater-than-food-newlywed life.
A few days ago I was complaining kindly pointing out that I make many things for dinner that I don't necessarily like, but I eat them for Mr. B because he likes them. Anytime I suggest something I want I get a look of disgust/please don't bring out your WT {white trash} side and a "no way-gross-never".
Well apparently my point was valid.

Mr. B surprised me yesterday and came home during his lunch break and took me to Pizza Hut lunch buffet.
I enjoy the salad, the breadsticks, the pan pizza and the creamy italian dressing.
Again, something I grew up with and find quite tasty-thank you very much.

I was so happy.
I was enjoying my food and soaking in the pure kindness of my wonderful husband realizing that this is most likely one of those romantic things that, in his eyes, are good for about a month or so- thinking he is set until at least the end of May. Ha, crazy boys....

Mr. B was actually kind of enjoying his pizza as I felt the need to defend my dear friend, Pizza Hut, after every bite he took. I may take it a bit personal.

As he was eating his 5th piece of pizza, he somehow noticed something little and black stuck to the bottom.
How or why he was even looking at the back of the pizza, I have no idea.
Looking for something wrong, I am sure.

Well...that little blackness wasn't a burnt piece.
It wasn't pepper.
It wasn't an olive.
It was....
a bug.
Well, babe, you should've told them to hold the bug- you don't need the extra protein.
Except this was a buffet and he didn't order it so that wasn't going to work.
There was nothing I could say to justify this situation.

Thank you, Pizza Hut.
After all I did, all the defending, the complaining, the pleading, this is how I am paid in return.
If this isn't an "I told you so" moment, I don't know what is.

I am so mad I forgot to take a picture, but it was definitely there.
A mosquito/black fly creature. Squished to the bottom of his pizza.
I am not sure what is more disgusting, the fact that there was a dead bug on his pizza or the fact that we continued eating the rest of our food.
The plus side: His meal was then free, I enjoyed my meal and the fact that he took me there.
The negative: I am pretty positive we will not be going there in the near future ever again.

I am thankful we are moving home soon and I can count on lunch dates with Mama Grace- a fellow Pizza Hut lover.
Until then, I will keep my mouth closed about the places I want to eat and allow this romantic gesture to be valid until, at most, the end of April. Compromise?

Is your taste classy like mine or are you more like Mr. B?


Brittany said...

My taste is just like yours - I'm a very cheap date, which I don't put myself down at all for :-) I LOVE Pizza Hut. It's one of my favorite places to eat actually lol. I'm also a pretty picky eater so maybe that has something to do with my choices of places to eat.

Sorry your husband had to find a bug though :-( Hopefulyl he'll forget about it in a month or so so you can go back!

Erin said...

Oh no! That's kind of gross...but funny at the same time haha! Pizza hut is my FAVORITE pizza, I won't eat any other kind if it's my choice:)

jenn said...

i'm gonna say i'm 1/4 & 3/4

sometimes i want a quick bite and cheap...but, i love chick fil a and could eat there everyday!

but, i do like to go and have some wait on me!!

Mama Laughlin said...

My taste is definitely more like yours, but since I gain weight just SMELLING food like that, I have to go the route of Mr. B's tastes these days.
You are so lucky to be able to eat that stuff and still stay stick thin!!!!

Chelsea said...

Um I love pizza hut! haha there was a bug in my salad once at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville - bleh!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Ewww, that's so gross!

Britt said...

Just like you when it comes to food! How hilarious! I hate when the men in our lives "think they are right!" Because we know that we are NEVER WRONG!!!

The "Dubs" said...

Ha.. you'll laugh at me. I don't eat pizza. On top of that I prefer home meals & nothing fried and I hate eating out. [sorry]. However, I don't have to have all fruits and veggies and I don't eat all organic,etc. It's just a taste bud preference I guess. With that said though.. I can not keep sweets in the house. I will eat every last crumb within hours (no matter how big or small the sweet is). My hubs on the other hand has grown to love eating at home and now prefers it over fast food. I guess that just happens after 9 years :)

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

bahahaha! oh no... pizza hut let you down! i like cheap food because i'm cheap. and to me, food is like the last thing i want to spend money on! unless it's a special occassion.

littledaisymay said...

o.m.g. I would have freaked out! I do love Pizza Hut though!

Amanda said...

you know, I really dont know where he gets this from, because when he was younger my dad and him used to go eat dollar hot dogs outside of home depot. I am also a huge pizza hut fan, and my idea of a nice dinner is chick fil a. I think he gets it from my mom. She hates fast food.

Sarah Ann said...

This is so funny! I thought I was cheap before I started dating my husband, but he grew up in a family of 8 and they spent lots of time at really cheap buffets and stuff (not that I blame them!) so it's been an adjustment for both of us!!

Natalie said...

that's super funny. i bet he was just gloating about it! Deep down, I love things like McDonald's but it usually makes me feel sick. And hub hates it so we don't usually ever eat at places like that. Sometimes I can talk him into it if we're on a road trip and want a super quick stop!

Abby said...

Just ate Mickey D's, so I'm right there with you! Sorry about the bug - they should have given you your whole meal free!!!

Rachel and John said...

You grew up with a family of 10? That's my dream. I come from a family of 4 and I always wished I had more siblings.
My tastes are odd. I'm a kinda vegetarian. I don't trust restaurant meat most of the time. I don't need a fancy restaurant. I actually love the Olive Garden. Is that fancy? I don't think so.
I've gabbered on way too long. Thanks for stopping by the blog, I'm excited for you to get your puppy! They are honestly the best thing ever!!

Alex(andra) said...

Oooh geez! Ick. But I would have kept eating too. And my tastes are definitely like yours. The thing about living in a college town is that there is a fast food place at every corner... I've got a few within walking distance. It's amazing I'm not obese too.

Domesticated-Bliss said...

I can go either way when it comes to food - but I'm not above eating a hot dog from the side of the road ;) I guess that's MY {WT side} :)

That's what you get from a small town southern girl like me!

Lyss :) said...

i agree with you i am not a fancy eater and thank god my fiance is not either! i LOVE pizza hut and i feel bad that you will probably never get the chance to eat there again...haha.

Anonymous said...

B was blessed with a mother who likes to cook! Ha-ha!! I now love to cook, back then, it was survival... because it was cheaper! And I HATE fast food! Amanda is right... B did go to Home Depot ALOT and ate their hotdogs with his dad... who was the worst influence! Loved the entry today and loved that B heard you and took you out! Sensitive like his dad! Love you J! You always make me laugh!

Had any chicken fingers lately? =)

Mama K

Kat said...

We're the exact same way. My husband had a stay at home mom who only cooked with organic food. Then there was my mom- if she cooked- it was fried chicken! For my bday we went to Popeye's and I knew it was a big deal to sit there and eat that chicken. Luckily, he's made me healthier!

Mrs. D said...

As gross as that story is, that pizza picture has pretty much convinced me to order pizza for dinner tonight... :) I hope your bug experience doesn't leave you pizza-less for too long!

Lisa Marie said...

Oh, I am DEFINITELY a fellow Pizza Hut buffet LOVER!!! THE best for sure!

The whole bug thing stinks though...eeek!

Kristin said...

Funny! We're similar in that my fam. was like yours growing up, and DH's like your hubbys. BUT, I have to say after 10 years, my taste has gone to my hubby's side. Call me a snobby eater now if you must :-) I do still love Rally's french fries whenever we're in a town that still has a Rally's. That's still gourmet to me sister!

Margaret said...

OH I'm so classy haha. I love fast food. Love it. I look forward to going every week. Leif doesn't enjoy it though... Poo!

Its too bad your husband found a bug in his food haha. No more fancy places like Pizza Hut for you;)