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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Strollin' through Mickey's House

As we were planning our Disney trip we kept going back and forth over the idea of bringing our own stroller vs renting one. 
It seemed a little silly to pay to rent one when we own one
we would be lugging it around the airport,
it could potentially get damaged on the way,
we don't have a rain cover,
it's just an umbrella stroller.
and plain and simple, it's not as fun!

So I did some research and found, Kingdom Strollers
We could rent a spacious BOB jogging stroller (which is borderline luxury and kind of a big deal in the normal "we only own a Chicco umbrella stroller" world), it would be delivered right us and it comes with a rain cover and a lunch box for no additional cost.  

Winner winner chicken dinner. 

The website was easy to follow, I reserved the stroller (and insurance for $25 extra- worth it!), told them where we were staying, selected a drop off time and we were good to go! 

You pack a million and one things when traveling with a toddler and it was so nice not having to worry about her stroller as we traveled to Disney!

We arrived at Fort Wilderness and our stroller was waiting for us outside the front desk. 
It doesn't get any easier than that! 
It was clean and came with the lunchbox and rain cover just as we requested. 
And it even came with a parent console too!

Someone climbed right in and was was excited about her new stroller for the week!
Actually, we all were and Mr. B and I fought over who was going to push it. 
You know you're a parent when...

We were so thankful for these simple instructions attached to the stroller! 
Shortly after we picked it up we needed to get on the bus to go back to our campsite. 
Not being familiar with a BOB we had no idea how to fold it and it was so nice to have that so we could hop right on!

The stroller was so easy to maneuver through the parks. 
These things are like pushing air. 

I loved having the lunch box that attached to the stroller for easy access and it made for extra room in the basket for sweatshirts, souvenirs, camera etc. 
Every.thing in Disney is expensive- including the food!
It was so nice to have the lunchbox to pack some snacks and drinks for us throughout the day. 

And Adalyn loved her special spot for her snacks and drink too.

Although the stroller did come with a large orange name tag on the break and the handle that were easy to spot,
I made our own at home and I was thankful that I did!
{thank you, Pinterest!}
Apparently we aren't the only ones who think it's a good idea to have a stroller in Disney. 

We loved the huge canopy and the reclining seat for her daily naps.
Disney is tiring when you're little. 
And when you're old….
 but unfortunately we didn't get the luxury of a comfy shady stroller to lounge in.

For the most part we had good weather, but of course, a trip to Florida wouldn't be complete without a 15 minute downpour.  
This is when I was thankful for the rain cover! 
We were still able to walk around to make our lunch reservation. 
And at least one of stayed dry!

At the end of our trip we were sad to say goodbye to not only our family and Mickey's house, but the awesome stroller too! 

Adalyn even snuck in one last nap on our way to drop it off. 
{PS. The stroller does come with a 5 point harness, but she's old enough, and the seats were deep enough, that we rarely used it.}

We dropped the stroller off right where we picked it up.
And that was it!
We loved our experience with Kingdom Strollers and will definitely be using them again! 

I was given this rental in exchange for a review, but these are 100% my honest opinions! 
We love Kingdom Strollers!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happiest Place On Earth.

First of all, it's been two months since I last posted.
Second of all, it's been over a month since our trip to the happiest place on earth!
How can such a big event go unpublished?!
It's a big deal and I plan on sharing within the next five years our pictures, tips and magical moments.

Third of all, I think calling it "the happiest place on earth" is a bit of a stretch, but when you're home,  caught up on sleep, over the complete exhaustion and reflect on your trip then it feels like it's the happiest place on earth. It's funny how the brain works like that, isn't it?

 I'm still catching up on pictures from the trip (what's new!), but we had a fun trip and made some great memories!