Monday, March 25, 2013

Ain't Nobody Got Time for the Home Button.

I am about to tell you about a life changing feature on your iPhone or iPad.
My friend, Cait, taught me about this and our lives will never be the same. 

Here's the tip that can change your life if
you're like me and you share your iPhone or iPad for a brief moment of silence.
Or out of desperation to gain just 5 more minutes of shopping. 
Or to quiet the screaming on the overtired car ride home. 
Or to distract at a restaurant to avoid a scene.

Or if your child is like Adalyn and is obsessed with the Home Button. 
Playing with Siri is easy and fine, but only keeps her busy for so long.
But when it's given with a purpose of a video or a game within .02 seconds of holding it she closes the app, hands it to me saying "moh" or "uh oh".
Over and over and over. 

Still keeping her busy and avoiding scenes? Yes.
Annoying? Yes
Feeling counterproductive? At times.

Well, these feelings are no more. 

There's a magic feature hidden in the settings.
Settings--> General-->Accessibility.

 Accessibility--> "Learning" Guided Access. 

Put Guided Access "On" and set a 4 digit passcode. 

When you open an app, click the home button 3 times and then click start in the upper right hand corner. 
You have the ability to turn off all hardware buttons {this is what we always do}, touch screen and motion. 
When you want to get out of the app just click the home button 3 times and type in the passcode.
When I first heard about it I thought that seemed like kind of a lot of work {laziness at it's finest?}, but oh my goodness gracious is it worth every step. 

I seriously wasn't kidding. 
This is life changing.
Can I get an amen?

Set it up, sit back and watch your child press the home key over and over and over with the app staying open.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday's Scene

Today I was flying solo with Little Miss Manners while Mr. B was in a wedding out of state.
We haven't been home in about 3 weeks so this was the first night in a while Adalyn slept inn her crib. apparently she missed it because she slept in until 9:45. I was thinking her new wake-up time was 7:30 so this was a pleasant surprise and hopefully she will get back to her 8:30-9 wake ups! Anything before 8 in my book is too early. 

I seem to have gotten bit by the spring cleaning bug. This doesn't happen often so it's imperative to follow the urge before it goes far far away and tv and food take over. Wish I was kidding.

I couldn't wait to go through Adalyn's clothes. I loved seeing her in the bright summer clothes while we were in the Bahamas. Although we aren't ready for those clothes yet, I was so very ready to ditch the winter clothes {longest.season.ever} and break out the spring wardrobe. 

While I was sorting through, I looked over on the chair and saw her sharing her raisins with her giraffe. I love watching her little imagination and playing pretend. 
And yes, she carries a tub of raisins around for a snack.

Even though we just moved in January and there shouldn't technically be much "spring cleaning" to do....there is. 
Some areas need to be clean cleaned and some need to be more organized because I quickly found a spot for things. 

So I was fairly productive- as productive as you can be with a toddler clinging to you and/or taking out whatever I just cleaned out. 
I could've been more productive while she napped, 
but I decided to relax and edit pictures instead. 

We had some dinner, she helped me clean up destroy the bathroom,

she showered, 
played peek-a-boo,
and we read some books before bed. 
Love my days with my sweet girl! 

And now I blog, edit pictures, eat my twix and start Season 1 of The Secret Life because I'm 15 years old. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Paradise Island

We recently returned from an awesome vacation to the Bahamas!

So far this has been my favorite vacation spot. 

It's perfect for all ages and so much fun!

A 30+ minute rapid river ride {lazy river on steroids}, water slides, giant aquarium, kids area, a million pools, beach, good food, night time entertainment. Seriously, loved it.

There were just a few things I wish the resort offered- a pool area for babies and to be more stroller friendly.  Adalyn loved their kids pool area, but at times it would be a little too crazy with the older kids and it would've been nice if they had a calmer area with slides and a little pool. 

These are my daily picture collages I posted on FB. I might do a post with some other pictures and details, but no promises since I seem to be severely slacking in the blogging department. Boo.

Time went by so fast and we had so much fun!
I kept saying that I couldn't think of a more perfect name than Paradise Island. 
Highly suggest vacation here and I can't wait to go back one day!