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Monday, March 1, 2010


On Friday I might have seen some dark clouds rolling in so I decided to head to carpool early to beat the rain.

I might have been 5 seconds too late.
There might have been a complete downpour. Cats and Dogs would be an understatement.

The baby and I might have been SOAKED.

5 minutes later (the time I usually leave), it might have looked like this.
I might be a genius.

I might be ecstatic that today is my last Monday working.

I might say "this is my last {insert day of the week}!!" every day this week.

I might be smiling because it's the last time I clean someone else's house and the last time I do their laundry.

I might also be super excited that my mom flies in tomorrow night.

It might have worked out perfectly that I now don't have to work her last few days here and when Mr. B has spring break.

It might still be windy and cold (50s-low 60s) in Florida and I feel bad for those here on vacation.

This might be what I get for saying I hated Fl and it was too hot. But that was 3 months ago and around Christmas time, give me a break. I take it back.

I might have thrown fits and complained when I was a little girl until I was 20 years old when my mom made us clean the whole house when company was coming over. I never understood why every nook and cranny needed to be cleaned.

I might have protested that it's just a lie to everyone, the house is never that clean and they will love us anyway regardless of the sticky-God-only-knows-what-that-is-and-how-long-that's-been-there spot in the fridge.

Mr. B and I might have spent the weekend cleaning our apartment for when family visits. This might have included my everyday cleaning like the pantry, the fridge, the bathroom cabinets, the shower liner and the closets.

Our apartment might always look that clean, but just in case we occasionally miss a spot, a good deep clean every once in a while might be a good idea.

I might be really bummed, I just found out I missed the new show The Marriage Ref last night. Looks like a funny show.

I might not be a fan of change. This morning when I went to watch Regis and Kelly (love beautiful baby week!) it was Fox News Good Day Tampa Bay. they know that they are completely messing up my day and I might not know what to do with myself or how my day will go on? Regis and Kelly is now on at 10, which is the same time as Bonnie Hunt. It was hard enough adjusting to Ellen being on at 4 down here instead of in the morning like in NH. To switch this on me too is just too much.

I might be able to look past it though because it's my last Monday and that's all that matters!!!

Happy March and Happy Monday!! 5 more days til Friday!!

Special shout out to Mr. B's wonderful Aunt Tracy for being my 50th follower and taking care of my dislike for odd numbers :) Thank you!!

Monday, February 22, 2010


I might pry myself away from the computer take a break from blogging on the weekends because I might easily spend hours wasting my days away.

This might be our friends' pet. You could not pay me enough to take care of that. Actually, I could use some extra money so I take that back. But I can't guarantee how much affection would be shown.

We might have broke the no-more-eating-out-until-my-mom-visits rule when we needed Moe's. Obviously we were not in our right state of mind when we made the decision we could go two whole weeks without take-out, therefore, it was overruled.
I might have ate all of those nachos out of spite for Mr. B thinking I wouldn't finish and he could eat the rest.

I might have regretted that decision when I felt my stomach stretching because I way over ate.

Mr. B and I are in our 20s, we might be party animals and go to bed at 10PM every Friday night.

I might have taken some Benedryl so I could finally sleep in on Saturday morning.

The Benedryl might have expired April 2008 so it might not have been as effective as I had hoped, but it gave me an extra hour and a half which was appreciated.

We might have stayed in bed until 1 PM on Saturday. It was perfect.

We might have spent the afternoon on our balcony soaking in some Florida sunshine and warmth (finally!) and talking. also perfect.

There might have been a really good sale on meat at Winn Dixie.

The total might have been $84, but we might have only paid $42. Bar-gain.

.99/lb might be cheap, but you pay for it with extra nastiness. So I might have spent the rest of my Saturday doing this. And mentioned to Mr. B that when it comes to this chicken prep I might be taken for granted. There is no other way to describe this other then Yet, in a strange way it is kind of a stress reliever as I peel/rip the skin/fat off.

I might be weird.

We might have gotten 20 chicken meals and 6 brisket meals out of that- woot woot.

I might have planned the rest of our meals until we move May 1.

We might be extremely anxious to move and talk about our countdown just about every day.

I might have been so incredibly bloated that I was willing to go out in public wearing Mr. B's tshirt, just so I could feel comfortable and breathe. I didn't care that I looked like someone I would nominate for What Not to Wear. Maybe even secretly hoping Stacey and Clinton would be out doing one of their episodes where they choose random people at the store. I would have qualified.

Mr. B might have made me change. I looked that bad.

NBC might have advertised that there will be Ice Dancing on Sunday at 7 all weekend, but it didn't really start until 10PM. My bed time. Thanks for getting my hopes up.

That might have made me mad.

I might have gotten excited when I saw that there was a girl Jordan on the Amazing Race, but it was quickly cancelled out when I realized there is also a guy Jordan on this season.

I might in shock that this is the last week in February, but I might also be ecstatic.

Monday, February 15, 2010


I might have fallen asleep at 9:15 on Thursday night.

I might wish I could do that every night. Even on the weekends.

might have done that on Friday night.

might be in our 20s, but 70s at heart.

I might have been scared to get my hair done at the Hair Cuttery.

I might be a salon snob, but realize this is currently all we can afford and assure myself it can't be that bad.

I might have been freaking out on the inside when my name was called and it was an old woman named Hilda...who hardly speaks English. Was she going to understand my novel about what my hair used to be, why I hate it now, what I want it to look like and that I was giving her total control to work her magic??

I wasn't sure if she understood my condensed version, but Hilda might have decided to highlight my hair even though her shift was up in 30 minutes.

She might not have informed me of this.

We might have sat by the sink approximately 20 minutes because she loves to be at work and wanted to stay... but it was no longer her shift and Hilda no longer had a station.

My haircut might have been rushed as she took someone else's station while they were on break.

I'm glad Hilda loves her job so much, but I might save my money to go to an expensive salon next time.

might have only gotten him a card. We celebrated his birthday last could I give two weekends in a row??

might believe that Valentine's is a holiday mainly for females. But of course I was very appreciative and loving to my hubby all day.

I might have felt a little guilty and decided I would make up for it by making him breakfast.

I might have thought about going grocery shopping if I knew I would've felt this way.

There might have only been one egg in the fridge.

I might have burnt his "birds nest" a little lot.
That might have been the last and only egg. There might have been no do-over.

His special breakfast might have been hostess powdered donuts instead.

We might have had a great Valentine's day and made up for that breakfast by ordering discounted $12 heart attacks at Smokey Bones. At least we will suffer together.

I might have asked where the Daytona 500 takes place...I live in FL.

Mr. B might have made fun of me. a lot.

In fairness, Mr. B might have just told me (in total seriousness) that getting gashed in the neck by a skate is the only reason he wouldn't do speed skating in the Olympics.

Mr. B might not ice skate. ever.

I might have laughed. a lot.

Monday, February 8, 2010


I saw this on some other blogs and decided to try it out!

We might have had brisket 3 nights in a row and frozen pizzas the rest of the week because I was too tired to cook.

I might have been to lazy to find my PJs so I just put on a pair of Mr. B's boxers and tee shirt.

When getting into bed, Mr. B might have pointed out that we were wearing the exact same pair of boxers (red with white polka dots- can never leave you with out the proper details to visualize)

This might have freaked him out and insisted I find my own PJs.

I might have acquired blogger insomnia, staying up until 2:45 AM because I was thinking of my next posts.

I might check my blog 25 times a day to see if I have more then 2 followers...who might be my mom and mother-in-law.

I might have had a dream that I had 25 followers and Mckmama commented on my blog. It was a huge deal that she read my blog let alone that she commented. This would mean that I significantly advanced in the blog world.

I might have woken up and realized this was in fact, a dream. I do not have 25 followers and Mckmama doesn't even know about this smelly life of mine.

I might have run out of cotton balls to remove my nail polish and decided to improvise and use a pantiliner instead.
This might have worked very efficiently and I might be using a pantiliner from now on.

Mr. B might be completely disgusted that I would do such a thing. In the world of men, even when it is clean and straight from the box, anything to do with Aunt Flow is repulsive.

I might also be looking into registering for a patent for such a product and making my way over to the Shark Tank.

I might have purchased some items for myself at Target when going specifically for a card for Mr. B. How could I get only one item from Target (impossible) and get something for him and nothing for me (also impossible)??

I might have acted like I purposely put 1 cup of oil rather than 1 cup of water in Mr. B's birthday cupcakes when he was raving about how moist and delicious they were.

This might be my new addiction. Not together of course, but there's definitely been a party in my mouth for about 2 weeks now. My taste buds are very thankful. My thighs are not.

I might have been jealous of all of Mr. B's birthday money and secretly wished he would lend some my way.

And lastly, I might have already been up to watch the shuttle launch, when my alarm went off yesterday morning at 4:30, but only because I was sleep walking in the hotel room looking for some batteries. I might sleep walk a lot.

Happy Monday!! Only 5 more days til Friday!!