Monday, February 8, 2010


I saw this on some other blogs and decided to try it out!

We might have had brisket 3 nights in a row and frozen pizzas the rest of the week because I was too tired to cook.

I might have been to lazy to find my PJs so I just put on a pair of Mr. B's boxers and tee shirt.

When getting into bed, Mr. B might have pointed out that we were wearing the exact same pair of boxers (red with white polka dots- can never leave you with out the proper details to visualize)

This might have freaked him out and insisted I find my own PJs.

I might have acquired blogger insomnia, staying up until 2:45 AM because I was thinking of my next posts.

I might check my blog 25 times a day to see if I have more then 2 followers...who might be my mom and mother-in-law.

I might have had a dream that I had 25 followers and Mckmama commented on my blog. It was a huge deal that she read my blog let alone that she commented. This would mean that I significantly advanced in the blog world.

I might have woken up and realized this was in fact, a dream. I do not have 25 followers and Mckmama doesn't even know about this smelly life of mine.

I might have run out of cotton balls to remove my nail polish and decided to improvise and use a pantiliner instead.
This might have worked very efficiently and I might be using a pantiliner from now on.

Mr. B might be completely disgusted that I would do such a thing. In the world of men, even when it is clean and straight from the box, anything to do with Aunt Flow is repulsive.

I might also be looking into registering for a patent for such a product and making my way over to the Shark Tank.

I might have purchased some items for myself at Target when going specifically for a card for Mr. B. How could I get only one item from Target (impossible) and get something for him and nothing for me (also impossible)??

I might have acted like I purposely put 1 cup of oil rather than 1 cup of water in Mr. B's birthday cupcakes when he was raving about how moist and delicious they were.

This might be my new addiction. Not together of course, but there's definitely been a party in my mouth for about 2 weeks now. My taste buds are very thankful. My thighs are not.

I might have been jealous of all of Mr. B's birthday money and secretly wished he would lend some my way.

And lastly, I might have already been up to watch the shuttle launch, when my alarm went off yesterday morning at 4:30, but only because I was sleep walking in the hotel room looking for some batteries. I might sleep walk a lot.

Happy Monday!! Only 5 more days til Friday!!


Anonymous said...

You are totally making me laugh every day!!! But the pantiliner....ooohhhhh! Love you J!

joyfullgrace said...

okay...I might of totally laughed out loud reading this post! Especially the Mckmama & panty liner mights...too funny!!

E. Williamson said...

LAUGHING. MY. TOOSH. OFF! Great post as always... and yes, for some reason if Mckmama knew us we would be happier people :) lol
I mentioned your blog on mine so I am hoping that you will get a few new followers.