Friday, February 26, 2010 I come!

Let's go out and celebrate no more income for two months!! Oh wait..
we have no money.

Hand me the Wife of the Year award, please. I lost sacrificed my job a month early so that my husband has a mode of transportation. Call me a giver, call me a servant, Proverbs 31 woman, kind, amazing, whatever you please....

Although I was getting the vibe I should've been sad and heartbroken over the fact that I would no longer be making $6 an hour, spending 50 hours of my week with the kids, being a servant, doing their laundry, sweeping and vacuuming, doing their dishes and being taken advantage, I may have not been able to hide my smile when my employer told me that my last day would be March 6th instead of March 26th. Maybe there was a tear of joy. I hope it wasn't too obvious when I skipped my way out the door and into my car. I had good feelings about March, I knew it was going to fly by. But, wow I wasn't expecting it to go by this fast!

She had warned me that if there was an opening at the daycare they would need to take it, therefore ending my position sooner than I had requested. I was hopeful and it paid off. When I got home from work yesterday I had a huge smile on my face and gave Mr. B a big hug and million kisses.

"Let me guess, you're ending early."

Why he would make this assumption I have no idea. We are newlyweds and I greet him like that every day when I get home so it must have been a sixth sense type thing.

I honestly feel like a whole new person!! I love thinking about my life from March 6th at 6:01 PM on. Since my ideas and expectations typically go as planned (as seen in my previous post) I am really looking forward to:

  • Sleeping in
  • Reading by Bible
  • Always having a clean apartment
  • Watching all my shows (Regis and Kelly, Bonnie, The View, Oprah/Ellen- they are on at the same time which is a bummer, but I am happy that I will even have the opportunity to choose one or the other)
  • More time to write posts
  • More time to blog stalk
  • Always having a home cooked meal ready for Mr. B when he gets home
  • Completing 30 Day Shred (3rd and final attempt, if I just make it past Day 3 I will have improved and be satisfied. So important to set high standards for yourself, especially when it comes to working out)
  • Spending time at the bookstore reading baby books and gossip magazines
  • Spending time by the pool soaking up some sun
  • Feeling refreshed, beautiful and ready to serve my hubby when he gets home from school and work
I will keep you updated on this success.

It figures that when I finally decide to be content with where I am in my life it completely changes on me, but I am so thankful it has changed for the better. Seriously, God, all this time I just had to be content?? I will continue to be content (an extremely hard quality to possess when things go your way, it's a good thing I am willing to put my selfish ways aside and press on) through this situation and follow where God leads us as we figure out what we will be doing after Mr. B's graduation.

After reading one of MckMamas blogs on how they had to be really tight with their money, I was thinking to myself that Mr. B and I really should start doing that too. Of course, I would never want to mention this to him because he would take it. run with it. never let me take it back. and make sure we spend no money. ever. So instead of making the decision to live like that, we are faced with no choice but to do live like that. Most likely a punishment for not mentioning it to him. Communication is key in marriage. Really. I knew it was what we should've been doing, but couldn't get myself to actually do it. One of those moments you look back and wonder now that you have it, why did I want that??? So as shocking as it may be, I am not looking forward to actually having no money.

Reality is, since we have been married we have had no money. But why kid yourself and live like you have no money when you actually do have money in the bank?? I realize this is an excellent point, and I may not need Suzie Orman's help after all, but rather she might need me. In saying that, now that I am out of work, pretty much a whole month earlier than expected, we really don't have money. The joke is over in this smelly life. So these next two months (maybe even more) will certainly be an adventure for us.

Of course I will still be the coupon clipping, bargain hunting woman that I am, but there will be no room for any extras (thank the Lord I bought all that chicken last week!). Through this "adventure" I can't promise there won't be any vent sessions about how I am tired of Ramen noodles and soup for dinner every other night, how I am back to using Suave shampoo that gives me dry, nasty hair for 99 cents, or how my blow dryer doesn't work anymore and I am hoping it miraculously comes back to life because I can't buy a new one now (it decided to die on me last night-thank you blow dryer, I hope you don't R.I.P, but R.F.D, Rise From The Dead, I made that up and realized I forgot the "t" for "the"... anyways point being: it better be a taking a rest!!) or how I won't be able to buy things I don't need because they are on clearance and the deal is too good to be pass up, or how we can no longer go to Chick-fil-a on Tuesday nights, or how I won't be able to satisfy my need for take-out. Yeah, this might be a long two months after all, but I look at my "look forward to list" (and of course that the Lord will provide and take care of us, but that's a given) and it makes all my "not looking forward to list" run like the wind. Soothing me, like a pacifier to a baby. When I was in a writing class in college I remember having to write papers where I had to compare the situation to something else in order to give the reader a visualization, so you're welcome and I hope you appreciated that analogy.

To add some more sunshine to this adventure:
  • My mom is visiting next week= free meals
  • Mr. B's parents are visiting two weeks after that = free meals
  • We go home for 5 days for Easter= free meals
  • We visit my grandparents for the weekend = free meals
  • Family comes down for Mr. B's graduation= free meals
So I think it's safe to say WE WILL SURVIVE and I dread the day we are too old to get free meals out of family visits.

In the meantime, I could not be more excited to say..... housewife... here I come!!!!


Abby said...

Aw! Good for you! I am so glad it all worked out in God's time and in God's way. It's so difficult to do sometimes, but - despite the hard times - you will make it! I have faith :)

Margaret said...

Yay! What an exciting adventure for you:) You're going to love being a housewife. Even if it does mean you have to be tighter with money. Nothing better than being bale to have a warm meal for your husband when he comes home from work!

Ashley said...

We were in the same boat when we first got married.
Then, God moved us 2 hours away and provided Josh with a MUCH better job. We aren't rich, by no means, but we are making it! =)
I think God is so amazing how He works out all the little things!

Enjoy being a house-wife. It is LOTS of fun! =)

Lori said...

This is exciting! I would love to stay at home! Hopefully you can stretch your budget. I'm sure that you will spend your money wisely.

That must be a big relief not to be treated like a slave anymore!!

Jagged Little Life said...

I am jealous. I WISH I could stay home all day!

Here is the key to doing the shred... put her on mute and make a sweet play list.. (think 'Evacuate the Dance Floor' & 'Single Ladies'!) Its so much easier to get through when you don't have to hear her talk. I also have watched her on my computer while I am watching TV.

Mrs. Hesson said...

Hilarious post! Love it. I aspire to be a housewife some day too. Is that bad? ;)