Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our First Place

Special shout out to: Craigslist, Kirklands & Ikea--thank you for allowing us to make our apartment feel homey on a budget! And an extra thanks to everyone who blessed us with wedding money so we were able to purchase that homey decor!

Welcome to our home!

Floor # 3. Yes, it is a workout and I am out of breath everyday.
Yes, I might be out of shape, thank you.

Mr. B's dad made us this beautiful table.
I know it comes as no surprise that I make a 5 course homemade meal
and we eat on this table every night.

Ok, ok the truth is...we eat on that table about once every 2 weeks, the breakfast bar about 2 times a week and on the couch watching TV the majority of the time. In our defense, we don't have a DVR (extremely tough life, we are well aware) so we obviously can't miss our shows. This could just be an excuse because we don't typically eat past 8, but it sounds better than we are lazy and like to watch reruns of The Office and Friends, and the occasional (if I'm lucky) TMZ/Extra.

Our craigslist deal of the century couch. We purchased a couch on craigslist before this one. A scratched, faded leather, 3 piece set, sold it for double what we paid for it, bought this perfect condition, basically new, hardly used couch with the profit we made and ended up spending a total of $25 out of our pocket. This included matching pillows and rug! I wasn't kidding when I said my middle name is bargain. We are very thankful that the couch is divided into individual pieces, we have two more pieces of the couch in the storage closet. It was taking up too much space, but now it's perfect.

No need to panic, we have since hidden those cords from showing underneath
and purchased 2 more baskets to our unique TV Stand from Ikea that we are in love with.

Mr. B's $130 juicer that he had to register for...that he has used maybe 10 times.
Definitely a good choice to get that instead money towards a new camera.

Beautiful sunset from our kitchen

Sage green= my favorite color

Perfect little TV stand for our room

SO thankful that our apartment came with a washer and dryer!!

Bathroom connecting hallway and our room. All of those towels are now designed with wonderful orange streaks, apparently thanks to the bleach in my hair.

*Christmas Time*

We didn't go too crazy because we spent 2 weeks in NH for Christmas. It's also not the easiest to get into the Christmas spirit when it is 90 degrees out and the AC is on, but we did what we could.

Our first Christmas tree....we can only go uphill from here in the years to come.
We had a fun little Christmas night making gingerbread houses and playing "The Newlywed Game"(funny game!) with our friends before heading home for the holidays!


Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

Love your blog! Im a new follower!

Margaret said...

I love your apartment! Too cute!

A Wedding Story said...

Congratulations on your new place! Adorable! It is so much fun to 'nest' together!