Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ugly Odd Numbers

I was going to write about the sermon I heard this morning, but my day is flying by and I have so much to do in so little time, so I decided to save that post for another day and inform you of a pet peeve of mine. I am sure my list of pet peeves is on the top of your priority list and that is exactly why I chose to write about this today. Or maybe by now you're feeling sorry for Mr. B if I have more pet peeves than my previous top ten twelve list. Yes, he is a good man and puts up with the many little things that drive me crazy. There might be more to add to that list, but I won't take you there. Unless there is another day I don't know what to write about.

Pet peeve of the day: Odd numbers. I hate odd numbers. I think they are ugly and they really bother me. I like to make the volume on my radio and TV an even number, the room temperature an even number and special events like our wedding day and the eventual birth of our children (I only have so much control with this situation, but a girl can hope) even numbers. If you take a look over to the left of this post you will see I have 49 followers. Of course, this is a blessing seeing as just a few weeks ago I was dreaming about having a whole 25 followers. I have almost doubled my dream goal. Wow, let's take a moment and reflect on that achievement for a second........... Thank you. So as I am very pleased and thankful for my 49 followers, but it drives me nuts that it's an odd number. To give you a better understanding of where I am coming from, or maybe to convince you that I am even more "out there" than you thought, I don't consider multiples of 5 to be an odd number so if I could just hit 50 it would make me feel a little more comfortable with my blog. Are you getting the gist that I am never content with where I am at, the grass is always greener and I always want the next best thing? Because that is so not like me.

I know there is at least one person who is being invisible in stalking me, no need to be ashamed. I will admit, I was once an invisible stalker myself. So if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and become a follower of my smelly life you would totally make my Sunday. I love my Sundays, there is a lot to compete against, so please realize that making my Sunday is a really big deal. So if you are not yet a follower, just head on over to the left hand side and simply click "follow". I wish I had some extra money to have a giveaway for my 50th follower, but unfortunately all I can give you is a shout out and a big ol' THANK YOU!

In conclusion, let me share a little odd number story with you. Mr. B and I had been dating for about 3 years when he proposed. At this point he was well aware of my even number infatuation. So naturally, he proposed to me on April 19th. Can you say ew?? Other than the fact that I was completely naive, hated what I was wearing and didn't do my hair, I tried to make the best of the situation. It was obviously a very exciting time! But, I couldn't help but think in the way way way back of my mind what an ugly date! He had two beautiful even numbers to choose from, why the 19th?? He is of course a guy and this thought had never even crossed his mind. In end, being proposed to on the 19th wasn't really that big of a deal, I had a beautiful ring on my finger, I was having a fantastic nail day and most importantly, I was asked to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, I think I could get over it being one of the ugliest dates in the month. Clearly- I'm over it.

Trying to be creative with the ugly digits...
I know it looks deceiving, but that really is my ring finger.

All this to say, bring on the the even numbers!


Ashley said...

ha! We were engaged AND married on 19ths! =)
BUT, my birthday & K's birthday is the 20th. So, we do have some cute evens - ha! =)

Anonymous said...

Read Ashley's comment... makes me laugh because both your's and b's birthdays are odd numbers and yet I know your mom would agree with me that is was a blessed day whether odd or not! LOVE YOU J!!!!

And Mr. Craig is a follower, just didn't want to go through all the enrollment verifications! So, you have an unofficial 50 followers!

Ronda said...

J- Please forgive me...I am so sorry - sometimes I read these posts and think I have really screwed you up!! LOL We are way too much alike - it is kind of scary!!LOL
I do agree your bday was a blessed day but I like you...or ...should I like me...consider 15 to be even - the number is still considered even if it ends in 5!! See you on the 2nd!! LOL

Ronda said...

Oh ya - I wanted to add...
Congrats on 50!! Woot Woot!!