Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Whatever Wednesday

I made this title/theme myself, pretty creative huh? Feel free to contact me if you need some tips on how to create a title.

Today, I'm just going to write about whatever comes to my mind because it's a rainy day and I am tired.

Mr. B and I have been married 7 months today. It's amazing how fast time has gone by, but at the same time I feel like it's only been 7 months??

Our bed has not been made 5 times since we have been married. This is due to the fact that Mr. B is OCD, has nothing to do with me. Post on that coming soon. If it occurs again we will be moving onto a second hand and that is just repulsive.

Does Bonnie Hunt wear the same outfit everyday or did I miss something? When I first saw her outfit (a week or two ago) I thought it was cute. I am not 100% sure if it's everyday because I can only watch it on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, but on those days she wears a cute blue ruffly shirt with a black blazer. Ummm Bonnie don't you have a stylist?

We got a package from Mr. B's parents yesterday! My excitement was doubled when I realized I am now married and I do not have to share these with my family!! Mr. B doesn't like Samoas, excuse me, I mean Caramel deLites, so I get two whole boxes all to myself. Wow. Just what I needed. So I might be wearing Mr. B's tshirt on a regular basis, for reasons other than bloat.
They also sent us some surprise money to go out for dinner- score. So we will most definitely be repeating last Friday night and getting those nachos again. You know when you eat something and it's so good, and it's all you think about for the next week? Nothing else sounds or tastes good, it's a legit need. The steak, the chicken, the queso, sour cream, salsa and guacamole (a taste I have finally acquired- I tried really hard to like it and I finally do. A milestone I reached in my 22nd year of life.) That's us with these nachos. I am drooling too, don't feel ashamed.

The sunset looked really cool last night.
This is what happens when you begin blogging, you take a picture of every little detail of your life, even if it is pointless and no one cares, with hopes it will give you something to blog about.

I have not stopped thinking about how the total of the meat at Winn Dixie didn't add up right. We should have spent less. After 5 days of figuring it out in my head, I finally decided to take a look at the receipt. Sure enough, they didn't take off a $10 savings!!! So we are going there tonight and they better give the money back. That's enough for a dinner at Chick-fil-A. We better get it back. Or else.

I like to eat out, have you noticed?

I keep getting weird friend requests (yes that's plural) on facebook. Like spam/porn type things. Seriously?? How do these weasels squeeze themselves into every little thing online?? Sorry yummygirl32 you have been denied. ignored. delete. I don't want to look at your adult only profile and pictures. Thanks for the offer. Please tell all your friends.

My bloating is just about gone. I know you were worried about that, I appreciate it. It always feels good to have your body back, for a few days anyways.

I am looking forward to seeing Octomom on The View today. It's important to aim high in life and get excited over the little things.

Mr. B's moped (mo-ped) looks to be taking a turn for the worse. This is not a good thing. We only have one car, which I need for work. Being the loving wife that I am, I am willing to sacrifice my job and stay home all day in order for him to get to class and his work. I am offering to sleep in, watch tv, lay by the pool and read all at the expense of losing my job. Wives respect your's the least I could do for him, really. So we will see what happens with that situation.

I am reading a book right now called Nanny Makes Three. I am loving it, it's basically a book that discusses the relationship/perspective of a nanny and the mother. It is so funny hearing the nannies point of view because it's exactly how I feel. And then of course I know the mom's is just like most of the moms I have worked for. I have another post planned for this topic too, it's called "A Nanny is NOT...." Please don't let the suspense kill you. Anyways, it's nice to read about other nannies that don't like it when the dad is home napping and watching TV in his room all day while you do the kids laundry, clean, do the dishes, watch the children and don't even get to out early. Not even 15 minutes early. sometimes even 5 minutes late. Not that this has ever happened to me, or even happening to me today. Or happens to me at least once a week. Again, I am willing to do whatever I can in order to give Mr. B a mode of transportation, even if it means losing my job. Can you say giver?

Check out Heather's fun little giveaway for her 300th post over at Step Inside. Please, just check out the giveaway and check out only. Do not leave any comments therefore decreasing my chances of winning or I will no longer blog. Talk about a serious threat, right? That might be a lie, but if you do win feel free to include me since I did introduce you and all.

Happy Wednesday!! Half way through the week!!!!!!!!


Mrs. Hesson said...

Ok, i'm starting to think we were separated at birth. 1) my birthday is July 24th (crazy!) 2) i was just about to post about girl scout cookies: i am obsessed with thin mints, hubbs is obsessed with carmel delights 3) we had our 6 month anny on monday! Awesome! 4) don't know how to re-post either. Hmmm... And yes, texas. Where are yall?

Crystal said...

Love the cookies, and totally agree with the gross request. They bombard my twitter and it gets old.

Meant to be a mom said...

Your list is great. I love the comment about Bonnie Hunt, I have to pay attention from now on. Oh and I would have been excited to see Octomom on tv too. Except I was at work,. Dang! I find the story interesting though. I can't help it!

Anonymous said...

Once again, laugh out loud post! Loving the comments on the day to day musings of your life! Hoping the mo-ped gets better so you don't have to quit the job you love! =)

Cadie said...

HaHaHa! I'm likin' this "whatever wednesday"!! You're hilarious! Thanks for the laughs!