Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thankful for this day...

The day

this blue eyed,

blonde haired,

Bills bred,

little boy entered the world.

My best friend,

my support,

my life partner,

my better half.

I am a huge fan of cards. Whether they are already written or I write them myself- it's the perfect way to share true feelings, love and appreciation that is often overlooked or not said enough. It usually takes me at least 45 minutes to find the perfect card, but this time it was the very first card I picked up. It was as if Carlton Cards went inside my head, stole exactly how I feel, and put it on paper better than I ever could have done. I just had to share it because it is that perfect, maybe even worth a duplicate for another year (my mom did that to me, same birthday card, same words underlined, same side comments added, totally different least her feelings remained the same for me).

When you reach for my hand
when we walk through the store
when you call me from work
when you open my door

When you get me a blanket
when you cover my feet
when you pick up to-go
when you put down the seat

When you watch a chick flick
when you share the remote
when you kiss me goodbye
when you leave a love note.

When you clean up a mess
when you fix the PC Mac
when you turn down the volume
when your team's on tv

When you don't get upset
when you patiently wait
when you're ready on time
when you hate to be late

When you tell me I'm sorry
when you care how I feel
when you listen to me
when you just keep it real

When you open your heart
when you share something new
when you're easy to love
when you're just being you...

I love you.

Happy Birthday, Babe!


joyfullgrace said...

awww so sweet! Don't you just love when you find that perfect card!! Some advice ~ save the card for next year and re-use instead of spending another $4 like I did! LOL Because once you find that perfect card it is very hard to find another!!
Hope you guys enjoy a fabulous day way together! Happy B-day Ben!!

Margaret said...

I love finding the perfect card, especially for my husband. Happy birthday to your wonderful husband! Enjoy today!

Anonymous said...

So sweet J. Had tears in my eyes as I remembered how very wonderful that first Feb. 7th was. He was a special little boy who has grown to be a special man. There is not a doubt that he is the best! And I know that you are his match.... God has certainly blessed us with him and now you. Thanks for sharing the pictures and your sweet card!

Happy bday to our "little man". Love you guys!

Dana said...

I love giving my husband cards. It is great when you find the perfect one.