Monday, February 22, 2010


I might pry myself away from the computer take a break from blogging on the weekends because I might easily spend hours wasting my days away.

This might be our friends' pet. You could not pay me enough to take care of that. Actually, I could use some extra money so I take that back. But I can't guarantee how much affection would be shown.

We might have broke the no-more-eating-out-until-my-mom-visits rule when we needed Moe's. Obviously we were not in our right state of mind when we made the decision we could go two whole weeks without take-out, therefore, it was overruled.
I might have ate all of those nachos out of spite for Mr. B thinking I wouldn't finish and he could eat the rest.

I might have regretted that decision when I felt my stomach stretching because I way over ate.

Mr. B and I are in our 20s, we might be party animals and go to bed at 10PM every Friday night.

I might have taken some Benedryl so I could finally sleep in on Saturday morning.

The Benedryl might have expired April 2008 so it might not have been as effective as I had hoped, but it gave me an extra hour and a half which was appreciated.

We might have stayed in bed until 1 PM on Saturday. It was perfect.

We might have spent the afternoon on our balcony soaking in some Florida sunshine and warmth (finally!) and talking. also perfect.

There might have been a really good sale on meat at Winn Dixie.

The total might have been $84, but we might have only paid $42. Bar-gain.

.99/lb might be cheap, but you pay for it with extra nastiness. So I might have spent the rest of my Saturday doing this. And mentioned to Mr. B that when it comes to this chicken prep I might be taken for granted. There is no other way to describe this other then Yet, in a strange way it is kind of a stress reliever as I peel/rip the skin/fat off.

I might be weird.

We might have gotten 20 chicken meals and 6 brisket meals out of that- woot woot.

I might have planned the rest of our meals until we move May 1.

We might be extremely anxious to move and talk about our countdown just about every day.

I might have been so incredibly bloated that I was willing to go out in public wearing Mr. B's tshirt, just so I could feel comfortable and breathe. I didn't care that I looked like someone I would nominate for What Not to Wear. Maybe even secretly hoping Stacey and Clinton would be out doing one of their episodes where they choose random people at the store. I would have qualified.

Mr. B might have made me change. I looked that bad.

NBC might have advertised that there will be Ice Dancing on Sunday at 7 all weekend, but it didn't really start until 10PM. My bed time. Thanks for getting my hopes up.

That might have made me mad.

I might have gotten excited when I saw that there was a girl Jordan on the Amazing Race, but it was quickly cancelled out when I realized there is also a guy Jordan on this season.

I might in shock that this is the last week in February, but I might also be ecstatic.


Meant to be a mom said...

Great list. That sure is allot of meat. and Yikes to your friends pet. Sort of freaked me out.

I left you an award on my blog:)

Abby said...

Look at you and your super buys! Get it, girl! We also stayed in our jammies all day yesterday - and I've had plenty of days when B's shirts seems much more comfy than my own ;)

AKat said...

HI! It's Anna from Bless Our Nest. :) My email is listed on my profile! Email me so we can talk New England!!! :) I love your cute blog!

Jagged Little Life said...

I think this MIGHT be the cutest post I have read today. :)

Heather said...

Love this!! That is a great deal on meat, yay for bargains! That little pet is cute, but I wouldn't want to take care of it either. Hope you are having a great day!