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Friday, April 9, 2010

Free-Write Friday

Sometimes I think coming up with a title is the hardest part of a post. No lie. Is that pathetic? I must type and untype at least 5 times until a come up whatever one I think it best, although I know they are all cheesy. There's a lot of pressure on picking the right title. It needs to be short, but a little informative. It needs to be eye catching and suspenseful making the reader want to continue reading the post. I like it to sometime coordinate with the letter of whatever day it is{Mighty Monday Whatever Wednesday}. It needs to relate to your topic, but you don't always want to give it away....
or maybe I just overanalyze too much.

Today's post is themeless.

Completely random.

Free to write whatever I want.

I know I am free to write what I want everyday, but just roll with me. please.

I like to participate in the themed post, but then I miss out on informing you on the extremely important things like.....

Today is my ONE MONTH anniversary of being a housewife. It has been ah-mazing. I love it so much. I keep feeling like I need to go back to work soon, like my vacation is over's not! It would be a lot more enjoyable if I had a car and money though, but for now, I waste my days away on the computer and watching tv with an occasional basking in the sun by the pool and that is fine with me. It's amazing how fast the days go by though. Somehow they went by soooo slow at work and now before I know it, hours have gone by just by sitting on the couch reading blogs and checking craigslist. I feel ashamed when Mr. B surprises me and comes home early and I am still in my PJs with nothing accomplished. I like when he comes home at 6, and at 5 I shower, get ready, clean and make dinner, giving the appearance of a productive day.

We move in 23 days!!!

We should be getting a new picture of Roxie soon! I am really hoping in the next picture her nose will be filled in a little more. Right now her nose is pinkish with black speckles. I have read that as she gets older it fills in and I hope she is no exception. She is still a cutie and we can't wait to pick her up.

30 Day Shred has been going good. Level 3 is my favorite- who would've thought?! I actually think it's easier, but still pushing me to my limit. I have definitely noticed a difference, my rolls are minimizing (thank you Jesus- that was super uncomfortable) and my arm muscles are getting big. Personally, not a huge fan of the muscular arms, but it's better than jiggly hello-goodbye arms. I would just prefer the toning to be in my abs, but this will do for now.

I tweeted Ashton Kutcher today.

I am stuck at home all day. Why not? I asked him if a new season of "True Beauty" is coming soon. I will admit I felt a little junior highish, but makes me that much cooler if he tweets me back right? Wrong? I won't admit that I keep checking my twitter every 10 minutes.

Does any one watch Jessica Simpson's Price of Beauty?? I am really lovin' this show. First off, I think she is really funny and her and I could totally be friends. Not sure if I should admit that either or what that says about me, but it's true- I have plenty of blonde moments that would allow us to have that special connect. I also love the whole premise of this show. It is so interesting to see how every country as their own view of beauty and at what lengths they will go to achieve this beauty.

This scene from the episode in Thailand was so funny. You know those moments when it's silent and not the right moment to laugh, and you do nothing but laugh. The kind of laugh where you try to keep it in and shoot little boogs everywhere. My friend, Liz, and I were notorious for this and I'm pretty sure everyone hated us for's so contagious and once you start you can not stop. Anyways, if you don't watch this show- check it out!
The girl on 16 & Pregnant this week had twins. Jealous. I want to have twins so bad. My odds are very slim, but I am still hoping. One baby was kicking her bladder, they were out in public looking at new cars and she totally peed her pants. It was hilarious.

Does anyone watch Life Unexpected?? I just started getting into that show (thanks to Mama Grace) and I'm really liking it.

Pioneer Woman is on the The View today. I'm expecting to follow in her footsteps. Ha. I think I am a little off track.

Mr. B and I are going to Naples for the weekend to visit my grandparents.

Mr. B proposed to me there almost two years ago (April 19), we are eating at that restaurant tonight. We have come so far since then-ahh life is gooooooood.

I'll leave you with an example of Successful Marriage 101- The importance of when to play your cards and how to play them right:

{Last night we had already eaten dinner and we were out doing some errands. Mr. B was hungry again and wanted to buy a sub. Sidenote: we are on a tight budget until May}

Me: That sub is too much money, you should get something else instead.

Mr. B: Ugh, but this sub looks so good.

{leaving the line on the search for something cheaper}

Me: Ok fine, you can get the sub if you let me buy a sundress tomorrow.

Mr. B: Ok, deal.

Me {walk away with a big smile}

Compromise. Perfection. Extra tight budget.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Productive Much?

Our short trip to NH went by so fast, but we accomplished more in those few days than we had imagined!

It was so nice to be back with this cute little man again.
I love this kid so much.
I hate living away from my little sibs and I am so looking forward to moving back home and being involved in their lives.
My big man was offered an awesome job. On Wednesday he met with the recruiter, an hour later he met with the company, the next day he met with the President of the company, five minutes after he left the meeting they made him an offer.
They told Mr. B to be sure to wear a suit jacket when meeting the the night before meeting the President was spent at Men's Wearhouse buying Mr. B black shoes (he forgot to pack them) and his first real suit jacket. I also suggested he wear his glasses for the extra oomph of intelligence. Had to dress to impress. Success.

My grammie found us the perfect place for this next season in our life. I will post about that story later this week. God is so good.

Complete with a great backyard for Roxie. That is the fence that divides our place with my grandparents. That is their white house. We are expecting "Wilson" moments like on Home Improvement.

The weather was absolutely beautiful. We didn't even miss Florida. At all. Not once.
We were able to go to C-Man's first flag football game.

My beautiful sister. Can't wait to have our "sister days" again.
Can you believe we are 10.5 years apart??

My family is going through a farm animal phase. I will introduce you to the most recent additions later this week. We went to visit a goat breeder to take a look at the newest additions that will be joining the Grace Family in June. They are getting a 1 year old female and 2 baby males. The babies will be born in the next few weeks, but look at how cute these other ones on the farm are....

This is the size they will be when they take them home

They are actually really playful and doglike. We are excited to see how Roxie and the baby goats will interact with each other.

THE biggest dog I have ever seen in my life. I am bummed because you can't really tell in the pictures I took. I think my sister took one that might show it better, but wow. They have 7 Livestock Guardian Dogs that live with and protect the goats from predators 24/7. This dog was like 4 ft tall. Seriously. I think I was more fascinated by the dogs than the goats.

We celebrated Resurrection Sunday with our home church, it was great to be back. Because our flight left early in the evening we tried something new and went out for brunch with my family and extended family, went home for dessert and a mini birthday celebration for my sister and uncle, had a quick visit and before we knew it, it was already time to go home.
Clearly, we were tired from waking up early for our Easter baskets.

When I as younger our baskets were attached to string and my dad would go all over the house, outside, through windows etc, we would follow the crazy web of strings and find our basket. Over the years, my dad became lazy tried something new and now we do a twenty questions type thing. This was probably our last time finding an Easter Basket from my parents now that we will be living in our own place from now on. I think I can handle that change in life.

We are officially in the homestretch! Only 27 more days til the move!!

I have lots of cleaning, unpacking and packing to do today.

I am resuming the 30 Day Shred today as well. I made it to Day 10, but took a break when we were home. So now that I just had a few mini Reese cups for breakfast I think I should get on that....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday: Things I can't live without

It's Top 2 Tuesday over at the undomestic momma! Today's topic is two things you can't live without, this excludes the obvious things like Jesus, Mr. B, family, friends and TV.

So here we go, my top two things:
1. iPhone. I can't even imagine having a normal phone any more. Honestly I am not even sure how I could live. Ok, that might be a bit of a stretch. But would be so weird to not be able to go on facebook, twitter, blogs, check my emails, google anything, follow the map when I'm lost, listen to music, watch movies, take pictures, record videos- everything. The real question is- what can't I do with this phone?? A sad, slightly embarrassing fact about me: when I wake up in the middle of the night to check the time I always go on and check fb and twitter too. It's a habit.
Cute little Roxie ( I hope we get new pics soon!!) as my wallpaper, I am aware that the time is an ugly, odd number and yes it is bothering me, I debated whether or not to take another picture, and I am also in love with my phone cover.

2. Fan. It's an inherited trait in the Grace family. I can not sleep without a fan. I can if I absolutely have to, but it takes me for.ever. It normally takes me a long time anyways because my mind never turns off {isn't that so frustrating?? Why is it necessary to replay the entire day and think about the next 50 days?} I hate sleeping in silence. Who am I kidding...there is no silence with Mr. B's snoring, scratching, talking and various mouth noises he does in his sleep, but I can't sleep with that either. I love white noise and the hum of the fan is the perfect sound to drift me off into dreamland.

One day Mama Grace told Papa G to pick up a big fan for the living room because it was a really hot summer day. Well he took her very literal and he came home with this beast. A huge industrial fan that sounded like a plane taking off --wasn't exactly what she had planned for the living room. It was impossible to watch TV and have the fan on at the same time which is clearly a BIG problem. Although this fan was not the right fit for the living room, it is so amazing to sleep with. I think about it all the time, specifically when our current fan fails at completely blocking out the love of my life while he sleeps, therefore results in waking me up. Not a fan. No pun intended. Yeah right... totally intended that pun. Pretty clever if I do say so myself.

What are 2 things you can't live with out??

PS. Just finished Day 6 Level 2!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Checking off the important things...

It's all about priorities.

We may be doing things out of order, but at least the major things are getting done. We are in the homestretch now and little pieces are s . l . o . w . l . y coming together. It is exciting, but also testing our faith and patience at the same time.

Shred Update: Completed Day 4!!! The soreness in every.single.part of my body is finally starting to go away. When I woke up this morning I couldn't believe it-- Oh my goodness I can almost walk like a normal person. I am already seeing a difference and I'm feeling good. Proud of Mama Grace for sticking with it and finishing Day 4 too!!

Random 1: So sad for Sandra. Seriously, Jesse??
It's so amazing/disgusting/heartbreaking that even men who have such famous, amazing, talented and beautiful wives are still looking for something more. I do not think it's right to cheat on anyone, but how in the world can you cheat on Sandra Bullock?! For that nasty tattoo girl, no less. I would assume his tears during her kind speeches where she called him "my rock" must've been tears of guilt. I hope none of these rumors are true, but it's not looking that way. Seriously????

Random 2: It's a nicer day in NH than in FL!! Is this a joke?! Today's high is 68 and in NH it's sunny and 70. It's 10 degrees below normal today. Where, oh where is the hot sunny Florida weather??

Random 3: Thanks for all your puppy names! We finally agreed on a name and have decided to name her Roxie- cute?? =)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Puppy Love

Meet the newest addition to our Smelly family.....

Our little fur baby.
How cute is she?!?

She is a boxer.
She was born March 1.
We are picking her up May 3rd on our move back to NH.
We are so in love with her and can't wait to meet this adorable furry little lady.
I can't stop smiling.
I might be a bit obsessed and already have her as the wallpaper to my phone and desktop.

There is one problem though...
Mr. B and I can not agree on a name.
Maybe even causing an argument that results in the silent treatment.
Very mature, I am aware.
I am so thankful our kids names are already chosen because
I do not like this game.
I won't even tell you the name I love because it has already been shot down. hard. and. fast. by multiple people. including my husband. regardless of that fact that I love it.

Please send me your suggestions! We need help.
I have looked at a bunch of websites, but nothing has really jumped out, except for the one unmentionable.

Some guidelines:
I like 2 syllable names.
Unique- not very popular.
Could be something Springish, like a flower or something (not Daisy), since we are getting her in May.
Can't be:
Anna, Maggie, Bella or Jasmine those are already family dog names.
Ella, Stella, Layla, Lilah anything close to my {future} daughters' names.

In the running:
Selah {Say-La}
Gracie (too weird because that's my maiden name??)

Not totally in love with any of those though and I know the perfect name is out there, I just haven't found it yet and maybe YOU know it. Please give us some ideas =)

Thank you!

PS- About to go conquer Day 3!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Meet The Grace Family...

Forgot today was Top 2 Tuesday over at The Undomestic Momma and I wanted to join in on that fun too! Today's topic is celeb styles and my top 2 (there are so many it's hard to choose!) are Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Aniston. Of course this is more than just choosing their styles, it's their whole package-- hair + body included.

1. Carrie Underwood. If I could look like any celebrity it would be her. Love her personality, she is so sweet (like I have talked to her and know her in person), she is gorgeous, love her hair, love her voice, love her.

2. Jennifer Aniston. She is a natural beauty. Her dress up look or casual look, she looks amazing and pulls it off either way. If only it was that easy in real life. Also love her personality (Now her personality I actually know-unlike Carries'- because she hung out with my friends Regis and Kelly yesterday and I was pretty much in the room with them).

Original Post:

The Grace Family....

The Grace Family isn't complete without mentioning the wonderful addition to our family. These lovely ladies moved in with us 6 years ago:

The most awesome family any girl could ask for. I miss this crew so much.

Two weeks from today we will be reunited for Easter. Can't. Wait.

P.S - Day 2 of 30 Day Shred- Complete!! Tomorrow will be my official graduation to Day 3.

I am confident that our love is deep enough that the initial shock and hatred towards me for posting these pics is quickly forgiven. Mom and Sarah, please know this was out of pure love and because you are missed that much ;)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Makeover Monday

My blog had a makeover this weekend and now it is time for my own. This was the perfect-work-together-help-your-marriage project for Mr. B and I. I was in love with him (always am, but there was that extra burst of love) for helping me and fixing the things I couldn't figure out and he felt good, proud, needed and accomplished of himself. Um..Win-Win!

Now it's on to my makeover. I have been putting it off "On New Years I'll begin", "The Monday after New Years", "After our weekend away", "Next Monday". I am trying to convince Mr. B that this is completely normal for a girl to have a "tomorrow" diet, he doesn't agree, but I know I am not alone. This time I am serious. For real.

I was feeling all motivated last Wednesday, the sun was shining, I woke up early, I was totally loving not working and looked forward to the many more days I had. Thursday and Friday come around and that whole "Wohoo the sun is shining, I'm on top of the world, I want to wake up early everyday!" attitude quickly died and got buried with the sun. We had crazy rain storms, and I slept in and then positioned myself on the couch and sat there all day. The only thing that even got me (got or jump, one of the two) out of bed was the text from Mr. B saying he was on his way home from lunch. I needed those days to realize I will become a fat blob on the couch if this keeps up. The Lord knew I needed those days of rest and relaxation as well as a warning I can not spend my days like that, and He also knows I can not afford to have any days like that for a while. The sun is out today- thank you Jesus.

So yesterday I finally showered, did my hair, put on a bra, make-up and some real clothes and Mr. B and I went to the store. I did all of my healthy food shopping, which is both expensive (basically our whole budget) and time consuming to clean, cut and make easily accessible (if I don't do this it will never be eaten).

Just like working out, yogurt always sounds good and I think I would enjoy it. Wrong. I try and I will continue to try, but it's really not my thing. I kind of enjoy the whipped yogurt, so that's an improvement.

I also had to purchase some baby spoons because eating yogurt with a regular sized spoon results in some major gaggage. I have a strong gag reflex. A lot of things make me gag and yogurt happens to be one of those things. A baby spoon gives me the perfect amount of yogurt to decrease the gagging desire. I prefer the rubber coated spoons, but as mentioned above, we were already over budget so these will do.

I've recently noticed some new rolls forming on my back and extra love on my handles. I was pretty confident this was my cue that it's time to get myself into gear. It's getting really uncomfortable. Pretty much making laying down flat the only comfortable position. That position isn't the most practical for my day to day life.

So it's back to 30 Day Shred. Jillian Michaels and I have a love hate relationship. Basically, she gets me all pumped up, excited to get shredded, I complete my 20 minutes and then I am unable to walk for 7200 minutes (that's 5 days, I'm not ashamed to say googled that). So Miss Jillian, let me remind you- I live on the 3rd floor, falling down the stairs because my legs won't bend and crawling back up is not exactly ideal, so how am I supposed to continue on for 29 more days and get past level 1 when I can't even sit on the toilet, wash my hair or put on my bra, let alone do 20 squats while lifting weights??

I managed to make it all the way to Day 2 my first time. My second time, after a week of letting my body heal, I was determined to make it at least past Day 2. This my friends is exactly why it's important to set low expectations. I failed. Attempt number 2 at the 30 day shred...2 days completed.

Well not this time! The third time is a charm and I am determined to make it! I have read that the first 5 days are the worst, so once I make it past that I should be golden. Key words: Should be. With the "I'm a Shredhead" and "I'm a Shredder" icon for the side of my blog how could I resist?? I will admit, this may have been a little incentive for me. It obviously makes this whole thing very legit. I told you I was serious this time. If only I could get a t-shirt that says that...

I bought the handy dandy tape measure. Mr. B took all my measurements and I am looking forward to seeing those numbers "shred". I know some of you may be thinking that I have nothing to lose, I am fine etc, trust me-I do. I worked out a lot before the wedding and it paid off, then we got married and a little something called you-do-not-have-the-same-metabolism-as-Mr.B-plus-he-is-a-guy-stop-eating-like-him snuck up on me. I realized my thighs have reunited, they have become best friends and would rather not separate, but stay thisclose and rub together. Lovely.
The most important thing on my agenda is to tone and eat healthier. I don't think I am fat, although I am sure Mr. B would disagree with that statement since I complain about my body about 1,965 times a day. My body looks deceiving with clothes on, but once you see (as if this is something you even wanted to imagine never mind seeing) my belly, my butt and my thighs all with an additional dose of cellulite, you will quickly realize that I can definitely use a little somethin' somethin'. Maybe maybe maybe if I have good results after this you will see my "before" and "after" picture. No promises. Sorry to disappoint.

This morning I completed Day 1. I had a little bowl of Raisin Bran (so hard not to add in a scoop of sugar!) and I worked out to Day 1 Level 1 while watching Regis and Kelly (thanks to Jagged Little Life for that helpful tip). It was SO much easier this way. I am not saying by any means that it was no longer hard, because I was certainly huffing and puffing, sweating and shaking, but it made it go by faster and kept me distracted.
I'm still shaking and I am dreading the soreness that is bound to happen in the morning. But I did it. Day 1- Complete.

Be sure to check out Mama Laughlin, she is a great inspiration and looks amazing. She went way more extreme than I am willing to go (I love my food too much), but it has definitely paid off!