Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Favorite Baby Names

Poolside. Sun. Tan. Out to eat. Concert. Strawberry Shortcake. Fried Dough. Sleeping in. Family. Mama Grace.

The past few days have consisted of these marvelous things. Believe it or not, these things take priority over blogging. Not sure how I made it through with all the delicious food, the company, the sun and the perfect glow to my skin, it really was not that hard. I do have many pictures and posts to come. I am sure my leave of absence was noticed by all, you may have had some withdrawals and I send out my deepest apologies, but don't worry Mama Grace leaves early in the morning and with my new job as a housewife I will have plenty of time to embellish on my life that I am sure you are all dying to know about.

Side note: Did anyone see House last night? It was pretty funny, it was about a blogger.

Anyways today over at The Undomestic Momma it's Top 2 Tuesday. This is my first time doing this, how could I resist not joining in on the subject of top baby names?? I have had baby names planned since I was a little girl and I can not wait to one day put a precious little face to these names.

Top Girl Names:
(Most of the names I pick sound beautiful until you put in my last name. Once Smelser is added it just doesn't quite have the same ring to it, hopefully over time I will be able to look past that minor detail. All the girls names I pick have Grace as the middle name because it's my maiden name, I love it, I miss it and I haven't thought of any other middle names yet. It's on my list of things to do and will be taken care of in these days of unemployment.)

I am in love with Layla Grace. This is my number one girl name right now, I fell in love with this name when I heard of this little angel. At such a young age she has touched so many lives. She passed away this morning, please keep her family in your prayers through this difficult time.

Also love Ella Grace. When Smelser is added, my parents were quick to inform me that her nickname may be "Ella Smella", it's okay, that's cute too?

I have also always loved Ryleigh Grace

Top Boy Names:

Andrew James

Owen Michael

Jackson Brady

Time will tell if Mr. B and I will have enough babies for these names. A girl can hope :)


jenn said...

i have two boys so i never got to use my girl name which was:

kathryn grace and call her 'katy grace'

love it!!!

i have an elijah james and john daniel

Mrs. Hesson said...

Our baby names change constantly! And we rarely agree on names (he likes the boring ones! ha!) but i like all of yours :) When are yall going to start trying?

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

I love your picks!

Jagged Little Life said...

We are the only ones I noticed that both love the name Owen. It really is not that popular and I adore it! I am not having any more children... I don't think. So you can have it!

Ashley said...

Ella Smella - that literally made me laugh! :)

My hubby loves the name Layla, too!

Tracy said...

Love your baby names.....except Ella Smella! Glad you are enjoying your Mom. Why don't you use Grace as the first name for a girl?

Amanda said...

I actually did miss your blog. It has brightened my day many times

Blonde Ambition said...

Ella Smella :) Everytime my hubby and I talk about baby names we go through all the possible ways kids will use it to make fun of it! I was a victim of a hideous maiden name 'Fourakres' (four acres)so you can imagine how many goofy names kids came up with when I was growing up :) My fave was four crackers!

Oh and my girl name will actually be Emma Grace!


Cherry Berry said...

We almost named our girl Ryleigh Grace. But at the time I was pregnant, other people I knew were using the name Riley, so... I wanted to be different. LOL. It is still a great name!! I still love it! Layla Grace is sooo pretty!

Sarah said...


I have a cousin named Ella Grace

And my brother and his wife were going to name their baby Jackson Brady if it was a boy! :)