Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Whatever Wednesday

Last week I came up with this ever so creative title/theme and said "today I'm just going to write about whatever comes to my mind because it's a rainy day and I am tired." Well today it's another rainy day and I am tired, so here we go....

So so so so excited I have made it half way through my last week of work!

I am so excited that Mama Grace has arrived in Florida!

She sent me this picture while she was in line to board her plane. Parade of wheelchairs=flight to Florida. She said there were more than this, but she didn't want to make her picture too obvious.
Have you ever seen so many wheelchairs?? She counted at least 8.

I really wish I could be home with her instead of working. I was jealous this morning when I had to wake up early and leave and she got to sleep in and spend the day relaxing. Three more days and my time will come!

As I mentioned before in my previous Wednesday post, I am reading a book called And Nanny Makes Three (yes, it's about 200 pages and I'm still reading it and going on about week 4 now) and I read that there are some nannies who have a job where the dad sometimes stays home. He stays in his room and is either watching tv (loudly), sleeping or occasionally watching tv with the nanny (that's not awkward). He is sometimes loud and wakes the sleeping baby. He doesn't offer to take the baby while you go to carpool to get his other child (who doesn't love to sit in a car for 45 minutes with a baby?) or offer to get the child at carpool while you stay home with the baby (this is his day off why would you expect him to do that??) He doesn't let you leave a little early and sometimes even lets you out late. If I had a job like that I would not be repeating to myself every few minutes "three more days, three more days..". If I had that job I might be especially bitter today since they are aware that my mom is visiting and hanging out alone at my apartment today, but obviously I'd much rather be here so it's not a big deal. Besides of course, that was a story of other nannies experience so I have nothing to worry about...

That was really hard to write in the tense like it wasn't really me. I think I messed it up.

There was finally a respectable mom on 16 and Pregnant. I think she is one of the youngest ones (only 15) and she seemed to be one of the most mature as you can be in that situation, I guess. So many of these girls think they are still entitled to be teenagers. They understand they are teen moms, but choose to take those as two different roles- sometimes a teen and sometimes a mom. Honey, it doesn't work out that way. So anyways, this girl chose to keep the baby, she seemed responsible, she didn't give her mom any attitude or expect her to raise the baby, she took complete care of her daughter, she is now home schooled so she can be with the baby and she realized and accepted that this is her life now.

Regis and Kelly is definitely now on at 10AM everyday, I have chose to accept it. It might work out nicely with my new housewife schedule.

The 5 finalist of the Beautiful Baby Contest are so adorable.

I'm excited the Olympics are over and my shows will resume. Tonight is American Idol, The Middle (hilarious show mostly because it's basically about my family) and Modern Family (also hilarious).

Jessica Simpson is on Oprah today, but Tenley is on Ellen. Gah, which one do I choose?? I went with taping Oprah because I can watch Ellen online. I can only tape one because a)if I tape both then we can't watch another show on TV and that's right when the kids get home from school and I wouldn't do that to myself and b) it's not my DVR.

We chose American Idol over Lost last night. Very hard decision. American Idol isn't on hulu though so it made the decision a little easier. Have you noticed the tough choices I have to face on a daily basis? So we can't wait to watch Lost tonight. Although I will admit, I really enjoyed the first few seasons a lot better.

I am looking forward to eating at all the yummy restaurants while my mom visits.

Looks like some good movies come out next weekend. Pretty bummed about that, Mama Grace loves going to the movies, her last visit we went to the movies three days in a row. I also love the movies, is this an inherited trait? It's so tempting because the theater is literally across the parking lot from our apartment complex, you can walk there. Our theater serves funnel cake, how unique and divine is that?? The movies are so stinkin' expensive these days so Mr. B and I don't make it over there too often so it's a highlight of Mama Grace's visit. There's not much out right now, but we might see Shutter Island. Not sure if that will be too scary for me. Has anyone seen it??

It's another cold day here in Florida. Yuck. Cold meaning cloudy and 52.

I am excited for the Strawberry Festival this weekend. They have the most delicious strawberry shortcakes (fingers crossed they even have good strawberries with all the cold weather we've had!) and we are seeing Darius Rucker on Sunday night. Hootie, baby.

Which reminds me, we are visiting my great-grandpa this weekend and he likes to go to Hooters. Oh boy.

I just got really hungry. The kind where you need to spit out your gum right away because you feel like you're going to throw up. Possible sign it's time for breakfast. Or lunch. Not a huge breakfast fan, not that I don't like eating in the morning, but I like lunch food better.

Enjoy your Wednesday!!


Mama Laughlin said...

Shutter Island is not a scary movie.
It is, however, confusing.
Have fun!!!

Chelsea said...

I love Darius Rucker!

Heather B. said...

TOTALLY going to the Strawberry Festival sometimes this weekend or next!!! Can't wait. :)

Sarah Ann said...

Such a cute blog!! I'm following!! :)

Sarah Ann

Ronda said...

I also wish you were here with me -more for your sake then mine as I am enjoying a quiet house for a change- LOL!!
BTW- your lemon freeze was YUMMY!!

everythingisjustwonderful said...

Found you on Kelly's Korner!

I'm with you 100% about Valerie...she was the first responsible girl on that show! I understand that it's got to be hard to be in that position, but at the same time Farrah from last season (and Teen Mom) made me SO ANGRY!

Added you to my reader!


Blonde Ambition said...

I agree with you that the girl this week was the first sensible teen mom of the series! I can't believe what brats the other 2 were - and what's harder to believe is how their moms allow them to act that way.

check me out at:

emilybuckingham said...

New follower as well. I love your blog! We seem to have a lot in common! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the airport pic that mom took!!! Too funny! have a great last day J!!