Friday, March 5, 2010

A Day in the Life of the Smellies...

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Every Friday over at Kelly's Korner is "Show us your life", if you haven't been to her blog go check it out!! Today's theme is "What's your typical day like?" I already posted for today (feel free to read that one too! Unless reading two of my posts in one day is too much to take in- I completely understand), but thought I'd join in on this one too since no one everyone seems to be asking me how I keep up with my extremely exciting and fun-filled life! Is the suspense killing you?? This one is extra fun because after today it will no longer be my typical day!! I am so excited for what my new typical day will be like! So in honor of my last day...

A day in this life on a Friday....

7:30 - Phone goes off, Colbie Calliet "Bubbly" (have had it for 2 years, hoping it would make me feel bubbly in the morning. it's getting old), press snooze twice

7:45ish - Wake and get ready for work

8:05ish - Leave for work

8:15 - My long day begins

8:30 - Feed baby

9:30-11:00 - Baby naps, I clean up house (sweep, dishes, toys, laundry etc), watch my shows (Regis & Kelly, Bonnie, The View), check blogs and write a post

11:30-1:00 - Feed baby, eat lunch, play with baby, watch What Not to Wear

1:00-2:30 - Baby naps, watch DVRed shows (16 and Pregnant, Oprah, Ellen), browse craigslist for anything and everything

2:45 - Wake baby (always a bummer) and head to carpool to pick up other child

3:00-5:50 - Help with homework, play outside, play games,

5:50 - Freedom

6:00 - Get home and go straight to the bathroom (I hate going at the house where I work so I usually hold it all day and really have to go as soon as I walk in. TMI?)

6:00-7:00 - Make Mr. B and I dinner ( I have the meals planned, so it's usually prepped and ready to go. Weeknights are usually simple meals because I'm exhausted)

7:00-9:00 - Eat dinner, talk about our days, watch reruns and new shows

9:30/10:00 - Go to bed (bedtime may or may not be similar on the weekends too- we are that fun)

11:00 - Usually when my mind finally decides to stop replaying my day, thinking about things to do, things I want to do, things I wish I did, shuts down and allows me to drift into dreamland.

I hope this made your Friday that much better and you were able to handle all of the excitement. I am sure my new days will much more interesting. I wouldn't mind if it's something like...

10:00 - Wake
10:30-5:00 - Read Bible, work out, watch shows, lay in sun
5:30 - Make dinner and be the most cheerful serving wife
10:00 - Bed

Life will be rough.


jenn said...

your blog is super cute :o)

i'm a follower....

Mrs. Hesson said...

I'll take many days like you described last. That sounds WONDERFUL!!

brookesbabble said...

i am so thankful you found me through kelly's korner!! your blog is SO cute!! i look forward to reading many more posts to come :)

Lesli said...

hehe...what a cute post...your such a doll!! Love your blog, it is adorable! Hope you have a great weekend!