Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am nesting for our fur baby.

Feels good to get that off my chest.

I can't even imagine what I will be like for our real baby if I am already like this for a dog. To tell you the truth, Mr. B and I aren't really dog people. These next 34 days we dream about life with her and love her so much... day 35 might be a nightmare. There is no guarantee. We love the idea of a dog and being a little family, but time will tell if we really do love having a dog. I am feeling confident though.

This weekend we went to a yard sale {love yard sales}, we bought Roxie a crate for $25. The day before we were in the store looking the crate we need and it retails $179.99! Our love isn't that strong....yet. I saw the crate online being sold at a yard sale, asked them to hold it for us, bartered the price a little and BAM just like that we now have a wonderful crate for her. Hoping the crate training will be just as easy.

Next on the list was a dog bed. I decided I was going to pick out my own fabric, save some money and make her one. We quickly agreed on the bottom fabric that would be used, it was the top decorative one that was the divider between Mr. B and I. This was a whole experience in itself, I wanted something girly and Mr. B wanted sports print, or burnt orange for Texas. We had this same dilema choosing her collar and leash to match {thank you etsy}. I'm sure you can imagine how this went over. He doesn't see why Roxie needs girl things....um how about because she IS a girl. If he was smart he would be soaking in this whole process because it is keeping me distracted from my severe baby fever.

Anyways, we finally agreed on a fabric {wohoo!}, it was $14.99/yd and 50% off, we brought it up front to get cut and the lady told us it was priced wrong- it's $9.95/yd and 60% off!! Not only did we agree on a fabric, we were rewarded for our compromise. The little marriage lessons in the everyday life, so touching.

So this weekend we washed and touched up the crate and I made Roxie her adorable bed, and a crate cover. Once we get back from our trip to NH I will make her another little puppy bed, hoping to save the bigger one for when she is more mature and won't pee on it and rip it to pieces. I am bringing home a little sample for my parents' dog, to see how fast she will rip it apart so that my expectations are set.

The two fabrics:

The colors look much better in person

The whole package :

Crate ($25)+ Dog Bed ($9.50)+ Crate Cover ($6.50)= $ 41

Amount Saved: Approx. $195.00

34 more days until we meet our precious pup!

**Posting from NH!! :) **


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

oh my goodness - that is the cutest poochie pad i've ever seen! what a good deal on the crate. your dog nesting cracks me up! : )

Kimberly said...

You did a great job with the dog bed! Dogs are alot of work at the beginning. Don't get discouraged cause they are so so worth it!

Brittany said...

You did a great job on the bed! It's so cute and I love that it's personalized :-) You sure did save some money!

As Kimberly said, don't get discouraged at first. You'll get patience for everything soon enough :-)

Kat said...

Love the dog bed! I'm the one that spent the money you saved because I'm not as talented as you! It's about time I learn to do this stuff. We love our new puppy with all our hearts. (she's about 7 months old now)HOWEVER, she loves to test our nerves. I figure you gotta put in the work to have a great dog. I love her puppy days but I'm sooo ready for her to be a full grown dog.

Jagged Little Life said...

SO CUTE!! Make me one!

Vic said...

So I'm sure you'll get urs before mine:) Love the title of this blog. Something I must follow, for sure. Yard sales are simply fabulous and finding clearance items are way too awesome! The crate looks gr8:)

Sarah said...

soo adorable. My hubby is the same way with Sydney. He always wants to put blue on her, and doesn't think we need to paint her future dog house pink. I disagree!

The "Dubs" said...

How adorable! I am getting ready to make some dog beds & covers for my little fur babies too!

Also... here are a few tips that I learned when we got a pup.

B and I were married 6 weeks when we decided that we needed a dog. We chose the breed, picked up the puppy (Cohen) and headed home for bliss.

Boy were we wrong! He was the worlds worst dog! He whined and yelped ALL NIGHT LONG. I was up about 5 times a night cleaning his kennel. He would work himself up so much that he would have diarrhea in his kennel and would them manage to throw it out onto the floor as well. I would have to bath him each time, otherwise the stinch would have been unbearable. He wouldn't potty outside, but the second that I brought him in he would pee on the carpet. We did this for 3 months. It was RIDICULOUS!

First of all, I hope that Roxie is MUCH MUCH better. [Note: Our girl dog was the perfect angel and has NEVER pottied in the house once and we got her when she was 5 weeks old].

TIPS: Until you know how she is in her kennel, don't put the bed in there. Acutally, don't put anything in there (no towlels etc). If they have something in there to absorb the pee pee, then they will be more likely to potty in there. If they have to step in it, they will not go in there (because they don't want to soil their living space).

Tip #2. I put a bell on/near the door. When we could go potty I rang the bell on the door as we walked out. Eventually both of my dogs rang the bell when they needed to go out since they were used to me doing it. Now they just to the door and touch the knob and I let them out.

Sorry for such a long post. I just wanted to share my advice in case it helps you!.

Kristin said...

ADORABLE!!! Yeah, the other girls are right: puppies are a lot of work, but if you're dedicated to it, then you'll get a great companion! I love our puppy to pieces and don't know what we'd do without him. He still has his moments (like for some reason since daylight savings time - he wakes up and whines at 4 am every day - what gives?), but he's very well mannered over all. - Not because I'm a great dog trainer, but because we put in lots of consistent work for the first few months. It's worth the investment :-) Can't wait to meet little Roxie (who is already the most stylish pooch on the block) lol!

Meant to be a mom said...

What a precious little pillow. So cute. Your dog is a little princess already!

Mrs. D said...

The dog bed is so adorable! You did a great job! Your pup is such a lucky girl!

Domesticated-Bliss said...

Love the dog bed! So creative! Did you just tie the ends together instead of sewing? I'd love to make my own for our dog Harley :)

Also, that is all great advice from The Dubs - don't put ANYTHING in the crate until the puppy is potty trained or it will be ruined for sure. Get Bissell pet spray (it's near the steam cleaner solution) it's the best for cleaning up accidents.

My big advice is never let the puppy sleep in your bed or get on your furniture. At first you want to snuggle with them and love on them, but when you have guests, you don't want your dog jumping on them or hair all over your furniture.

Just speaking from experience - good luck! You can always pop over to my blog for advice :)

Jillian said...

So exciting!!

Hilary Lane said...

It all looks really great!! We got our puppy when she was 6 weeks and we never had a problem with potty training her. Of course, I was able to come home for lunch, so she was able to pee at lunch, but we never had to use puppy pads or anything. We just made sure to take her out every 45 minutes until we learned how often she needed to go. Good luck when you finally get her!! (Oh, and be careful if you're going to leave her in her crate unsupervised so she doesn't eat the fringe off of her bed - our puppy ate every single one of her beds, so now she stays in her crate without one!)

A Love Worth Waiting For said...

I LOVE this!!!