Friday, March 5, 2010

A New First

Mr. B and I experienced a new first last night.

Something we had to warm up to because eventually it was going to happen.

Something we thought we had 8 months to prepare for.

Something that was kind of fun for me and brought back memories.

Something that was extremely awkward for Mr. B.

Something like "I can't talk, this is way too weird" might have been whispered from Mr. B.

Something that involved nothing, but sleeping.

A sleepover with Mama Grace.

I am not sure what exactly constitutes as a sleepover, we weren't even in the same room. Totally different rooms: Mr. B and I slept all the way in dining room and Mama Grace slept way over in the living room.

We slept a whole 10 feet away from each other. Except I am really bad with perception and measuring and I have no idea what 10 feet really looks like, so give or take a few.

Once I'm a housewife I will have time to figure out how to put those arrows in the pictures just in case you don't understand what exactly I am talking about. This picture definitely needs that in order for you to figure out location. It might be especially hard to comprehend due to the lack of arrows, so once again, try your best and just pretend.
This picture is taken from the living room where Mama Grace slept and way over there, where there is empty floor space by the dining table, is where Mr. B and I slept on an air mattress.

You might think it's strange that we chose to have a sleepover rather than sleep in our own bed. I just miss my mom that much.

Or my Grammie and Aunt flew in for a visit last night and we decided to give them our bed since we would be waking early for work. We built up the courage to have a sleepover with Mama Grace knowing it was just a one night sacrifice as they will be staying in a hotel the rest of their stay.

I love my mom and I do miss her, but our sleepover years (specifically sleepovers with my husband involved) are over.

In saying that, at the expense of a free weekend away with my family, we do have one more sleepover to look forward too in October. This will be even more awkward fun because it will also involve Papa Grace, Sister Grace and Brother Grace.

So we will ease into this one night at a time.

On a different note:


Mrs. Hesson said...

Haha that was funny. I was just imagining my mother in law sleeping in the bed next to me and Hubby. Hilarious! And last day for what!

Erin said...

Aw haha, very funny--and cute! I hope you guys had fun while your mom was there! :)