Thursday, December 23, 2010

Santa's Missing Reindeer

{aka Roxie's first snow experience}

Lucky for her the winter has just begun...
and we will be getting lots more of that white stuff to eat.

Have a wonderful Christmas weekend!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Calling out Mckmama

I know Mckmama gets criticized for every.little.thing. she does. 
It's ridiculous.
I can't believe how so many people are so rude to her, have hate blogs about her and scrutinize her blog, her parenting skills and her as an individual. 
I am amazed every day.
I am usually in disbelief that people do that, but this weekend...
I was mad at her.

She makes her cake balls look so simple and pretty.
How is possible??
This picture is from her blog, I have no idea if I am allowed to show it or not, but I am giving her complete's from this post.

This was my 4th time making them.
You think I would improve over time.

I was determined to have them look good this time.
I was trying all these new tricks.
Melting my chocolate a special way.
Letting the balls sit in the fridge over night.
I even bought the lollipop sticks {in the past I left them as balls}

But I am beginning to think that maybe Mckmama only showed us her two best ones out of the batch??

Because to be honest it goes a little something like this....
 Sprinkles everywhere.

Chocolate everywhere.

Every kind of utensil/technique you can think of to get the chocolate on in a non-sloppy way.
Lollipop stick.
Greased spoons.
Baby spoons.
Greased fingers.
Greased hands.
Wax paper.
 Oh and the lollipop sticks?
The ball fell right down to the bottom.


 It's a good thing these balls are so delicious because every single time they are a pain in my butt.
And after I consume about 5 while making them, 5 during the party, 3 with dinner, 3 after dinner and 2 for breakfast the next day,  they quickly become not only a pain in my butt but a part of my butt. 

::Cake balls welcome to the junk in my trunk::
{no picture for this one- don't worry}

In the end they are always a big hit and no one really cares what they look like.

You try your best to present them in such a way that no one will really notice that they look like some messed-up-sketchy-what-is-and-where-did-it-come-from blob thing.
Not sure "ball" would be the correct description in this case.
And of course they would wonder who it came from because, let's be honest, that plays a big part in whether or not we will eat something at a party!

 So anyways,  I am just putting it out there that Mckmama might have special powers to make her cake balls come out so perfectly.

 Or maybe it's just me....

And of course to finish the post...
Christmas pup at the church party. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Whatever Wednesday

:: Where I write whatever comes to my mind....although that's not really true because these are technically premeditated thoughts::

Thanks again for your sweet comments and prayers. This is a great venting tool, but it's also nice to know that I am not alone and have many supporters and prayer partners :) Some of you asked for my email so I decided to make a new one just for my blog. It's Super creative, I know. You don't even want to know how long it took me to come up with that email address!


Mama G had mentioned maybe I could make some sort of private facebook group for those of us who were/are struggling with fertility.  I would put myself in that category, but I do know many couples try longer than 6 months and who knows that might even be us. But I know it's hard even after just 1 month of no success! I know there are already a lot of forums out there many that I have wasted hours of my days on, but maybe we can have our own little support system with people that we "know". Only the members of the group would be able to see what you and others write.  I don't want to start it and be the only member though, ha! But I think it's really important to vent every once in a while, know you're not alone, talk to people who understand, maybe get some tips even though I feel like we've tried them all! So let me know!


I may have bought this to do with Roxie...
I swear I cross a new dog weirdo line every day.


Yesterday I left my headphones on the couch for like 5 minutes, sure enough I walk into the room to find  Roxie chewing on something....
 She ripped the ear piece off. I guess I have a new gift idea for my stocking and looks like I will have to put working out on a hold just a little bit longer. Darn. Everyone knows you can't work out with out head phones, duh.


Last night we looked over and saw this...
Looked like she was on my laptop looking at herself.
Yes, my background is a picture of her. 
This obsession has already been made known, please keep the comments to yourself :)


I just found out Mr. B scheduled a hair appointment for me on Friday morning!
Early Christmas present- wohoo!
When you are young, newlywed and poor you get your hair done on special occassions or holidays. As an added bonus for him I guess it makes the gift idea easy! Last time I got my hair done was in July for our anniversary, so needless to say- it needs its BAD. 
The only thing is, I feel like my hair has finally grown and reached a bearable length I am worried that she will cut off more than I want and then I might cry like I always do after a haircut.
But it is in need of some sort of lift and style so I am excited for that!
I am also torn with color because Mr. B wants me to go lighter like I was for the wedding, 
but I am nervous for what my roots will look like.
Oh the suspense. Kills ya, right?
Although Valentine's is the next occasion so it wouldn't be too long ;) 


Lastly, Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet little nephew!
He was a complete surprise, but has been a total blessing!
We wish we could be there to celebrate with him, he is growing way too fast!

 Now he can make it it known when he has had enough pictures with Auntie J. 
Not cool.

We only see him a few times a year, but cherish every moment we can!

Happy Hump Day!
{I've always wanted to say that..}

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Today I am tired.
Tired of waiting.
Tired of constantly being stuck in this two week cycle.
Tired of disappointment.
Tired of starting my period.
Waiting two weeks.
Waiting two weeks.
Wait two weeks.
Try again.

Tired of trying not to try.
Isn't that an oxymoron anyways?
This month for the first time we tried not to try.
Whatever the heck that means.
You think about not trying while trying, knowing it's the best time to try and still secretly hope it works.
Today I am half way through my two weeks of waiting.
I'm tired of this game.
Of the unknown.
The expectations.
The questions.
The hopefulness.
The let downs.
The confusions.
I'm tired of not being content.

I follow Kari Jobe on twitter and a few weeks ago her status was
"God is an on time God. His ways are higher..we just have to be willing to trust..even when it's very uncomfortable."

This is, for sure, a very uncomfortable situation. A situation where we have no control. Where we do all that we can, but in the end He is the one that performs that miracle and creates life. 
Praise the Lord for His grace, mercy and love. For saving my soul and allowing me to put my trust in Him. I can't imagine going through this journey without the hope I have in Him and His plan for Mr. B and I.
Although I have my angry moments, my sad moments and my tired moments, I still take hold that He knows what is best. 

I am thankful for a God who is my strength when I am weak.
And when I am tired.

You keep track of all my sorrows.
You have collected all my tears in your bottle.
You have recorded each one in your book.
Psalms 56:8

Monday, December 13, 2010

First Christmas Card

Here is our first Christmas Card- puppy and all!!
 I am hoping it look as good in person! I noticed I have a few strands of hair in my face in the main picture, but we didn't have another decent one that fit so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it won't be as noticeable on the card.
 I can not believe I saved $120 just by blogging about Shutterfly- how exciting!
 Merry Christmas to me :D 

There is still time, so if you haven't blogged about it!

With Love Chartreuse Christmas Card

 I know it's a pretty small example, but that's what they give ya! 
I was hoping to blog about other misc. happenings, but my pictures weren't uploading because I don't have enough room on my computer. Frustrating. I love this new camera, but the picture files are so big that I have no more room to upload more. I'm sure it doesn't help that I have a way more than enough pictures on my computer, I just have a hard time deleting and letting go :)
 Mr. B will be helping me transfer files tonight though!

Oh my goodness! I almost forgot- did anyone watch Sarah Palin's Alaska last night??
How annoying was Kate? Ugh.
She was so rude!
It was ridiculous.
She has gone down.
I couldn't believe it.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Don't Fly Away Home

I live across from a pond. 

At said pond there are a butt-load of geese.

The water is very contaminated and filled with bacteria and the surrounding grounds are covered in Roxie's favorite treats  geese poop.

As the days have been getting colder I have been wondering why the geese are still here. 

Shouldn't they have left like 2 months ago?

Don't they know that NY and other states along I-95 have already been hit with snow??

Don't they know that the pond has a thin layer of ice every morning??

I mentioned this to Mama Grace and she informed me that she thinks they stay for the winter, that not all geese migrate.

Say wha??????

According to my childhood and one of my favorite movies, I clearly remember Amy raising the geese, forming a mother-like relationship with the geese and with tears in her {and my!} eyes saying goodbye and helping them fly south. Man, talk about emotional right?
Never mind the first scene of the movie where her mom dies in the car crash!
I may or may not have 10,000 Miles by Mary Chapin Carpenter on my iTunes just because of this movie. 
{{Although now that I am older and realize that Jeff Daniels is also from Dumb and Dumber it kind of kills this whole Dad role but whatev. Sometimes when actors play a certain character they are always that character like Will Ferrel is always Buddy the Elf and Juliette Lewis is always Carla Tate from The Other Sister..I don't think Jeff would be the same dad for me if I watched this again}}

I mean maybe someone should have warned her that not all the geese migrate. 
Maybe the ones she raised didn't and she made them believe they needed to.
Maybe she could have kept them.
Maybe she didn't need to build this huge mother goose contraption after all.

So obviously this movie implies that all geese fly south.

Or that's what I got from it anyways.


At 23 years old, I continue to learn new things. 

Although it is very possible that I did learn this at some point in school,
but to be honest I remember next to nothing from any of my classes both k-12 and college.
I knew it for the test and it ended there.

So as much as I believe that the geese should be migrating.
And as much as I believe that if I was a goose I would most definitely be migrating.

These ones do not.
Instead they would rather poop in my driveway and walkway.

Mr. B and I have been wondering how in the world goose poop is getting over here by our place. 
Every time we see them they are by or in the water.

Not today. 
Today I caught them red handed.

Or maybe I should say we caught them red handed.
Or caught them brownish greenish butt, if you will.

There they were making their way onto our walkway.
 Pooping away.
What do these things eat anyways that makes them poop so much??

 I tried to get a picture of these ones pulling a Jesus stunt- they were walking on water.
Okay, not really. They were in a single file line walking on ice.
 Without ice skates.
 Or boots.
Or a coat.

So although I don't appreciate their "gifts" that they leave on the walkway, they do keep these two busy. 
And for that I am thankful. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Joy Breed

A couple weeks ago, maybe even months but who's counting, 
Mr. B and I were watching the American Kennel Club Show.
 You know since we are dog people now...
We were seeing ugly dogs, cute dogs, weird looking does--that-even-classify-as-a-dog dog,
we watched the herding group. the hound group, terrier group, the non-sporting etc etc, we were watching and waiting to see an obviously not as good looking as our boxer a boxer. 
We were curious to see what breed group she is classified under. 
Yeah, we probably could've just searched online, but we had to add some extra excitement to this show.
I know, I know I'm acting like we were forced to watch this or something, but playing this game made it more fun.

Although I am pretty sure Mr. B would probably disagree with that whole statement. 

Up comes the Joy Group.

Joy Group! I exclaim, Roxie this must be you! 
{{Looking at Roxie}} Roxie are you a Joy Breed?? You are a joy to us!

Btw I wasn't expecting an answer from her, I just talk to her a lot. It's what I do. Don't judge.

::convincing ourselves this must be her group- they are energetic and loving after-all::

I don't know Babe, looks like they are all small dogs. 
That was Mr. B talking to me, not Roxie. In case you were confused. She calls me Mommy, not Babe.

Sidenote- this is the last group of the show and we haven't seen a boxer yet so she must be in this group plus- it just makes total sense. 
Of course she is a part of the Joy Breed.
It said ideal family pet.
Never mind the part that said:
Dogs of royalty.
That didn't register at the time.

Really? Well maybe the big ones are at the end of the line...

Only to feel like a complete idiot as this segment continued and the first dog in the "Joy Group" was showed...

The dogs seemed to be on the small side because ummmm... this would be the
T-O-Y Group.


So although Roxie is not a part of this group, I made up a new breed..
it's called the Joy Breed and obviously she belongs in that group :)

We later discovered that we were watching Part 2 of the show, we missed Part 1 which consisted of Roxie's group. Which is the Working case you were wondering.
Also known as the Joy Group, of course. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Remind Me.

Remind me again why I complained about Florida's warm weather????
Why I wanted to move so badly??

When I could relax at this

And do this

And wear this

And eat this {outside}

And walk this 

in the winter.

Oh yeah....
It's because I wanted to be with this

My wonderful family.
{We miss you Ryan, even though you don't read this...and probably don't even know it exist!}

And they are worth the 5 months of frigid cold weather. 

I might just need a little reminder every once in a while ;)

Although, I am still not sure why I complained about the Florida weather....

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Cards + Puppy = HARD!

This will our first time sending out Christmas cards and let me tell ya, I am pretty excited about it!
I didn't want to send any out last year because I thought it would be weird to just send a picture of me and Mr. B.
In my eyes it's an official family when their is a dog and/or a baby. Don't ask me where this logic comes from because I have no idea. I do realize that it doesn't really make sense, but oh well.
To me the picture is less awkward if it's of us and a dog.

Clearly, I have never tried taking a Christmas picture with a dog because in my head it looks a lot better than what we accomplished.

Ahem..I mean we have so many great photos I don't know how we will ever choose...

Could she look anymore depressed??
She's now refusing to even open her eyes. Probably pretending it's over.
And then of course, the ever so awkward thinking this pose is the cutest. The straddle-the-dog-look-like-your-giving-birth-slash-your-husband-has-some-funky-long-legs-is-he-wearing-woman's-boots pictures.
And oh yeah, guess what? We have about 6 pictures of this pose. I guess that's what happens when you have your younger sister take the pictures. 

Never mind all the other pictures of us with the lack of smiles, over cheesing or double chins...

Ali really did a great job though, especially considering what she had to work with! We do have a few goodies that we are trying to decide on. But as you can see we are now considering doing a picture of just us and then adding one of Roxie on the side. Kind of defeats my whole ideal Christmas Card scenario, but after this little photo shoot I now see that whole idea when out the window. fast.

I was extra excited for Christmas cards this year because not only did we have a cute puppy to put in the picture I saw that Shutterfly had an awesome promotion going on for bloggers! I have used Shutterfly many times to print photos, they usually have some awesome deals going on and they are always great quality and fast shipping- can't beat that!  I also love the photo calendars, I have given those a few years in a row and my grandma and mom both LOVED them and still use them just for the pictures!  Photo books are another great option for gifts! I made one a couple years ago for the family that I nannied for of the time spent with her babies, it was cool to flip through and see how much they've grown! 

This Christmas season Shutterfly is giving away 50 free holiday cards!! If you haven't done this yet, you still have time! Go check it out! They have so many great designs and 
I have lots of favorites, my problem now is: 
A. Choosing the right pictures...I guess getting a good picture would probably be step one.
B. Getting the chosen pictures to fit correctly in whatever design I choose.

Here are some of my favorites:

It's going to be hard to choose, but I better hurry up before Christmas is over! 
Time is flying!