Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Never Say It

So I'm not superstitious by any means. 

I say "knock on wood", but don't truly believe it.

I don't believe in jinxing something.


It's a rule, as a mom,  to never draw attention to:
 your child's good eating habits,
or playing independently and quietly
or sleeping through the night
or how long their nap is
or, most importantly, how they haven't been sick in a long time. 
 {toddler time long= at least 3 weeks}

I did it.
I broke the rule. 
I personally think talking about their good sleeping habits and their lack of sickness are a close tie, but sickness takes the win for me. 

This weekend I was telling someone that it seemed as though Adalyn was sick all late-summer and fall and ironically hasn't been sick much this winter. 

I then proceeded to tell this Ben later that day. 
It's amazing she hasn't been sick much this winter- she's been in the nursery, playgroups, the mall playplace, the gym daycare and she's been going strong etc etc 

To which he replies: Aren't you like not supposed to say stuff like that?

Yeah I know, but I already said it today and I wanted to share the realization that we've had a good stretch. Blah, blah, blah

And of course, the following night went down as one of Adalyn's worst nights yet. 
She only really slept from 2am-5am. 
Therefore I only slept from 2am-5am.
She was crying on and off the rest of the time. 
When I went to soothe her, I heard it in her cry...
and then I felt it on her face...
the snot faucet.

It was back.

I jinxed it. 

But I didn't, 
because I honestly don't believe in that. 

But I'm just saying.

The next day continued with a bad nap. 

I was so tired from the night before that we both ended up napping on her chair because it was the only way she would sleep so it was the only way I could catch some extra zzzzs.

I was worried that last night was going to be the same way, but thankfully she slept through and made up for the night before and woke up happy at 10:45am.

She was pretty mellow all day 
and then I had to wake her up from a 3.5 hour nap because we had to go to family dinner. 

And sadly, she's gone downhill since with a runnier nose, sad little cough and a pitiful clingy whine. 

But thankfully a little tubby time will always lift her spirits.

So the moral of the story?

Never say it. 

It's not worth the risk.

Keep it to yourself. 

God is in control. 

My words are not. 

I know this. 

But it's best to just not draw attention to such things. 

It's just the way it works. 

PS. We survived Nemo

Friday, February 8, 2013

Just Keep Swimming Sledding

The big historical snow storm of 2013 has begun.
{btw I'd love to be a fly on the wall of a storm naming committee meeting}.
{Saw this on fb}
We are projected to get 24+".
Which is insane.
I want to cry just thinking about it.
The snow was finally almost gone and now it's going to approximately as tall as half my body.
Yes, that means I'm short but in snow terms it's tall.
Hopefully they will stick to the stereotype and be wrong.

Adalyn and I braved the grocery store yesterday along with the rest of the city and their moms.
I timed it perfectly during her morning nap.
For those who are new to childrearing- that is the primetime to go anywhere in public, specifically when they're strapped in one spot for 45+ minutes.
Please note my sarcasm.

Yesterday was Mr. B's birthday
 and he was away traveling for work so we have big snowy plans this weekend to celebrate filled some some of his favorites.

He's on his way home early to beat the storm.
His cupcakes are baking

I'm making his favorite Orange Chicken tonight

Our crockpot will be busy cooking chili

bbq pulled pork

and chicken tortilla soup

Other snowy staples: Bacon, eggs, cinnamon rolls, OJ, milk, diapers and a few extra goodies for good measure.

This is our first storm on our own
Now that we have our own house and generator there's no need stay at the farm with my family. 
I think that means we are officially grown-ups and it's so bittersweet.

I am so ready for winter to be over, 
but we will make the most of it! 
We've got movies to watch, pictures to edit and, eventually, lots of snow to play in.
Aside from the warm food, the best way for us to make it through this is to
just keep swimming sledding,
just keep swimming sledding,
just keep swimming sledding
swimming sledding, 
swimming sleddingggggg.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Super Bowl

We had big plans last weekend.
A busy Saturday filled with errands, family time and party prep A fun Sunday with a full house filled with church friends for the Super Bowl.
We were looking forward to hosting in our new house. 
Everyone was coming. 
20+ people.
What are the odds that everyone could make it??
That never happens.

But our weekend went a little different than planned and we ended up having a different kind of Super Bowl Party....

I had a dream that I threw up. 
Woke up feeling sick.
Thought maybe it was in my head.
Told Mr. B.
He said he was feeling the same. 
We quickly discovered we got it.
The stomach bug.

As if being sick isn't enough.
As if if being a mom and being sick isn't enough.
To find out your husband is also sick...
that's just a cruel, cruel joke. 
Like, so cruel.

This was the kind of sickness where you're on the toilet then quickly to your knees, then back to sitting, then back to your knees then make it back to sitting....just in time.

You know, in case you wanted all the dets. 
You're so very welcome :)

The kind where you need to pretty much sleep all day or you'll lose it. 
With a fever, achy joints and knife-like jabs to the stomach.

{I know my last post was about my fertility fears, but
this sickness was confirmation that I'm not quite ready to be sick 24/7 just yet! Ugh, I forgot how miserable it is.} 

I was so thankful for my mom for coming over to rescue Adalyn-both for her health and to allow us to rest! 
This was also the first time I left her overnight-much sooner than I had planned!-it was really sad, but necessary. 
It made it easier knowing that I couldn't really take care of her though and I knew she was in great hands!
I appreciated all the picture messages throughout the day too!

So all that mouth watering party food?
Not so much.

Thankfully the worst of it was less than 24 hours.
We let the fresh air in, washed everything and lysoled every.thing.

And we've been praying health and protection for Adalyn because this bug is knocking down our family members one by one. 
We do not want her little body to get this nasty thing!!

And thankfully, every day she's been waking up happy and healthy. 

Mr. B and I are just about 100% better now and we are praying for no more sickness!

And that her immunity system keeps staying strong!! 

The positive to this sickness was it was a good jumpstart to my Bahamas diet.
But I'm eating cookie dough ice cream in bed at 9:45PM so...
you win some, you lose some.