Friday, July 23, 2010


This Friday, one year ago, we were spending our morning in the salon.
The weather is actually the same today as it was then.
Perfect for frizzy hair.
Has it really already been one year??

** I'm kind of confused because I think it has been a year. Technically tomorrow is our one year, but it was this Friday in July so that makes it one year too, right? If not, let's pretend it makes sense, ok? Thanks.**

The closer we got to our anniversary the more we started talking about what we were going to do to celebrate.
And the more we realized we are still poor newlyweds.
Spending $7 on a bag of cheetos is just as painful as it was on our honeymoon.
$7 still equals $700.
So we decided we will just go out for dinner and start saving for a fun 5 year anniversary celebration.

It's important to have these conversations.
It kills the suspense of the what ifs.
What if I spend a lot of money on him and he gets me nothing.
I will be mad.
He will feel bad.
I will never forget.
What if he gets me something way better than I get him.
What if he gets me something I don't think was worth the money.
I'll have to put on a smile and pretend its ok.

You get the idea.
so the decision was made.
No gifts.
Just dinner and enjoying our weekend together.
This morning I receive this email:

Beautiful Wife,

We are doing something special for our one year anniversary, and I am
not going to tell you what it is until this evening... So PLEASE do
not snoop!! (Also do not freak about money, everything has already
been paid for.)

I will send you emails thorughout the day giving hints and
instructions, the first of which is at the bottom of this email.

I will also give you a favorite moment of the past year married to
you, so here is the first one:

Playing cards in the livingroom and letting you win..

Hint #1: You will need to pack, so prepare for two nights!

Love you!!


Some people like surprises.
I don't.
I am a planner.
I hate having no control.
No idea.
I will be freaking out all day.
I am determined to do no snooping.
I did too much snooping during our engagement week and felt really guilty.
Lesson learned.

I have no idea how he paid for this.
I will try my best to relax, enjoy the suspense (ha!) pack my bags and begin writing a really nice card.
And justify that an anniversary is really more for the husband to do for the wife anyways....right?? :)

P.S I love how he adds that he "let me win", I'm guessing after reading the rest of the email that I am supposed to let that line slide, feed his pride and appreciate the fact that beating him in cards is only because he let me. Yeah oooooook.

And just before I was going to post this I got a new email!
Which I may or may not be checking every 30 seconds btw.

Moment #2: Our very first dog experience - as ridiculous as it was it
was something I will never forget and showed me how quickly you can
love something regardless of looks.. Like me!!

Hint #2: Bring your bathing suit and maybe a beach chair

7 more hours until the suspense is over!!
I can do it!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Living For the Weekends.

This summer is different than all our others.
This summer we are living for the weekends.

We are grown ups now.
And when I say grown ups I mean Mr. B works full time and
Roxie and I lounge around the apartment {and I am part part time nanny} and we wait for
Mr. B to get home.
Roxie enjoys her favorite sun spot in the morning and I catch up on some shows.

The days pass by and we look forward to the weekends.
The taste of summer we once experienced every day is now just two days a week
and we try to enjoy every moment of it...

The great helpers when we visit my parents' house.
the extra love and attention {as if she could possibly get any more!}
the acres of open grass to run around in,
the chickens to chase {and their poop to always find and eat!}
the many cute photo opps,

A taste of the sweet stuff {which we seem to be getting every weekend}
30 365 day-eat-junk-and-hopefully-work-out-one-day shred is in action bytheway.

Car rides up north to Mr.B's parents' lake house,
Where someone tries really hard to get comfy...

At least her legs are crossed and she is sleeping like a lady..

the sunny days on the boat

She stays like this when the boat is in motion.
She is not a big fan of the wind...yet.
Note: Roxie and Mr. B -apparently this was an eyes closed photo.

The newest photo of The Smelly Family :)
Yes, her eyes are still closed...she fell asleep like that.
The boat wipes her out.

She chooses to sleep like this.
We enjoy life at the lake.
And time with family.

And we love our weekends.

And we can't wait for this upcoming long weekend!