Monday, March 22, 2010

Pretty Nails

Can you guess what my favorite color nail polish is??
I love my nails painted, I paint them about once or twice a week. There is something about it that makes me feel much more feminine and put together. Mr. B is a fan of the natural look, so every once in a while I give my nails a chance to breathe don't paint them, for no other reason of course other than to make him happy. I don't see what it matters to him anyways so when I say every once in a while, I really mean maybe every two months or so. Dark colors are my fav, in case you didn't catch that from the photo above (shout out to Courtney- miss you and the special nail bond we have!) I think this has been the longest I have been without painting them- it's been about 3 weeks! The nail polish and I have a little date tonight, while watching Dancing with the Stars, to beautify these nails of mine that have been begging for some paint. I'm pretty excited. Anyone watching DWTS? Should be a decent season, I am hoping it is anyways. I wasn't sure Jake could be any cheesier, but I feel pretty confident he won't let us down with this show either. At least I'm a fan of his partner Chelsea, she was on So You Think You Can Dance a few seasons ago, so that should make the dancing a little more bearable. I also think Kate should be an interesting one to watch.

Anyways....What's your favorite color? Do you go for the expensive like O.P.I? I wish I could, but I just can't get myself to spend $9 on a bottle...of course then I pay for it when my 99 cent one is chipping the next day so it's probably worth the extra money.

P.S. Had to show off the perfect shape of my meatloaf tonight. It usually comes out looking like a very messed up brain. I was proud-this is an improvement.

P.P.S I realize the title to this post is SO lame, I apologize.


Courtney said...

I'm definitely going to be watching DWTS! :) Can't wait to see how Jake does and Kate! Oh geez! :)

Natalie said...

I LOVE nailpolish too. But the real reason I wanted to comment is to tell you that I have the same picture frame that's behind the nailpolish in my bedroom : )

Chelsea said...

My mom is a hairstylist and owns her own salon.... so I sneak in and paint my nails there!! =) Haha but otherwise I talk her into getting the OPI ones for me

Jagged Little Life said...

Um I LOVE DWTS! & Chelsea is one of my favorites as well.. I don't think I can stand to watch Vienna watch Jake and Jake watch Vienna all season though! My favorite will always be Maksim though :)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Your collection is comical lady!! I am so glad you stopped by my blog because I am LOVING yours!!!! AND, I will for sure be back :)

Lindsay Thomas said...

I paint my nails every once in awhile. I'm too picky about it! I'm impatient when they're drying and if there's a little nic, then I get really mad and half the time take it all off! Watched DWTS - hopefully next week everyone will be a little better. EEk!

Mrs. Hesson said...

Love the dark colors. Very, very pretty.

I love DWTS. What'd you thin of last night? I liked OchoCinco of course and Erin Andrews. Oh and Jake did pretty good too. But like you, I think it's because I love Chelsie so much. I want to be her friend! Oh, and I want her hair.

Blonde Ambition said...

Here's a tip: buy the OPI clear top coat for your 99 cent polish and it should go further :)

Meant to be a mom said...

ha your perfect shaped meatloaf picture is funny. Thanks for sharing.

And so you think you can dance, I love Chelsea. I'm so glad she's on DWTS the past few seasons.
I only watched a little bit of the show but the tiny bit I got to see so far (I dvr'd the rest). It looked like Pam Anderson looked drunk.

I'm excited to see the rest of the show and make my choice on who will win.