Monday, April 5, 2010

Productive Much?

Our short trip to NH went by so fast, but we accomplished more in those few days than we had imagined!

It was so nice to be back with this cute little man again.
I love this kid so much.
I hate living away from my little sibs and I am so looking forward to moving back home and being involved in their lives.
My big man was offered an awesome job. On Wednesday he met with the recruiter, an hour later he met with the company, the next day he met with the President of the company, five minutes after he left the meeting they made him an offer.
They told Mr. B to be sure to wear a suit jacket when meeting the the night before meeting the President was spent at Men's Wearhouse buying Mr. B black shoes (he forgot to pack them) and his first real suit jacket. I also suggested he wear his glasses for the extra oomph of intelligence. Had to dress to impress. Success.

My grammie found us the perfect place for this next season in our life. I will post about that story later this week. God is so good.

Complete with a great backyard for Roxie. That is the fence that divides our place with my grandparents. That is their white house. We are expecting "Wilson" moments like on Home Improvement.

The weather was absolutely beautiful. We didn't even miss Florida. At all. Not once.
We were able to go to C-Man's first flag football game.

My beautiful sister. Can't wait to have our "sister days" again.
Can you believe we are 10.5 years apart??

My family is going through a farm animal phase. I will introduce you to the most recent additions later this week. We went to visit a goat breeder to take a look at the newest additions that will be joining the Grace Family in June. They are getting a 1 year old female and 2 baby males. The babies will be born in the next few weeks, but look at how cute these other ones on the farm are....

This is the size they will be when they take them home

They are actually really playful and doglike. We are excited to see how Roxie and the baby goats will interact with each other.

THE biggest dog I have ever seen in my life. I am bummed because you can't really tell in the pictures I took. I think my sister took one that might show it better, but wow. They have 7 Livestock Guardian Dogs that live with and protect the goats from predators 24/7. This dog was like 4 ft tall. Seriously. I think I was more fascinated by the dogs than the goats.

We celebrated Resurrection Sunday with our home church, it was great to be back. Because our flight left early in the evening we tried something new and went out for brunch with my family and extended family, went home for dessert and a mini birthday celebration for my sister and uncle, had a quick visit and before we knew it, it was already time to go home.
Clearly, we were tired from waking up early for our Easter baskets.

When I as younger our baskets were attached to string and my dad would go all over the house, outside, through windows etc, we would follow the crazy web of strings and find our basket. Over the years, my dad became lazy tried something new and now we do a twenty questions type thing. This was probably our last time finding an Easter Basket from my parents now that we will be living in our own place from now on. I think I can handle that change in life.

We are officially in the homestretch! Only 27 more days til the move!!

I have lots of cleaning, unpacking and packing to do today.

I am resuming the 30 Day Shred today as well. I made it to Day 10, but took a break when we were home. So now that I just had a few mini Reese cups for breakfast I think I should get on that....


Chelsea said...

Wow! So many exciting things happening right now... I'm so excited for you guys!

Sarah Ann said...

How exciting :) What a great trip!

Mrs. Hesson said...

Sounds like a very fun Easter weekend :)

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

Sounds like you have some wonderful and exciting things in store for you! Fun pictures. :)

The "Dubs" said...

How exciting! Glad that you got to visit with everyone this Easter. Congrats on the new job! That is WONDERFUL news!!

Kristin said...

Sounds like a fun trip~ My DH and I had a wonderful vacation to NH this fall and fell in love with the state! I also have a sis that's 10 years younger than me, and believe it or not, my DH and his brother still get Easter baskets from their mom (and he's 33)! Hope you're having a great day! ~Kristin from Windy Poplars

Vic said...

Makes me miss my little sis more and more:) Beautiful family!

Natalie said...

wow 27 days--that's practically tomorrow!
Yeah, my hub and I def. still get easter baskets from his parents--i love it : )

AKat said...

hooray for finding a place to live and for your hub's job! i am SO excited about new england and meeting up somewhere fun this summer! please be praying for our upcoming house scouting trip! i'll keep you posted!

Amber said...

Good luck with the move. It's amazing how well all of this is coming together for you. God is so good!

PS - I have much younger siblings as well - my little brother is 6 and my sister-in-law is seven. It's so much fun!

Annie said...

oh my gosh, i want a baby goat!! how flippin cute!!
glad you had a great easter! sounds like things are looking great for you right now :) how wonderful!
have a great week!!

Simply Me said...

new follower :)