Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Getaway

Mr. B's birthday weekend getaway.

We began the weekend with lunch at Mr. B's favorite place: Quiznos.

We drove down to Clearwater Beach and stayed at this lovely little hotel
(priceline is a great way to get good hotels at a cheap rate!)
It took me a while to get over the fact that this hotel is the kind with doors on the outside, rather than a hotel building with a hallway.
For some reason I feel safer in those ones.
Blame it on the TV and the movies, but it seems like bad things happen in these kind of hotels. Sometimes my imagination gets the best of me. Mr. B threatened to take away my shows if this was how I was going to act and I needed to stop complaining and enjoy the weekend. After all..this was his weekend. It's difficult sometimes to be on the giving end. Of course, I knew no matter what, I was safe because my sleep through everything, snoring, unaware of his surroundings when sleeping macho protector of a husband would fight off any danger after I try my hardest at waking him.

The highlight of our trip, the number one reason we stayed in a hotel:
The blackout curtains that make it legit and easy to sleep until 10.
Surely, if there is no light coming into the room you must keep sleeping. It's a rule.

Ready for dinner at Carrabba's

My all-time fav and the only thing I ever get: The Pollo Rosa Maria- delish!

Mr. B tried something new- Margarita Pizza = fail. It's a let down when
your birthday dinner is not up to par with the Pollo Rosa Maria,
hence why it's so crucial not to order anything else.

What's left to do when your dinner isn't up to par and it's your birthday?? See if YOU are up to par! Hmm...I was trying to think of a good segway about failure.

For once in our lives we were spontaneous--we decided to play some mini-golf instead of going to the movies. Although I had an outstanding come back, Mr. B did beat me. Clearly, this was on purpose... seeing as he was the birthday boy and all.
What better way to play golf than in 3 inch boots, right?

The best way to finish off any night.

We were excited because the hotel had a lot of new movies to rent. We selected Couples Retreat....$15.99 + tax!!!!! umm..nevermind. Are you kidding me?!?!? We could GO to the movies for that much! It was $5.99 + tax for an episode of The Office that you can get for FREE online. Needless to say, we did not watch a movie, instead we spent an hour (maybe two) flipping through channels-- which really was a luxury. It's not as entertaining at home with our basic cable.

Spontaneity #2: Waking up at 4:35 AM for the shuttle launch.
Do you see it?
Neither could we...turns out it was delayed until Monday night because it was too cloudy. A little warning or automatic shut off of the alarm would have been appreciated; talk about rude! Although, as mentioned in my previous post, I might have already been up at that time sleep walking searching for batteries. As I stated earlier, those hotel curtains work really well and I was getting very irritated that I could not a. find the light and b. find my, there were no batteries in our room, but ever try to convince a person sleep walking that they are wrong? Not a good idea...we will only get more annoyed that you don't know what you are talking about.

Mr. B's actual birthday day was spent sleeping in, getting Firehouse subs and heading home. (Mr. B really likes subs can you tell??) Who picks a sub shop for their birthday meal?? I was ready for some steak, but once again, not my birthday so I have no say...

After lunch, we went to the movies and saw Edge of Darkness. The action packed, kill everyone, blood everywhere kind of flick is not exactly my type of movie, but we are seeing Valentine's Day on Friday so it cancels out.

I made him some extra moist cupcakes and sang "Happy Birthday"
And made some queso as we watched the SuperBowl and fell asleep at 10.
Perfect weekend.


Margaret said...

I'm glad to hear your husband had a good birthday weekend! Those cupcakes look so yummy! Would you like to send me some on my birthday:)!

Meant to be a mom said...

Yum so much food in this post.
I love the boots while mini golfing. Wouldn't do it any other way.
I'm glad you guys had fun, happy birthday to your hubby.
Also I completely know what you mean about the hotels with the doors on the outside. I feel the same way. Not sure why?

Ronda said...

$15.99 that is ABSURD!! Craziness as its best!! Especially when you can watch whatever you want for free on the Web of course they probably also charged $15.99 for wireless too!!! So either way they get ya!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

ohhh what a great weekend! i miss firehouse subs...they closed the one down by our house!
happy bday hubs!