Sunday, February 14, 2010


First off, not only did my dream come true, I received more than I could have ever dreamed of...I have 29 followers! I got 9 followers on Friday and 3 stragglers over the weekend- thank you Friday Follow and those that chose to follow me. Whether it was out of pity, or not, is of no meaning. I will remain naive in denial and believe it was out of love for me and my blog...we have become one.

We have had a great, relaxing, love-filled weekend. I don't even think we argued once. I guess all the more reason to make everyday Valentine's, right? That would be pretty amazing. Mr. B's parents were supposed to be visiting this weekend, but there flights were cancelled due to all the snow storms. Huge bummer. No free dinners. No expensive restaurants. No steak. No Busch Gardens. No deep cleaning the apartment. Yes to cooking this weekend. And of course, most importantly, no quality time with his parents. We haven't seen them since Thanksgiving and we were looking forward to having them here and for them to see our first place. The good thing is they have rescheduled their visit and will be here in March! Hopefully by then the weather will have warmed up! Yes, we are unofficially officially Floridians and 65 degrees is not warm.

Yesterday Mr. B sent me to the salon to fix my hair!! When you are a poor newlywed couple a trip to the salon becomes a gift and is no longer a mandatory occurrence. I think this was both a gift to himself and to me. I may have gotten the impression he was tired of hearing me complain 1,897,765 times a day about how much I hate my hair and how ugly and pale I look. Every woman knows a haircut and color can make all the difference in the world...clearly both good and bad. So praise the Lord the dark hair is gone! I had some highlights put in. It's not as light I would like it to be, but again newlywed + no money = no appointments to fix dark roots. So the blondes are on hold for the meantime.

Later that afternoon we saw Valentine's Day. We had some good laughs, but morally it was pretty depressing. George Lopez's relationship was basically the only honorable one. A key theme I did like was the importance of being married to your best friend. I couldn't agree more and I can't picture spending my days any other way. I am so thankful to wake up with my best friend by my side every day, knowing we are going through this journey together. Anyways we gave the movie a C.

Today we had church, went to Smokey Bones and then grocery shopping. I had a coupon for SB $10 off $20 so it only costs $12. Score. We split an extremely healthy meal consisting of Chili Nachos and Fire Stix (Cheese fries, with bacon, chipotle mayo, BBQ sauce and ranch dressing) aka clogged arteries for $12...not bad at all. Need I remind you, you are reading Ms. Bargain's blog.

Also, apparently Valentine's is the perfect day to go food shopping. The stores were dead. Walmart. Weekend. NO LINE. Could this day get any better?

Oh yeah, maybe if Mr. B smiled while taking a few hundred pictures...
Happy Valentine's Day!
<3 Smelly Love

And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them altogether in unity.
Colossians 3:14

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Ronda said...

Sounds like a great weekend...but funny that you mention the George Lopez relationship on Valentines Day as a highlight...the one they only show from a distance, from the door way, for like 10 seconds of the 2 hr movie...but you are right that was the highlight of the whole movie!! LOL