Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Birth Story Pt 1

 Adalyn is going to be a month old tomorrow {GASP!} and I still haven't written the birth story.

Or her 3 weeks update....which doesn't consist of much, but still!

This is not good- I really need to get better at documenting. I don't have a baby book yet, this is all I have and I know I am going to forget if I don't get to writing these things so I am going to try real hard to be more disciplined about it. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

That was when I started this post....now she IS one month old. 6 weeks to be exact.

Now I have the birth story, other misc events, 1 month AND Christmas. 

Oh yeah and now it's a NEW YEAR!

It's seriously time to get serious. 

Or if we could just stop time for a few days that would be great too. 

At this rate she may even be a year old by the time I get to posting.


Oh and I have decided to split this into two post since it's pretty lengthy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I went in for my 38 week check up on November 16th and found out that Adalyn was head down, I was 1.5 cm dialated and 70% effaced. My Dr. thought that she would most likely be making her appearance after Thanksgiving, she wanted to make a quick appointment right before Thanksgiving just to make sure everything was okay and then we would schedule another appointment for the 28th and talk induction if needed. 

After that check up I knew it was game on

I bought an exercise ball and bounced and bounced and bounced.

I went on looooong walks almost every day.

I drank raspberry leaf tea every day. 

I drank hot chocolate every day.

I ate pineapple.

I ate chinese.

I ate Mexican.

I took long baths.

And I did other...things that people say works that is really uncomfortable and unenjoyable when you're 9 months pregnant and feel like a whale.

I realized while doing all of the above that it really only works if your body and the baby are ready.

And who is to say what really works for them. 

Isn't it kind of a fluke? You could walk every day and then one day you walk and you go into labor so then walking is what did it? Ya know? I'm not totally convinced. 

But since this is how it appears to work that way my induction tool was this...
Eggplant Parmesan. 

I've never had that before, but I read online that that is supposed to work. Mr B's parent's were in town and they coincindently chose to have dinner at an Italian place so I figured I'd go for it.

Fyi- it tastes like chicken.

I also tried to get my niece to send some loving, kicking vibes to Adalyn.
She really wanted to meet her cousin.

I took our picture just in case it was our last night out- I was believing in this eggplant.

The next morning I had my 39 week check up at 8:30.  It was supposed to be on Tuesday night, but I changed it to Monday  morning the week before with hopes that there would be some progress.

Good thing I did!

I went into the appointment expecting little change if any. I wasn't really in pain or anything like I was in the weeks before, but I was still keeping my fingers crossed.

The Dr. came in, she did her check and to both of our surprise in just those few days I had progressed to 
3 cm, -1 station and very ripe cervix. 

"Well...do you want to have the baby today?"


Thank you, Eggplant Parm.

Mr B and I were freaking out- both nervous and excited. We couldn't believe it was actually going to happen. 

My Dr. knew I really wanted to have her before Thanksgiving because of all the family that was in town {and I'm sure she wanted to enjoy her holiday as well!}

So we call our parents and let them know it's go time. 

They said that this was more of an "augmentation" than an induction. 

My body was ready- they were just helping to speed up the process. 

I originally didn't want an induction, so finding out it was an augmentation made me feel better. 

Whether it really meant anything different than an induction or not who cares at this point! 

I was just so happy she would be here BEFORE Thanksgiving and with both our families in town. 

So my Dr. breaks my water in her office, which is connected to the hospital, she gives me one of those pad liners meant for the bed and tells me to put it in my pants and head over to labor and delivery and they will take care of me. 

Still a little in shock and everything feeling so surreal, that's what we did. 

Waddling {even more}.

And feeling rather gross, wet and self conscious. 

{Sidenote: my Dr. is a great Dr and I am so glad to have had her- why I was walking all around the hospital with my water pouring out and onto my jeans....I have no idea!!}

We get to the room, I go to the bathroom and continue to have my water leaking everywherrrrre.

There was zero control.

It was slightly embarrassing, but I quickly realized this is just the beginning of my modesty going out the window. 

The nurse that I had first I was so not a fan of. 

She claims to have been working there for 25 years, but you would think she was new to the job. 

And she vocalized that.

She didn't appear too confident in anything she was doing and she let us know. 

She told me she is very messy with IVs, but she cleans it up after.

So don't worry.

She had me take off my rings so the blood doesn't get on them.


She went for it and I let her know I am pretty sure that was my wrist bone.

She agreed and kept doing her thing. 

laugh or cry. laugh or cry.
This lady was nuts!

Fear began to set in a little as I realized she could be my nurse the whole time.

She continues to trip over IV cords, be wishy-washy with the dose of my pitocin and umm dissing my Dr with comments here and there. 

Then my heart stopped as It was time for me to be checked to see the progress I was making. My Dr. was busy in her office and the nurse had mentioned that if she doesn't get her shortly then she will have to check me. 

I am sorry, but there is no other response {mentally, of course} other then helllllll no!!!!!

The checks are painful enough with a competent Dr, no way did I want this lady all up in my vi vi.

As she was putting on her glove....my Dr. walked in.

Que the hallelujah chorus.

Serious answer to prayer. 

{ I had to lift my arm up over my head during contractions because it was really hurting my ribs on that side}

They didn't believe me that I was really contracting that much {without looking at the screen of course} so they told me to look like I am having contractions...
I couldn't really do it with out smiling though.
But they were real!

I was progressing nicely- it was 3:30 and I was 5-6 cm and I was contracting about every 1.5 - 3 minutes.
The contractions at this point where getting a lot more intense, but still bearable.
{This is a real contraction face- when they were getting more intense}

I knew from the beginning that I wanted an epideral- they offered it to me at this point, I thought I could probably go another hour or so without it, but they told me that you never know if the anesthesiologist would be busy when I need it, he could be busy now and not come for another hour, we could miss it if I progress too quickly etc etc, so I just decided to go with it. 
{Loved the anesthesiologist btw! Which is a good thing when you are making a potentially paralyzing decision!}



 I couldn't believe all the contractions I was having and not feeling a single thing. 

I also couldn't believe the lack of control I was having on my umm...excretion of gas, if you will.


But again, modest is hanging by a thread out the window by now and I was too worried about pooping during labor that I wasn't too horrified by my uncontrolled gas passing.

I tried resting, but it was near impossible- I was too excited and nervous.

Time ticked by and we all sat around for the next couple hours.

 By 7:30 I was 9 cm and almost ready to roll.

At this point, I was feeling my contractions but they weren't painful just pressure.
{My dad hiding while I am getting my final check}

At about 8:15 I was about 10 cm and it was go time!
Saying our goodbyes until after the grand baby arrives!

I was told it would probably be about 2.5-3 hours until baby arrived.

I was in denial and thought for sure that was too long and she would be here before that. 

My dad, Mr. B's parents and his sister waited in the waiting room.

We turned up Scotty McCreery 
and the pushing began.

PS- I tweeted Scotty and told him his music helped me through my labor.

Never heard back.
Is he busy or something??
Or probably weirded out. 
Mr. B reminded me he is only 17 and probably didn't know how to react to such details...


Rachel and John said...

Hahaha a 17 year old boy is probably so scared of labour!

Can't wait to hear the rest!

Natalie said...

omg i cant believe that crazy nurse!! she should probably not work there if she can't even walk right-don't want her dropping babies or anything! :)
i love reading your story because it is polar opposite from mine. i have ONE picture from in labor haha! so special you got to really experience and document it all!