Thursday, December 8, 2011

Skinny Cow

This whole "new mom bod" thing is really weird.

I'm skinny, but I'm fat.

I'm not quite sure how to handle it. 

I feel like I am Biggest Loser finale material.

The drastic change accompanied by the loose skin.

But it happened in two weeks  and I hardly worked.

Yet, I worked the hardest and experienced the most pain I ever have in my life.

And still trying to forget about it.

A couple days before I had Adalyn I really didn't think I was that big. 

 Strangers made it clear they thought otherwise though.

Now looking back at pictures I see that I was that big. 

And now I feel small.

But I don't.

I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight and I fit into all my clothes.

But there's a little big something extra sagging in the front. 

It's weird.

And squishy.

And jiggly.

It does look tan though so that helps a teeny tiny bit. 

And when I say "tan" I mean it's darker skin from stretching out and coming back into droopy land.

We won't even talk about what my belly button looks like.

Of course Adalyn is worth every bit of it. 

And I realize it could be a lot worse. 

But it's just a weird phase to feel so skinny, but also so fat. 

And when I say "so skinny"- it's in comparison to this.
And this

So right now, I am enjoying my little girl and all the snuggles.

The quick and easy weight loss {and I'm not even breastfeeding}

And speaking of my boobs....those took on a whole new look of their own as well,
but we won't go there either. 

So maybe in about 4 weeks Jillian Michaels and I will reunite to try and conquer this whole pouch situation.

But until then I think the term Skinny Cow is a fair assessment :) 


Natalie said...

We are seriously the same person. I lost all but 3 lbs. of my weight SO fast but things just aren't the same-like you said, the droopy squishy-ness in the front just isn't conducive to well, really any clothes!
We'll get there! I just bought a new workout dvd yesterday and I have high hopes!

Victoria said...

Ohhh you aren't alone. I had my 2nd baby in May, and things are even more "south" than before.

Amy said...

oh my gosh I feel your pain! I gave birth 5wks ago and still feeling fat! I hate it! I just want to lose the weight! Your daughter is so cute congrats!!!!1

Lori said...

i am so with you on this!! i felt so super skinny after I gave birth, but at the same time its flabby!! I finally (after 9months) started to diet, but I am sorta thinking I need to get my butt up and do some crunches, cause the flab is still here!

Lisa Marie said...

It will get better girl! I promise! Especially since you lost it SO fast! Go you! I gained 45 pounds (Whoa, I know!) and I lost it pretty quickly but I was like you...trying to figure out how I could weight the same but look so different. Anyway, about 8 weeks after having EG everything was back to normal (or as normal as its gonna get). Just be glad you won't be taking a beach trip anytime soon like I did, ha! Adalyn is just a doll! Congratulations and cuddle her ALL the time, because before you know it she will be 6 months old and crawing!

"B" said...

Oh no - My husby and I have not come out yet with our secret but I am scared! I have always been in super shape, but I hear the stories after birth that scare me :) I am sure the reward is worth the sacrifice though ... I am sure you look better than you think, changes are just scary :)

Rachel and John said...

Girl you're doing good. I lost all my weight by 5 months but only 2 pairs of my pervious pants fit me. And my boobs are still giant from nursing so none of my button-up shirts or dresses fit me at all. GAH. Totally worth it though.

Paige said...

Oh girl, I am in the same boat! I was just referring myself to that term earlier. I lost all of my weight but 2 lbs really quick but things are SO not the same. Boobs...ha, I can't even go there. I just makes me wonder IF my hubs is still even attracted to me! haha! jk.

Holly said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel! After my tripelts were born, I lost 48 pounds in like three days, after gaining about 80-85 pounds through the 32 weeks carrying them. The rest of the weight came right off, all within two weeks, I lost 85 pounds!!!!!! (Talk about Biggest Loser! It was A LOT of water!) But then I was left with this body that was never in my imagination. I did have some stretchmarks, but nothing like I have seen others have, but my boobs just didn't look the same AT ALL. I was really not happy because my whole life I was tall, thin and firm and after having triplets, well, I was tall, thin and NOT SO firm, haha!! It's a VERY strange transition and just when I was getting used to it, I became pregnant again, and so my boobs came back and of course my big belly is here for another 2 months, but I know what's going to happen after her birth and I am already dreading it!

I guess the best advice to give after a year is to just focus on your sweet baby girl and go from there! You will look beautiful no matter what! And don't forget every woman goes through this and all those same feelings and issues after having a baby....or 3! Take care girl!