Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Never Again

Ignore the stains on the couch.

It's Roxie drool and needs to be cleaned.

Ignore the fact that Rawhide is bad for dogs.

It keeps her busy and quiet.

Let's focus on the mess, shall we?
{never mind the drool stains on the window- that's a free and I am willing to sacrifice}

You see, this clearance 97 cent treat is so not worth it.

If I could go back in time I would say do not do it!!!!!

It's not a good deal.

It's a scam.

What's the point of keeping them busy if you have to clean up after the fact therefore creating more work for yourself??

This 97 cents is not worth the 10 minutes of sanity that it gave.

You are actually spending 97 cents on yourself to vacuum the living room again. 

The rug.

The couch.

Trails through the kitchen.

Our bed.

One treat.

This is obviously not the one she ate.

I bought 4 of these.

Oh yes I did. 

So not only did I pay 97 cents to vacuum again.

I threw away a few dollars, too.

The rest of those darn treats are finding a new home in the trash.

We will be sticking to peanut butter in the Kong.

Who me?


Never. Again.

And here's a better question...

What is so unappetizing about all those little pieces?

Why can't she eat those??

Seriously, never again.


Rebekah said...

Haha, oh no! I got Glenda two of those and she ate them just fine. She does tear a ball of her into teeny tiny bits that the vacuum can't pick up so I'm constantly picking those up!

Holly said...

Yeah...been there done that! It is SO NOT WORTH IT!

Ashley said...

Oh Roxy!!!

LOL Live and learn!!

Jessica Hilton said...

I've only had that issue with the "cute" rawhides. Around Christmas time I had bought some candy cane looking ones from PetCo, that were really thin rawhide wrapped with a bacon flavor raw hide and I had the same problem like the one you just posted about.

Ever since then I just stick to the regular bone shaped raw hides that are a little heavier. I haven't had any problems with those -thank goodness too because those are my go to snack for my dogs to have with them throughout the day while I'm at work. We've got some anxiety issues we're dealing with, LOL.