Tuesday, October 23, 2012

By the Calendar.

Can we pause time so I can at least fill out my calendar for July?!?
This has been like this for almost 5 months now.
A reminder of how fast time has gone by.
If only time would go by as slow as my procrastination calendar.
It would be so wonderful.

How is it that my baby is now less than a month away from turning one?!
Sunday she turned 11 months.

I went to my friend's wedding on Saturday and she looked so big compared to my old roomie's baby.
When did she get so big?!
She is the youngest in our group of friends we have here in NH- seeing her next to a 6 week old put it into a new perspective of how she's really not a baby anymore.

So as time continues to fly by, I continue to keep busy.

I'm getting things together for the big first birthday.

My little photography business has been much busier than I ever expected!

And I recently started selling Scentsy too!

And of course, I'm always busy capturing pictures of my sweet girl too!

And precious moments with her friends

So as badly as I want time to stand still.
As badly as I wish time really did line up with my calendar.
It doesn't. 


So I continue to find the balance of being busy and enjoying each moment because it goes way too fast. 


Joeylee said...

Your pictures are amazing. Can't wait to see more of Adalyns party

Refrigerator Memories said...

I LOVE the fall photos of your girl! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! I enjoy following your little girl. She is precious. Many blessings

Free To Be Me said...

Stumbled across your blog today and oh my goodness...you're so cute! Loving that little baby too :) I'm definitely trying the nail polish/PAM trick tonight and want to start looking for a dresser so i can do a DIY makeover like you did! Definitely becoming a follower of this cute little blog!

Tiffany said...

Nadia made your blog?! :)