Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Keeping it real...

These vibrant flowers are spicing up our dining room. 
excuse: too cheap to buy the good ones. too preoccupied to throw them out. 

These are "hiding" on the side of my couch. 
excuse: I'm going to sell them... {almost 2 months and going strong...} 
{PS. Be careful when you sign up for a free trial with the honest company!}

Almost 9 months in our new house and we still have no curtains up. 
in our bedroom. Living room. Bathroom. Dining room. Kitchen. 
excuse: curtain rods and curtains are expensive. next month...

This has been sitting on our floor for a week. 
excuse: pure laziness.

Our main bathroom/ex-laundry room looks like this. 
No blind since we moved in, let alone curtain! 
excuse: I'm going to get wooden blinds....
 and something special to put in that space... {1 month and going strong..}

Our microwave has no glass plate.
excuse: who shops in the microwave glass plate section and do they even sell these in stores?
But bonus points that it's semi-clean...

Like mother, like daughter....because of mother.
Sitting in her room since Saturday. 
excuse: laziness and going on vacation soon so it's easier to find things this way...

Awesome pinterest worthy bow holder. 
excuse: i need to fix her bow holder. easy nap time fix...{9 months and going strong...}

Beautiful welcoming wreath.
excuse: going to make an easter wreath. going to make a spring wreath. going to make a summer wreath. going to make a 4th of july wreath. going to make a fall wreath. Seriously, I am...

Since Saturday...
excuse: laundry room is in basement mixed with mommy brain. 

Roxie's nails are like eagle talons. 
excuse: i'm lucky if I can keep up with Adalyn's talons. 

I've eaten more of this dough than I'd like to admit. 
And that's as real as that statement is getting. 
excuse: fatty mcstuffins mixed with boredom, mixed with perfectly tempting bite sized pieces, mixed with no self-control.

Haven't posted in 2 weeks and figured why not go through my house and take pictures with my phone of a few of the many examples of "it is what it is"/borderline lazy/mom of a toddler life. 
It was certainly an easy post and enough of a filler until I can think of something else that is hardly deemed worthy of posting. 


Ashley said...

My front door is wreathless as well and I have laundry in baskets that are longer than I week old! I hate that job!!

Ashleyrose said...

If it makes you feel any better I have 3 laundry baskets of clean clothes that aren't even folded, we have been having breakfast for dinner (aka eggs because I am too tired to cook anything else), and my hair is on day 4 of not being washed (thank you Lord for dry shampoo!).

Hilary said...

Well, you made me feel better because I have many of the same things going on, but I don't have the excuse of a toddler!!! :-X

Mallorie said...

I love this post. So much :-)

cait said...

you sure you didn't come to my house?! love this so much!! I chuckled out loud a few times bc of how much I can relate!! ;)

Ashley said...

At least your laundry is folded and in a basket. Mine starts on the bed, goes to a chair and then gets worn before it's every hung up. Nothing to feel bad about in this post :)