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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Family Christmas

I'm almost caught up with all my posts and then I am going to try really hard to stay up to date! 

This year we celebrated Christmas with my family a few days early because we were going away for the weekend with my mom's side of the family. 

Because we weren't going to be home for Christmas we didn't set up a Christmas tree and neither did my mom. Through this we learned the illusion that small tree=more presents, ha! 
Good trick, huh? The kids were pretty excited!

The wonderful aunties are always so funny- they basically set a timer for when it's their "turn" to hold Adalyn.
She's a very loved little girl!

A group shot of the awesome aunts and uncles. 
Did you know that my brother is Coach from Survivor? 
I didn't either...
Thankfully the whole greasy pony tail thing was a phase and is no longer existent!

A mini nap session took place 
Naptime with Jesus Uncle Ryan! 

Then it was gift time! Papa G is sporting his new Elmer Fudd winter hat and he is, of course, the #1 Grandpa :) 
The girls worked hard on making me a sister scrapbook. It was very sweet! 

Roux got to open her Christmas presents early, but since Roxie would be joining us on the weekend away I was saving her stocking for later. 
She wasn't a big fan of this plan and seemed rather sad/jealous of Roux's 16 squeaker animal.

First Christmas as parents & grand-parents! 

Somebody happened to be everyone's favorite gift this year :) 

On Christmas day (after the weekend away) we went to spend a few days with Mr. B's parents. 
They live in TX, but have a lake house up north here in NH so it was nice to celebrate and relax with them too!
Couldn't ask for a more perfect gift!

Trying to remember who this lady is...
She remembered! Smiles for Nana! 

Some snuggles with Papa 
We relaxed, watched movies and played some Chicken Foot. 

The following weekend was the Bills vs the Patriots.
Mr B and his family are big time Bills fans {you are welcome to have pity on both me for being married into this and for them for willingly supporting this team- it's really no fun when your team is notorious for losing!}
Why they can't just be Patriot fans I have no idea- but I know it will never.ever.happen. 

For Christmas Adalyn bought Daddy a cute little Bills bow to support his team. 
Mostly because we feel bad for him ;) 

And of course I couldn't resist a little photo shoot in the new bow
She's aware this is silly because at heart she's a Pats fan :)