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Monday, February 1, 2010

The Ceremony

We got married on Friday July 24, 2009 at 6 PM.

Everyone warned me how fast the day goes by, to enjoy it, to not get caught up in the little details…

1. That is the absolute truth!!

2. Easier said than done.

It rained all day (yes they say that is good luck, but c’mon brides aren’t stupid. We know that is just a way to make us feel better before we turn into the number one candidate for Bridezilla!). Thankfully, we did not have to worry about that; our prayers were answered and right when the limo pulled into the driveway there were blue skies and sunshine!

Mr. B and I are total opposites (more details on that in another post) and it proved true even on our wedding day.

I was hiding behind the doors waiting for my cue. I was so nervous. Believe it or not, I hate being the center of attention, so having everyone watch my every move as I strolled down the thank you. Never mind the fact that my eyes would overflow with tears the moment any one hugged me...or touched meor said my nameor looked at me. I didn’t get a lot of sleep and it was an emotional day, ok? I think I was justified to be a little unstable in the

emotion department.

But, as soon as I made it to the alter I took Mr. B’s hand and took a deep breath and ahhh I was relaxed and enjoying the moment. I was smiling, laughing at little funny things (a.k.a things gone wrong. It was laugh or cry, I had to pick my battles) and I was looking forward to getting my groove on (dancing at the reception) after the ceremony. Mr B on the other hand was a different story…

Now, I love my husband dearly, but during the ceremony you would of thought he was standing in front of the guest butt naked. Side note: I got a card from my friend once that had two old ladies sitting on a bench asking each other if it was “buck-naked” or “butt naked”. Funny card. Still don’t know the answer.

I was trying (eye contact and hand squeezes) to get him to lighten up a little. He was so serious the WHOLE time! So there were few smiles exchanged and a very fast first kiss as husband and wife. Why?? Great question! Turns out he was worried everyone could see the sweat dripping down his butt. Lovely. How’s that for a visual? TMI. I apologize.

All in all the ceremony was great. There were a few things that didn’t quit go as planned (other than Mr. B not wearing enough deodorant), but I think I am the only one that noticed. Although we both think it lasted about 5 minutes tops, we accomplished the important things.


I would've had my mom not put my dress quite so tight. Although with a strapless dress there were other fears and wardrobe malfunctions I was trying to avoid, I am not a huge fan of my armpit flab that so beautifully made an appearance squeezing out of the top of my dress. Exactly what I did NOT want to happen and notice in every picture.

As far as the ceremony goes one major thing I would’ve changed is the picture time of just Mr. B and I. I would’ve gone against tradition and had our pictures taken before the ceremony. I think our initial reaction still would’ve been captured, probably even better than at the ceremony seeing as Mr. B was having some sweat overload problems. We would’ve had a lot more time to get good pictures of us doing more poses and at different locations. I am sure if you ask Mr. B he would have a different opinion and thought we took more than enough pictures and why in the world would we need more than 15 minutes?? But, hey what the bride says goes, right? We were just SO rushed doing it after the ceremony before the reception, but thankfully we still managed to get some good shots.