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Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

On Thursday, although it wasn't technically part of the weekend- it was an important day no less, we celebrated Auntie Olivia' birthday!

Wearing her pretty dress that Auntie O got her for Christmas. 

We hung around the house for a little and went out for dinner at Panera {Yummy!!}.
We are so blessed to have Olivia in our lives and we are so thankful that Adalyn has such a great role-model! 
She is a great help with both Roxie and the baby and she is so mature for her age. about 12 going on 20. 

As always we enjoyed tubby time. 

We slept in.
{This looks like one of those weird puppet things, but I just took her legs out of the sleep sack :)}

We went to the dog park and let Roxie have some much needed playtime/get her energy out.
{Dog parks are the best- you just sit there for 40 minutes, let your dog play and then she's tired for hours and hours!}

Then we met with a realtor as we are starting to look into purchasing a house again. 
"Again" as in we were looking before Adalyn was born, took a break and now we are looking again.
Currently we are renting a duplex and very eager to get out!

We spent the night at home relaxing, made some orange chicken and watched the Ides of March {too many swears for my liking and really sad that politics really are like that...the story line not the swearing. Although, I guess it's probably both!}

On Sunday we went to the earlier service for church and it was a bad idea.
We will not be doing that again.
We had to wake Adalyn up and it didn't go over so well. 
The whole never wake a sleeping baby's for a reason.
I had to go into the lobby 3 times because she was fussing because she was so tired. 
Not really a huge fan of the whole squeeze through the aisles, while tripping over human legs and chair legs and having everyone stare at you while you exit. 
No thanks. 
Lesson learned.

Then we went over to my parents' house for the day to hang out and meet the two newest additions to the farm.
Rylee and Rosko. 
They are 8 week old brother and sister Border Collies.
I was so excited for Roxie to meet them. 
One of the biggest regrets I have is not getting two puppies- or at least a playmate for Roxie.
She is such a social dog and I think she would've loved it.
Unfortunately, finances didn't allow it at the time. 

Currently, she is a little too big to really play with them.
She knows to be gentle, but she is still a giant compared to them and they aren't quite ready for a gentle giant.

She's intimidating regardless of that fact that she can be "gentle".
But soon enough it will be fun for them all!
When did my little puppy like that become a horse?

I was also excited because there would be a baby and puppies in the same room, and I am not really sure if there is anything cuter. 

I am hoping for a good photo sesh in the near future.

{Please note the versatile bow.  Thankfully, the Bills and Pats are the same colors so I just covered up the Bills logo for the day...3 times because Mr. B kept throwing it away!! Grr!}

::Warning, cuteness overload::

We enjoyed a relaxing day and were ready for the big game.

Of course the night couldn't continue with out doing our favorite dance moves {Soulja Boy}.

All good things must come to end. 
And here is the Super Bowl in a nutshell.