Wednesday, June 22, 2011

17 Weeks

Finding the time/energy to do these weekly updates makes time fly by!  But that's a good thing! So here is my 17 week update even though I'm almost 18 weeks!

Total Weight Gained: Down 1 pound. So gained a pound since my 16 week appointment, but still under my starting weight.  

Sleep: Is good! The plain ol' original body pillow has become my best friend and will be making it's way to the hotel we are staying at this weekend for a wedding! 

Maternity Clothes: Still LOVE. Wear mostly non-maternity shirts and dresses, but love my shorts and capris. I bought some clothes a couple weeks ago that thankfully still have the tags on because they fit me so differently and uglierly {new word} now and those baby are getting returned today.  Which btw, I love returning things because it's like "free money" since it's already spent you know, so I am excited to exchange everything for a few new cuter shirts to accommodate my growing belly.

Best Moment of the Week: Find out the Gender!!!!! We are having a baby GIRL. I really really really wanted a girl first, of course I would have been thrilled with a happy baby boy too but I just love all the bows and dresses and all things girly. We already had a girl name and could.not agree on a boy name so we were ecstatic to see the ultrasound! 

Food Cravings: Lots and lots of aversions, but my appetite is slowly coming back. This week I am loving fresh squeezed lemonade made my Mr. B- it's the most sour, shocking drink ever but totally hits the spot! Just like granny smith apple- this is so not like me! I never drink lemonade or like sour things! 

Aversions: Pretty much everything, but two major major aversions: 
 1. Steak  2. Wishbone Italian Dressing.     GAG!

Symptoms: Still having morning sickness but thankfully it's now only about 2 days a week instead of 2+ times every day like it was, still feel car sick {nervous for out 8 hour drive tomorrow!},  occasional heartburn, hairy belly lol, and my newest symptoms is starving every two hours! This could be dangerous- but I am trying to keep the snacking healthy.

Movement: I don't think so.  Maybe some flutters, but no real movement or anything that I know for sure. I am anxiously awaiting though! 

Gender: GIRL!!! 

What I miss: Not feeling sick in the car, being able to slowly wake up/relax in bed until I am ready to get up, eat deli from restaurants like Panera. But who cares- it's all SO worth it! 

What I'm looking forward to: Feeling some kicks and movement!

Weekly Wisdom: Find some good deals on craigslist- don't waste all your money at the stores {just some because that is fun, too :) } I just got a huge trash bag of brand name winter girl clothes for $50. I am so pumped! It was an awesome deal! 

Milestones: Found out the gender & we started the registry! 

I know I used this picture a couple days ago, but it's my "official" weekly shot. And please note we now have 3 ducks in the background, hoping for 4 next week ;) 

{Never mind, it's not letting me upload any pictures...}


PattyAnn said...

Congrats on your first GIRL! And yes they are SO SO FUN!

Lil' Woman said...

I'm so excited your having a girl..I can't wait to see all the pink, girly, ruffly, stuff you get her.

Natalie said...

i have a friend who craved lemon-y stuff when she was preg and one night she drank straight lemon juice (like the kind you cook with) mixed with tons of salt. ICK! I can't imagine, but maybe you will like it since you're liking sour stuff?
Craigslist is seriously the bomb for babystuff! You should check out garage/yard sales too if you have them in your area. I am banned from them by Tony-I already spent way too much-whoops! : )

cait said...

Oh girl, the aversions were AWFUL for me too. Magically, they just were gone one week for me. I hope that happens for you too because I know how frustrating it is. I had metal mouth on top of it...UGH. Some things still don't taste as good...but I can eat "normal" again, thank goodness. Wanted to pass on the words of hope! :)

I started feeling movements here and there at week're almost there! Mainly in the evening and on days I took a walk or did some type of activity. It's like it gives her tons of energy for the evening. Then in weeks 19 and 20, watch out! She's having a kicking and jabbing party now.

Great find on the girl clothes!! Love your weekly wisdom! Babies don't have to be as expensive as everyone says, I'm a firm believer in that!