Monday, November 14, 2011

The Nursery

Here is the official "tour" of Adalyn's room. 

This is mostly a thrift store/DIY nursery.
Hindsight I am not sure I would do again since I am really an amateur when it comes to these things. 
I have learned why people spend money on themed nurseries and bedding etc.
But I am really pleased with the end result!

This is really like 3rd {and final!} design. 
They all had the same idea and pieces, but it didn't really come together until the very end. 

And of course, I got a lot of idea off Pinterest :) 

I knew I wanted gray walls and kept going back and forth between yellow accents or coral accents.
So the first time it was just gray and yellow, but I wasn't loving it.
Then I decided to go with coral accents and a tiny bit of yellow. It was getting better, but still didn't love it.
Then I went with coral, yellow and teal {and found the perfect curtains} and now I love it. 
I still wish the walls were a tiny bit darker, but oh well :) 

-I got most of the hoops from a thrift store- they were like $2 for 6 of them! I got the rest from AC Moore.
Painted them white and placed various coordinating fabric scraps inside. 

-The letters are from Hobby Lobby {SO happy that we finally got one and it opened just in time!} and I painted those white too. 

This is the view from our room. We live in a pretty small duplex and her room is right across from us. 
- The lamp is from a thrift store for $2.99 and the lamp shade was also $2.99. I covered the lampshade with fabric and then glued on some coral ribbon and a rosette flower made out of scrap fabric. 

- I was so excited to find that little wooden giraffe at a thrift store too. It was $1.99 and its actually a pencil holder. I painted the bottom with some acrylic coral paint {it was dark green and said "Pencils"}

-The "Faith" sign is from Hobby Lobby. I wanted something that said Faith since it's her middle name and for the most part, the colors coordinated well.

-The 2 teal vases, the elephant, crates and bottom vase were all purchased from the thrift store/yard sale too. I painted the crates yellow and the bottom vase coral. The other stuff came in the perfect colors :)

-The shelves on the left side were purchased from Ikea. Everything on the shelves are from....thrift store. Duh.

- And the super cute awesome elephant hamper was a gift from Mama K for our shower and can be found here. 

This is the view from part of the kitchen. 
- Rug is from Ikea- only $20!
- I already had the chest from my room when I was younger. We painted it white, added some padding and stapled on some fabric. 

- The pillow was from a thrift store too and I just made a new cover for it and added some ribbon. 

- Curtains {one of my favorite things in the room!} I found last minute at Bed, Bath and Beyond. After making 2 different types/colors of curtains and not totally loving them I decided I would see if there was anything out there that would catch my eye. Originally I couldn't find anything- I didn't want the curtains to overpower the room since I had a bunch of different fabrics everywhere else in the room. It was starting to become really busy. Too busy. I didn't find anything in the curtain aisle, but decided to check out the shower curtain aisle to see if they had anything. 
And then I found these beauties and decided I do want the curtains to overpower the room and that I could tone down other things instead.  Although they were a little more expensive then I originally wanted to spend, at this point I was done with the whole "homemade" nursery thing and wanted something to look good. 
They were $39.99 each, but the width was way more than needed so I knew I could cut it in half and hem the edges to make 2 curtains out of the one shower curtain. I also had a bunch of BBB coupons for 20% off so it really wasn't too expensive. Then they didn't have another one on the floor, so I asked if I could take the floor model. They said yes and gave me 20% off since it was opened, and I still got to use another 20% coupon. So I cut them, hemmed them, bought some blackout liner and sewed that onto the back and they are perfect! 

-Faux wood blinds were also a last minute touch to the room and add a lot! They are from JC Penny Home Store and were on sale for $15/each- originally $45!

-Mr. B's dad made the beautiful changing station- that was the final piece of furniture that her room needed and it looks wonderful in there! 

-The frames and crates are from thrift stores that I painted. I brought the curtains into Home Depot with me and looked for some paint to match and then I purchased "sample paints" for just $3. 

-The yellow baskets are from Babies R Us

-I made the changing pad cover with some fabric that matched perfectly and was on sale at Joann's {which is where all my fabric is from btw}
-Trash can from thrift store {already in coral!}

-Hamper from thrift store and I added a fresh coat of white paint and covered the top with fabric.

-Mr. B made the bookshelf {and it still needs to be painted}

-I love our friend, Gia the giraffe and I hope Adalyn will too! She was bought with gift cards and can be found here 

-Pillows I made

-Chair is from Ikea

-Lanterns are from iParty and Hobby Lobby

-Mirror and frames are from a yard sale we went to this summer. 

-The crib: one of the most unique parts of her room and one of the first things I found on Pinterest when I had no idea what Pinterest was or what I was doing. It was pinned from this blog. It is the only one on the internet that I have found. I think I'll save the dets on this for a post of it's own.

- Bow holder: Hoping she has lots of hair! Already had the wood painting- repainted it white, glued on ribbon. 

-Saw these pictures on Etsy, decided I could make my own. Made the verse on "Pages" and then had it printed at Walgreens when they were having their "poster sale". It was only $1.99 and I love how it turned out. Frame was a yard sale find that I painted {and distressed} and the matte was white that I also painted with the sample paint from Home Depot. 

-I added some knobs to the changing station. Found these at Hobby Lobby. 

And that completes the detailed tour of her nursery! 

Although it's a lot easier to just buy nursery gear or have other people make it, there is a sense of pride in knowing that YOU made it and how you transformed things! 
And best of all, created something on a cheap budget! 


Kimberly said...

It looks really good! Can't wait to see the post about the crib. It looks like a great way to save space in a small bedroom but I'd love to see how the whole thing came together. Is it a "real" crib in there or something you built yourselves? Either way, great idea!

J and A said...

You did an amazing job. I LOVE it! The colors are great! So excited for you!

Natalie said...

super super love the color combo! the changing pad is so super cute! :)
also, it just needs to be noted that callyn has the same heart snow suit...i have a keen eye for these things :) they will look adorable this winter in their little snowsuits! our little snow bunnies!

Joeylee said...

it looks awesome, good job! is the crib in the closet, I love it!

WinD said...

Wow! you are good at decorating!

Jackie said...

The nursery is so cute! I cant believe you did all of it youself:) Totally came together:) Now all you need in it is a BABY!!!

Lil' Woman said...

The nursery looks amazing and I can't believe so much of it is DIY, it looks awesome and that closet crib, speechless. Please post about it.

Hilary Lane said...

It looks amazing!! I love seeing what people can do with small spaces, because my house is tiny. I love it!

Anonymous said...

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