Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2WW {Round 2}.

Well that was fast.

I didn't even get another blog post in between by first 2ww- which is also slightly depressing btw. 

The good thing about TTC while having a toddler is you're so busy with: 
beach days

and strawberry picking days

and two year molar teething days

and big girl undies days

and pool days

and holidays

and days with sweet personalities

and days filled with drama
that there's really no time for me to have a pity party.

Oh yeah, and of course, that fact that someone can usually be found having a big enough pity party for the both of us. 

So the weeks pass by and I continue to remain hopeful.
I will continue to thank the Lord for our first miracle and the love and joy that she brings to us.
I continue to be confident that He not only knows the desires of my heart, He put them there. 
{thank you shereadstruth for that simple revelation}.

When you have a toddler there's really no drawn out 2ww.
So in the meantime, I will continue to watch the days pass by too quickly as our first baby turns into a big girl.
Always bittersweet.  


Alex Ternes said...

Saying a prayer for you!! Can't believe how big she's gotten.

Hilary said...

Love the beach pics. She's such a cutie. Good luck, girlie! :-)

Gold On Runescape said...

Really like the shore images. She actually is a real cutie. Best of luck, feminine! :-) buy runescape gold