Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Blessing Box

Another week has come and gone. 
Just like that. 
Time goes by so fast and it's getting to be a bit ridiculous. 
And slightly annoying. 

Once again, I'm linking up with Natalie and some sweet friends for another week of the Blessing Box. 
The blessing box has become a blessing in and of itself- for keeping me accountable with blogging AND looking for the joy and good in my week. 
Everyone should join!

This week I was blessed by the fair. 
Sounds a little silly, but I'm blessed by events that are out of the ordinary and that give us an opportunity to make memories and cherish some special family time. 
We were torn about going to the fair this weekend- it's kind of far, semi-expensive, during naptime, during the football game, etc etc- but we did it and I'm so glad that we did! 

We enjoyed delicious food {duh}. 
{Insert yummy chicken tenders and fries that were devoured before getting a picture}

Watched a dog show. 

Met some farm animals. 

And enjoyed our time together.

At this age you really start to plan activities for them and their excitement and it's so fun to see. 

A sweet age where they want their independence, but still want you by their side. 
Just not right by their side. 
We've been hearing lots of  "Me. No, me" lately.
Okay, big girl. 

But there is one area where she does need us right her side 
and I was beyond blessed that Daddy was with us so mommy could "stay with the stroller."

 As we were leaving the fair {and sitting in traffic}, I was noticing that everyone had at least one person in the car with them.
I mentioned to Mr. B how awesome it is to have special things like this that bring people together. 
Whether it be friends or family-and Lord knows everyone and their mom attended the fair this weekend!- it's such a blessing to have these opportunities to have fun, make memories and enjoy the simple things!

How have you been blessed this week?? Grab the code and link up!

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Angie said...

What a great way to spend the weekend! I love love love her outfit :)