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Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Funny: Denial or Dumb

First off, thanks for all the hair feedback! 
I will have to tally the votes and see which style was the winner! 
And then get the courage to make it happen....

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Now, I realize that Roxie's first year of life she was treated like a human. There are currently many situations where she still is, but trust me she is quickly turning into "just a dog". 
 I am proud to say that through all the misconstrued actions as a doggie parent...Roxie doesn't think she is a human. 
By name anyway. 

She is convinced she is a puppy. 
Not a dog. 
Not a doggie. 
A puppy.

We have always called her "pup" or "puppy" so it obviously makes sense.
I just didn't realize the amount of therapy she would later need down the road in order to understand that a puppy is a dog. 
It's really not that complicated.

But, apparently it's confusing to grasp.

{She was walking away to get some water until I said "Hi Doggie"}

I didn't realize her attatchment to this identity until we had Adalyn.
When Roxie comes over to Adalyn I say "Hi, puppy! Hi, doggie! You see the doggie?"
{Although Adalyn is a genius she has yet to answer that question btw}
and I noticed Roxie either stares at me like "Where is the doggie?!?!?"
::Roxie loves other dogs. Has no regard for personal space or I-don't-like-you-I-will-bite-you cues- any kind of attention will get the little nub going. {And by little nub I am talking about her tail, she is a girl so get your head out of the gutter} Other dogs truly light up her world::

So if she isn't staring at me, she is jumping up on the couch to look out the window for said doggie. 
It's become quite comical. 
We try to tell her that she is a doggie. 
She is technically no longer a puppy.
We go over flashcards with her.
We have her look at herself in the mirror and repeat after us.

Just kidding we don't really do that. 
But I know you wouldn't be surprised. 

She just can't seem to get it in her head. So I am thinking she is either in denial about her age..or she's dumb. 

I'm thinking we are going to go with the latter ;) 

Ps. When I played this video to make sure it worked, she heard it and jumped to the window. That pup dog! 

Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July Weekend

We had a great 4th of July weekend filled with family, fun and lots of sun!

We spent the weekend with Mr. B's parents at their lakehouse and we spent the actual 4th with my family. 

We started off Saturday morning modeling our newly made festive bandana/collar....

And a little play/action session....

Took a break, had breakfast and got ready for a day on the boat
The door on the boat broke and Roxie that it was custom made just for her
Mr. B went jet skiing
Then took Roxie for a "swim" in her new life jacket

{this is Roxie begging him to pick her up and Mr. B's face of pain as her nails kept scratching his chest}
She calmed down a little bit....
Right before a full force doggie paddle

We let her relax a little bit and then took her out on another adventure
A kayak ride!
I think she enjoyed it, she seemed to pretty content just floating around.
They looked so cute and peaceful until prego momma decided to join in on the fun...
It didn't quite look the same.

Here I am yelling at Mr. B that we are sinking, that Roxie and I are sitting in the water. 
He didn't believe me and I am partially thankful to have pictures to prove it, but also umm..
slightly embarrassed.

We were able to get a cute family shot after I realized this whole kayaking experiencing was nothing like what I had pictured in my head.

After a long day, filled with many new adventures Roxie cuddled up with Mr. B and his battle wounds.

{And next year I won't have to have a 4th of July post about my dog because we will have a little girl!! :) } 

Monday was really relaxing, we lounged around in the pool for most of the day, Mr. B read his book on the hammock 

And the girls wanted to have a little photo shoot..

{Olivia didn't know what to do with her hand, ha!}

Had to get a picture of the 3 amigos in their matching bandanas

And us girlies in with our matching headbands

Then we headed off to the fireworks

And Roxie wasn't phased one bit.

We love long weekends and time with family :)

And I think that's enough pictures to last me until next week...maybe next year.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Learn Something New Everyday

Roxie taught us two new things the past couple days....
I was going to put both in one post, but it ended up being long so I just split it up. 
The suspense- once again, wow! 

Number One:
Roxie don't swim
I know that's not the right verb, I did it on purpose. Really. 
Funny, right? Har-Har.

Memorial Day weekend was beautiful, the weather was so so perfect! 
We were anxious to see what Roxie was going to think of the boat and the water this year since she is a lot bigger and more active than when she was a tiny pup.
{These are all iphone pics, sorry some are a little dark}

Last year, she was so little and buried herself in towels to hide from the wind.

I thought for sure she would love the boat this year since she loves having her head out the window in the car. 

And she did. 

Last year, she barely went in the water and instead did a lot of sleeping and cuddling.

Now she loves water! 
She loves the hose, her little pool, puddles etc. 
So I was anxious to see how she would like the lake. I knew she would like it if she could just wade in the shallow end and go in at her own pace, but that's not an option here. 
I wasn't sure how she was going to do with being in the water right in the middle of the lake.

She was barking at the water and acting like she really wanted to go in. Mr B and his dad stopped the boat to jump in for a quick dip and figured Roxie would join too. She went down to the lower "deck" by the water, and Senior Smelly {Mr. B's dad} gave Roxie a little motivation and patted her bum right into the lake.

And she started to sink.

Mr. B, who was taking it slow getting into the water because it was so cold, shouts "Oh Geez!!!" 
And he jumped in so fast to help her.

I see Roxie's sweet little head come to the top of the water, trying to paddle her way to the boat with Mr. B holding her body and Smelly Senior pulling her up on the seat.

My poor little baby. 
She was terrified. 

The moment was hilarious and horrifying all the same time. 
Totally wasn't expected.

So ummm...
lesson learned: Roxie isn't a swimmer.

I went to the store the other day to get her a life jacket.
{Seriously, I cross a new crazy-dog-person line everyday}
I never thought I would be buying my dog a life jacket, but clearly- she needs one!

No more sinking my sweet girl.
I looked online to see if there was a better one to get for boxers and I read a bunch of others saying their boxer sinks too if they get in above their head.
Apparently it's because of their big heavy chest that weighs them down.
Makes sense.

So off we went to buy her a life jacket.
She looks pretty darn cute in it and thankfully didn't mind wearing it all around the store.

Whether or not she will ever go near the end of the boat or into the water again...who knows!
But at least we are prepared this time!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Living For the Weekends.

This summer is different than all our others.
This summer we are living for the weekends.

We are grown ups now.
And when I say grown ups I mean Mr. B works full time and
Roxie and I lounge around the apartment {and I am part part time nanny} and we wait for
Mr. B to get home.
Roxie enjoys her favorite sun spot in the morning and I catch up on some shows.

The days pass by and we look forward to the weekends.
The taste of summer we once experienced every day is now just two days a week
and we try to enjoy every moment of it...

The great helpers when we visit my parents' house.
the extra love and attention {as if she could possibly get any more!}
the acres of open grass to run around in,
the chickens to chase {and their poop to always find and eat!}
the many cute photo opps,

A taste of the sweet stuff {which we seem to be getting every weekend}
30 365 day-eat-junk-and-hopefully-work-out-one-day shred is in action bytheway.

Car rides up north to Mr.B's parents' lake house,
Where someone tries really hard to get comfy...

At least her legs are crossed and she is sleeping like a lady..

the sunny days on the boat

She stays like this when the boat is in motion.
She is not a big fan of the wind...yet.
Note: Roxie and Mr. B -apparently this was an eyes closed photo.

The newest photo of The Smelly Family :)
Yes, her eyes are still closed...she fell asleep like that.
The boat wipes her out.

She chooses to sleep like this.
We enjoy life at the lake.
And time with family.

And we love our weekends.

And we can't wait for this upcoming long weekend!