Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Funny: Denial or Dumb

First off, thanks for all the hair feedback! 
I will have to tally the votes and see which style was the winner! 
And then get the courage to make it happen....

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Now, I realize that Roxie's first year of life she was treated like a human. There are currently many situations where she still is, but trust me she is quickly turning into "just a dog". 
 I am proud to say that through all the misconstrued actions as a doggie parent...Roxie doesn't think she is a human. 
By name anyway. 

She is convinced she is a puppy. 
Not a dog. 
Not a doggie. 
A puppy.

We have always called her "pup" or "puppy" so it obviously makes sense.
I just didn't realize the amount of therapy she would later need down the road in order to understand that a puppy is a dog. 
It's really not that complicated.

But, apparently it's confusing to grasp.

{She was walking away to get some water until I said "Hi Doggie"}

I didn't realize her attatchment to this identity until we had Adalyn.
When Roxie comes over to Adalyn I say "Hi, puppy! Hi, doggie! You see the doggie?"
{Although Adalyn is a genius she has yet to answer that question btw}
and I noticed Roxie either stares at me like "Where is the doggie?!?!?"
::Roxie loves other dogs. Has no regard for personal space or I-don't-like-you-I-will-bite-you cues- any kind of attention will get the little nub going. {And by little nub I am talking about her tail, she is a girl so get your head out of the gutter} Other dogs truly light up her world::

So if she isn't staring at me, she is jumping up on the couch to look out the window for said doggie. 
It's become quite comical. 
We try to tell her that she is a doggie. 
She is technically no longer a puppy.
We go over flashcards with her.
We have her look at herself in the mirror and repeat after us.

Just kidding we don't really do that. 
But I know you wouldn't be surprised. 

She just can't seem to get it in her head. So I am thinking she is either in denial about her age..or she's dumb. 

I'm thinking we are going to go with the latter ;) 

Ps. When I played this video to make sure it worked, she heard it and jumped to the window. That pup dog! 

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Rachel and John said...

we still call Rudy a puppy!