Tuesday, February 28, 2012

'Peaks' of CO

We have been enjoying our family vacation in Colorado despite the cold temperatures and the strong desire to be laying on the beach with a pina colada and a tan. 

A winter vacation seems so bizarre to me, but Mr. B, Papa G and the sibs are enjoying their time skiing.
And the grandparents are enjoying their great granddaughter! 

We made it through Adalyn's first flight.
I was a little nervous because it was a nonstop 5 hour flight.
I wasn't sure how her ears would be, if she would be overtired, if she would want to be walked around, gassy, screaming etc.
You know how people can be with a crying baby!

I changed her diaper right before the flight and sure enough as we are sitting on the plane and the other people are finding their seats...she poops.
Because that's what babies do.
It's like they know. 

I wasn't able to change her, I needed to wait until we were in the air and the seat belt sign was off. 
As we were taxing and preparing for take-off she started to fall asleep.
By the time we were in the air she was fast asleep and I didn't know what I wanted to do-
do I leave her sleeping in her poop, knowing she is peaceful and quiet or do I wake her and change her not knowing how she will be??
There ended up being quite a bit of turbulence and I wasn't able to change her until about an hour in and at that point she woke up.
We made our way into the teeny bathroom where they have a foldable changing table and she hated it.
Can't say I blame her. 
I hate those bathrooms too. 
After that she did great!
She slept some more, watched some Baby Einstein {the miracle movie- they're seriously magic} and played on the tray table. She did a great job!

{Sidenote: my hair has already grown too much and I need it shorter!}

We weren't sure how her ears would adjusts to the altitude here in CO, so we took it slow before heading right to the mountains with the rest of the family. 
Thankfully she has adjusted really well, has been sleeping great and has been a happy girl when meeting new family! 
That is her 98.5 year old great great GREAT Aunt! She is amazing and still going strong!

We stopped for lunch in Georgetown on our way to the mountains to meet up with Mr. B and the rest of the family. 
She sat in the highchair for the first time! 
I get to sit in the backseat with her and it's been a special treat with all those big smiles.

She adjusted well to the high altitudes of the mountain as well! 
I am so thankful.

On Sunday we met Mr. B and the fam for lunch at Vail Mountain.
She's becoming a pro at the high chair. 
I didn't realize she would be using it so much or I would've packed our cover.

The non-skiiers :)

The skiiers come back home in the afternoon and they are completely wiped out so we have been hanging out and going to bed early.

Yesterday we met up with everyone at Breckenridge and they took a little swimming break. 

It was Adalyn's first time in a pool and she seemed to enjoy it just like we thought she would. 
She played in the water for about 10-15 minutes and then quickly passed out. 

Mr. B and Papa G went back for some more skiing and the rest of us enjoyed the pretty views and took a gondola ride. 

We are having a great time and still have almost a week left! 


Joeylee said...

great pictures. Looks like you guys are having a great time

Amy said...


You look great! And it looks like you had a great time! You need to do a post on your outfits from this trip--love them!

Holly said...

Looks like fun...and of course Adalyn looks like she is enjoying her first vacation too! I am a big skiier!

I was wondering what wrap do you have? It looks comfy and I am looking for suggestions on a new one...


Emily said...

Your haircut is gorgeous! I love the style that you went with :)

Mallorie said...

So fun!!! I have loved seeing all of your pictures :-) She is just too sweet and I am so happy she had a good plane ride. Emma Claire HATED the bathrooms as well! She would be fine until we walked in there, then she would start to cry...poor baby :-(

LWLH said...

Gorgeous pics especially that last one. And I love love love your hair.